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How did you use media technologies in the

How did you use media technologies in the






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    How did you use media technologies in the How did you use media technologies in the Presentation Transcript

    • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ?
    • ‘YouTube’ was used most for ourresearch , for example we had toresearch many videos for our chosengenre to build up an idea of how wewould construct the video . The use ofYouTube allowed us to decide whatcostume and props we would use forour video e.g. Timbaland’s sunglasses inthe ‘we need a resolution’ videoinspired us to use sunglasses on ourrapper. Also the more music videos wewatched via YouTube helped us todecide what shots we wanted to use inour video. For example the low angelshots of our rapper were inspired fromthe Erick sermon ‘React’ song and wealso planned to use an exact replicateshot from Beyoncé’s ‘check upon it’song (we didn’t however) . By watchingthe Truth hurts Addictive video and theoriginal version of it Kaliyon KaChaman also helped us for thechorography for our dance routines.
    • ‘Google’ was helpful in the planning forour music video and the ancillaryproducts. For our music video itallowed us to come up with a moodboard to illustrate our ideas for thevideo. We were also able to get picturesfrom Google images to show thecostume and props we were planning touse. By using Google we were also ableto find the lyrics of the song whichhelped us learn our lines and allowedAishah and I to analyse the lyricalcontent of it. Google also helped mefind examples of treatments to guide mefor when I was writing my own one.
    • Hotmail has helped me in throughoutall stages of the production for ourmedia products. Firstly many of thetimes when I didn’t have my USB onme to save work I would send myselfmy Blog work via e-mail . This mostlyoccurred during the planning stages ofmy work. It also helped us send e-mailsto agencies when we were searching tofind our potential rapper. Finally it hashelped me in the evaluation stages byallowing me to send emails via‘Hotmail’ to the link of my surveymonkey questionnaire.
    • I used Prezi for my planning andevaluation. At first in the planning stagesI found it difficult to use when I tried itpost my information about choosing arapper via the site. After watching thetutorial on it and practicing using it I gotthe hang of it and enjoyed using becauseit made my Blog more interactive. Ipreferred using ‘Prezi’ as oppose tonormal Microsoft word presentationsbecause I feel its more visuallyappealing and it made my presentationsmore interesting and unique.
    • My Facebook account surprisingly camein handy for my planning andevaluation section of this project. Forthe ideal party scene we’d hoped for(although it didn’t work out), Facebookallowed us to inform people of an eventwe had made to construct a fake partyscene for the video. A reasonableamount of people said they were willingto participate in it and others had saidthey would consider it . Although itdidn’t work it still showed how helpful itcould have been for that scene wewanted to do but unfortunately couldn’t.For the evaluation section , ‘Facebook’also played a part. Friends from mymedia class helped share the video on‘Facebook’ to help me get feedbackfrom sources outside of the class.
    • My phone played a part in my planningof this project. I was able to takepictures of locations, I wouldnt be ableto film at when I didn’t have my cameraat hand. Because it’s a smart phone Iwas also able to send these picturesdirectly to my ‘Hotmail’.
    • I used ‘QuickTime’ in the planning andevaluation stages of this project. Forexample in order to get my video ontoYouTube I had to export it from finalcut pro into a QuickTime file. I foundmyself doing this for the lip synching,behind the scenes and the videos I’vemade for my evaluation.
    • I choose to use ‘Voki’ for mycommentary during the constructionstage ,because I thought it was aninnovative and interesting way topresent information as oppose to simplywriting the text down. I used it mainly toshow dilemmas that had happened inour project. In the evaluation stage I’musing a voki to explain the dilemma’sI’ve faced while using some of thesemedia technologies .
    • Sildeshare was also used in the planningand evaluation stages of this project. Iused this for things like my proposal ,audition poster and I’m using it for thispresentation right now . I used‘sildeshare’ for the same reasons why Iused Prezi however I didn’t want myblog full with just loads of Prezi’s so Idecided to use a combination of both.
    • CameraThis camera was used mainly for theconstruction part of the project becausewe filmed our whole video with it. Weused this alongside a tripod to help usget steady shots. Although the camerawas used for the construction stage italso was useful for the planning andevaluation stages . For example we wereable to film my lip synching practice forthe planning and the audience feedbackfor the evaluation questions.
    • Final cut express was mainly used in theconstruction stage for our music videobut we also used if for the planning e.g.editing the lip synching and theevaluation e.g. the feedback video. Inorder to edit our music video it wasessential we used this tool. ‘Final cutpro’ allowed us to cut the video, put itin synch , lighten the footage and addeffects. Without this product our videowould not have been a video it wouldhave just been raw footage.
    • Photoshop was used in the constructionstage of this project it allowed us to editthe Digipak and CD advert weproduced. We had some difficultiesusing this software because it was new touse but we will discuss that in the vokisin more detail.I was new to ‘Go animate’ but I found iteasy to use and I only used this once,for my planning section to show mymood board .