SimpleK12 2013 V2


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Presentation from my June 18 webinar on Cool iPad Apps for Teachers with

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SimpleK12 2013 V2

  1. 1. • K-6 Computer Teacher• Google Certified Teacher• Google Apps QualifiedIndividual• Symbaloo PD Pro• Run an iPad Pilot for mydistrict
  2. 2. to Today’s Apps
  3. 3. Class DojoEasy classroommanagementCustomizableUse for both positive andnegative behaviorsDetailed data and charts
  4. 4. Teacher KitYour all-in-one toolkitSeating chartsGradebookAttendanceStudent notes
  5. 5. SocrativeFree student responsesystemMultiple types ofassessmentAnonymous or individualdataGreat for exit tickets!
  6. 6. NearpodCreate and shareinteractive lessonsTeacher controls thepace of the lessonInclude polls, quizzes,drawings, and moreCreate your ownlessons, or browse pre-made lessons fromLearnzillion
  7. 7. Common CoreEasy access to thecommon core standardsMath & Language ArtsSearch by subject andgrade
  8. 8. Three RingSimple and easy digitalportfoliosTake photos of studentworkRecord audio of studentpresentationsUpload files from yourcomputer
  9. 9. Math Vs ZombiesFight zombies by solvingmath problems28 levelsAddition, subtraction,multiplication, and divisionNo more guns! Zapzombies with magic toturn them back tohumans.
  10. 10. Math NinjaPractice math skills in avideo game environmentSolve math problems todefend your treehouseCustomizable mathoptionsFree, paid upgradeavailable to get morelevels
  11. 11. Sushi Monster12 levels in addition andmultiplicationEarn rewardsAligned with commoncore
  12. 12. Painless ReadingComprehensionSeveral quizzes to testreading comprehensionskillsUnlock arcade games bycompleting quizzesLimited number ofquizzesDoes not show what yougot wrong
  13. 13. Chicktionary CoopFun and addicting wordgameSingle or multiplayer(multiplayer requiresFacebook)Use letters on eggs tomake as many words asyou can
  14. 14. Grammar JammersWatch animated lessonsUnlock quizzesAdjectives, contractions,nouns, pronouns,sentences, verbs,punctuationiPhone app, but can beused on iPad as well
  15. 15. Google EarthExplore our planetVisit cities and historiclandmarks3-D views of selectareasVirtual tours
  16. 16. Stack the States LiteGreat geography gameLearn states, flags,abbreviations,nicknames, and moreTrack your progressFree, with paid upgradeavailable
  17. 17. My CongressAccess informationabout our CongressSearch for individualsFollow news, video, andTwitter feedsFind contact information
  18. 18. Science 360Created by NationalScience FoundationBeautiful visual interfaceBrowse or searchIn app news feed forcurrent news
  19. 19. Video ScienceHands-on, easy scienceactivitiesVideo instructionGrowing library
  20. 20. Sock PuppetsSelect puppets,backgrounds, and propsRecord audio & playbackyour video with sockpuppets playing thepartsGreat for retelling storiesor explaining concepts
  21. 21. Haiku DeckCreate simple, stunningpresentationsGreat for studentpresentationsLimited to two lines oftext per slideEasily share online
  22. 22. Popplet LiteCreate graphicorganizersSimple and good lookingEasy to useFree, paid version givesmore options
  23. 23. Trading CardsCreate digital tradingcards for characters,famous people, places,and moreCreate collections ofcardsShare and print
  24. 24. ThinglinkCreate and share interactiveimagesAdd text and video to yourimagesShare images via email,Twitter, Facebook, or theThinglink website. You canalso embed Thinglink imagesinto your own site or blogWebsite allows you to embedeven more types of media
  25. 25. TellagamiQuick and easy way tocreate animated storiesStudents can use it toshare their stories or showunderstandingTeachers can use it toshare informationSave as a video to embedon your site or blog
  26. 26. • Wunderlist - Stay organized• Dropbox - Access your files anywhere• Daisy the Dino - Programming for youngchildren• Evernote - Your digital notebook
  27. 27.