Digtialpak analysis


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Digtialpak analysis

  1. 1. Digipak Analysis
  2. 2. Analysis One : Riahanna Riahanna’s latest album “LOUD” : The main colours used in this digipak are red , white and beige. These colours create connotations with different meanings . The red connotes sex and lust which is something Riahanna has constantly been marketed on. Her beige complexion helps to highlight the red more which again reinforces the sexual undertones . One and a half of the panel of the digipak shows her wearing a white dress. This helps connate an innocent and vulnerable Riahanna as opposedThe target market is likely to be girls to the front cover with a close up where the red is morewithin the age of 14-25 ages , I came predominantly focused on her “luscious lips” showingwith this conclusion because I feel listeners a powerful Riahanna . Also her body compositiongirls this age tend to desire Riahannas connotes an innocent and vulnerable Riahanna she looksseductiveness as if shes helpless imagining for something to happen maybe waiting for her “prince charming” to come. The background is essentially filled up with roses which shows the theme of this album is love.
  3. 3. Analysis Two : Britney Spears This is a CD is of Britney Spears greatest hits: The colour pink is a dominant colour in this digipak and there’s a reason for this . Around the time Britneys career was at its peak was around late 90’s and early 200’s , in these times a common theme of interest in little girls was highly towards barbies dolls. Britney applied this desire into her personality as an artist . I believe the colour pink is used to remind listeners of her ‘Barbie’ like character everyone originally fell inThe colour again shows the genre of the album . Pink love with, for this reason I feel this album isconnotes the ‘girly’ stereotype and the fact this mainly targeted at old listeners or big on goingdigipack is covered all around with pink shows the fans of her. The layout out of this pack hastype of songs are likely to be ‘poppy’ and about ‘love’ Britney posing in the middle on the actually CD,if were conforming to stereotype ideas. Media hasbeen used in this to manipulate the image for example this is used to draw in attention of what sheshigh key lighting has been used to enhance the wearing which is showing some flesh underlyinginnocent look in her face to again portray back to her the sexual undertones“Barbie character”. I believe this digipak has beensuccessful in targeting its audience as each aspect I’veanalysed has come back to the attempt to appeal toits chosen market.
  4. 4. Analysis Three : Madonna • This is a digipak of Madonnas album the ‘confession tour’: The layout of this pack has a close-up of Madonna with a confessed facial expression this suggests to listeners that one of the themes in this album is confusion . Confusion in music is often associated with ‘trancy’ and ‘dance’ music which connotes what type of genre her alum is likely to be. The colour scheme stayed similar through out the front and backMadonna is often known for implying the theme of the album doesntchanging her style and genres in dramatically change and the songs are all similar.music. I believe this has been Grey is used to highlight Madonnas face this ismarketed well to her audiences because grey is often associated with confusion as its seen to stand in the middle, being neitherbecause it clearly hints to listeners black or white. This will enhance the confusionwhat kind of genre she will be even more in Madonnas face againtaking up on this album. Her fan subconsciously reminding us of the themes. Thebase are likely to buy into whatever main text is a block pink font with a glossed appearance this reminds us of disco lights linkinggenre she takes up because shes to the disco ball on the back of the pack andmore marketed on just being such again reinforcing the genreof this album.a successful well known artist.