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Photos Photos Document Transcript

  • Photo One: This photo is from the actual video we are re-adapting, its used in our mood board toshow the need of back-up dancers in our video. It’s still undecided how many back-up dancers wewill use, but it will mostly be two to fourPhoto Two: This photo is of what will be happening in the opening scene, when the led role wakesup to a text from her love interestPhoto Three: The shisha pipe is an object that we plan to use as a prop in the video in an attempt tobuild-up its Mis En Scene. Shisha Pipes are often used in the Asian culture so it helps reinforce theAsian theme of our videoPhoto Four: The phone is part of the props that will be used in the opening scene and a few otherscenes. Its function is to show the communication in narrative scenes between the couplePhoto Five: The love heart is used to represent the main theme of the song which is love.Photo Six: This picture again is of a heart but this time the heart is filled with pills, this is to connatehow ‘addictive’ her boyfriend’s love is which is what she is constantly singing about in the song. Thesong is also named ‘addictive’.Photo Seven: This picture of the couple hugging is what the end scene of our video will be, thecouple re-uniting at her house.Photo Eight: The picture of a bar is used to represent the bar scenes that will be in our video in theabstract shots. The bar we will be filming is one that’s in my homePhoto Nine: A picture of Avril Lavergine is used to represent the performative aspects that will be inthe videoPhoto 10: A picture of a bindi is used because we would like to use it as part of the costume to againpromote the Asian theme of the videoPhoto 11: The picture of the well known rapper ‘Cassidy ‘ is used to show the stereotyped look of arapper, wearing heavy ‘bling’ and a cap to the side which was very fashionable in hip hop culture atthe timePhoto 12: This picture is of a club scene which we will attempt to re-enact. We were keen to film anre-enacted club scene because it’s a typical convention of an R’n’B/Hip Hop videos. If we do decideto do this we will look into the rental of halls and get a group of peers we know to be in it.Photo 13: The last picture of the lady in the sari is of a similar sari to what the lead role in the videowill be wearing most of the time