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Recycled paper


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Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. Team 1Haechi brand value
  • 2. Animal of “justice & integrity” punishes evilImaginary animal with divine power that wards off disaster and brings fortune.Vital symbol will bring happiness and pride to Seoul citizensRepresent enduring vitality to people all over the worldSymbol of Seoul CityCommunication of tradition & Future, People & NatureDream & Hope, Happiness & joyAcquire City competitivenessCultured Cityof integration of cultural & economicStimulate the economyby attracting tourists from home and abroadCreate positive city image to promotecivic pride
  • 3. MethodCollect Data, Use assumptionsWhat is HaechiWho should know HaechiWhere can they find HaechiWhy should they at HaechiProtectionSupportTrendLeadershipUnityInternationalityBeautyStabilityMarketHaechi
  • 4. DifferenceWithOtherCharactersLeadershipStabilityMarketInternationalityTrendSupportProtectionBrand value Evaluation Model[Interbrand]
  • 5. It’s aboutCity MarketingPurposeof Haechi?!Not generating direct profitButLeadershipSales at the market, M/S trend, Price power, effect of marketMarketMarket environment, competitive environment, PLCwithAdding value & Selling itDifferentiated & Unique identity.Tourism, Culture, Service, SOC and Infrastructure, etc
  • 6. BeautyIs Haechi performing it’s own Objective?!Problem definitionvital symbol will bring happiness and prideto Seoul citizens and continue to representenduring vitality to people all over the worldfor years to comeProtectionLegal protective, Management systemRepresent the bright and shiny image ofSeoul, a city of tradition and beauty.As Haechi’s main objective is to promote awareness andimplicate the values of Seoul to the public, following thecurrent issues and trends is considered to be a veryimportant factor.Although promotion is the main issue Haechi is still regulated withcopyright laws to protect its use from illegal piracy. By doing so thecouncil of Seoul is able to concentrate their brand image management.TrendModernity, Adaptability, Business Possibility, ExpandingWhat’s Beauty of Haechiat there
  • 7. TrustCannot calculateWant to find the way to calculate indirectlyStabilityBrand’s stability, Reliability, Brand likingThe Stability factor measures the‘trust’ and ‘liability’ of the character.MeYouSoIsAgainHelpFor example road traffic signs with thischaracter, tells people it has been authorized bythe city of Soul, and therefore is legitimate.As the character for Seoul city, Haechi givesthe people a sense of trustworthiness in theproducts which has the character on.
  • 8. Part 2Customer attraction Public RelationCultural Product*Awareness: 3.14%*Sb (the affect on consumption from Seoul’s brand image): 0.1Seoul City Marketing
  • 9. Anholt GMI City brand valueCity Brand value=(GRDP–tangible assets)*Brand powerExcluded the tangible assetsEconomycultural assetsenvironmentleisure infrastructurecommunity
  • 10. Income from foreign tourists (B1)*Aw : 3.14%trust3% 2%0%27%36%11%0%21% HaechiHi SeoulSeoul colorSloganInsignia4st SloganetcDont know
  • 11. Tourist expenditure at SeoulVs = Visited SeoulVc = Visited KoreaTt = Tourist Expenditure
  • 12. Think againIs it real that 3% of tourist’s expenditure came out of the affect by Haechi?Make another ‘constant’ which is ‘how much Seoul brand affects tourist’s purchase’We assume it is 0.1We can’t discuss Seoul & Haechi apartSeoul brand brings value added at Tourists spendingFind data fo tourists number at SeoulCalculate awareness of Haechi compare to Seoul brandsHaechi abilities attract tourists not just direct waySb = 0.1 fixed
  • 13. 2007 126904800002010 409947200002007 it was 7.65/56.05Seoul culture asset brand valueFixed 0.136485 Increase brand Value after making Haechi = 28304240000CA = Point of Culture assets= CA point / Brand power pointBrand Value of Seoul
  • 14. 5,009,0260 5000000 10000000 15000000 200000002007200820092010Sum5,040,0005,000,0001,970,000Until 2010, for 1 year 7 month Seoul used2,431,000,000 at Haechi design, culturalproduct business, PR, etc.Fact=0.014284014
  • 15. Part 2Customer attraction Public RelationCultural Product*Awareness: 3.14%*Sb (the affect on consumption from Seoul’s brand image): 0.1Seoul City Marketing=5518075=6310825
  • 16. Problem Definition & Suggestions
  • 17.  Recently Seoul City Marketing Main target is AsianOversea PR Budget increased over the year2007 4,000,000,0002009 31,100,000,000ButExposure, awareness of Oversea is low(Not doing well 52.1%, Medium 26.4%, Doing well 21.5%)70% of Korea inbound visitors are AsianAwareness of Main targeting countryChina 63.6%Japan 55.1%Taiwan 74.3%Visitor1st Japan2nd China3rd TaiwanHow to increase awareness of Seoul using Haechi brandThen if we increase PR of Haechi, what happen?SuggestionHistorical Comminality, Similar culture, Friendly familiar image, symbol of protection & fortune
  • 18. SuggestionNeed long term brand buildingOSMU(One Source Multi Use)Persistence : low reproduction costsGrowth potential : conjunction with variety of cultural contents Recently Seoul announced that they will reduce the budget of Haechi2011 216,000,000 to 2012 70,000,000Decrease already started81% Seoul citizen think Haechi is their symbol77.2% said they like HaechiHaechiSeoulCitizenCitizenCorporationTouristExpertsInformationFeedbackNew communication model119,596,070,000Suggestion4P -> 4C