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Building a-blueprint-for-marketing-automation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. visit us: | follow us: Best practices for getting the most out of your technology investment Build a Blueprint for Marketing Automation ROI #yb2bMktgAuto
  • 2. visit us: | follow us: INTRODUCTION 2 Yesler is a B2B marketing agency that helps technology companies deliver predictable revenues, sustainable growth, and measurable results. We apply an end-to-end integrated framework of services that aligns marketing and sales. We make your marketing relevant and accountable – to your buyers, to your sales team, and to the bottom line.
  • 3. the yesler b2b marketing framework A Blueprint for B2B Marketing Success
  • 4. visit us: | follow us: • New capabilities • Enabling new practices • Feasibly • Affordably • Expanding marketing’s role Marketing automation primer
  • 5. • Technology and Infrastructure • Revenue Model (the big picture) • Lead Capture • Lead Enrichment • Lead Nurturing • Lead Scoring and Lead Routing • Lead Development • Campaign Tracking 5
  • 6. visit us: | follow us: • Needs Assessment • Typical sales cycle • Potential lead volume • Purchase consideration • Selection Criteria • Time-to-value • Full functionality • Interoperability • Implementation Considerations • Sales process and system maturity • Revenue model alignment Infrastructure
  • 7. visit us: | follow us: Like the Beatles sang, the path to revenue is a long and winding road Revenue MOdel
  • 8. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel Lead: A Lead is a Name that has shown a minimal level of engagement as evidenced by achieving a behavioral score of at least 25.
  • 9. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel MQL: A Marketing Qualified Lead is a Lead that meets minimal demographic qualification with a demographic score of at least 15. This is a timed SLA that provides 21 days to qualify the Lead forward into a Sales Accepted Lead (SAL), disqualify the Lead, or recycle the Lead.
  • 10. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel MQL > SAL: All transitions from MQL to SAL are done manually by a Market Development Representative (MDR). This is the hand-off from marketing and sales and an area that deserves considerable focus and attention.
  • 11. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel MQL > Recycled MQL: Recycling can be triggered manually by a MDR as a result of client guidance or will occur automatically on the 22nd day of being an Marketing Accepted Lead (MAL). Upon recycling, the behavioral score is set to 0. The Recycled MQL can re-activate itself by re-achieving a behavioral score of at least 25.
  • 12. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel MQL > Disqualified: Disqualification occurs automatically for the following reasons: a Lead unsubscribes, has an invalid email, is too small or out of market, or is identified as known junk, an employee, a competitor, or a partner. A MDR can manually disqualify a lead by changing its status and selecting one of the reasons noted above.
  • 13. visit us: | follow us: • Landing page considerations/best practices/performance • Layout & format • Shareability • Responsive design • Testing discipline • The data collection trade-off • Minimum requirements • Progressive profiling • Keeping it clean • Secure the perimeter • Stay on top of form-spam • Protect your users and your credibility Lead Capture
  • 14. visit us: | follow us: • Collect AND purchase • Offline enrichment methods • Online enrichment methods Lead Enrichment
  • 15. visit us: | follow us: • Demographic scoring—industry, size, geographic, revenue, number of employees • Behavioral scoring – page visits, clicks, shares, attendance at events, etc. • Profiling – interests and preferences/personalization • Demographic score (fitness) + behavioral score (progress) Lead scoring
  • 16. visit us: | follow us: • Bridging the gap between lead capture and sales acceptance • Segmentation – • Stages of the buying journey • Buyer personas • Interest/preference • Industry • Engagement level • Dynamic pacing • Personalized and/or contextualized content • What to test – formats, subject lines, frequency, tone • How to test - challenger/champion • Patience required! Lead nurturing
  • 17. visit us: | follow us: • A personal touch (the concierge) • Similar to social outreach • Engage and serve. Don’t sell. • Reconnaissance • Qualification - BANT • Budget • Authority • Need • Timing • Open-ended questions • Pattern recognition • Questions • Challenges • Objections Lead development
  • 18. visit us: | follow us: Revenue MOdel Lead Capture Lead Enrichment Lead Development Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation Sales Force Automation Lead Scoring Demographic Lead Scoring Behavorial
  • 19. visit us: | follow us: the yesler b2b marketing framework A Blueprint for B2B Marketing Success
  • 20. visit us: | follow us: 20 Q&A