Writing para el First certificate

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Aprende claves para aprobar el pa

Aprende claves para aprobar el pa

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  • 1. Writing for the First Certificate Yes! La Academia
  • 2. Yes! La academiaPart 1 and Part 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Part 1: Letter or email Part II: To choose among article, essay, report, story (don’t choose this option) and a review Do not spend more than 30 minutes in the first part. Remember to include all the information needed and to use the appropriate style (formal, informal) Check grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • 3. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Formal letter Dear Dear Mr/Mrs Sr/Madam, Smith, 1. Why you are writing 2. Organize the information of the prompts Yours 3. What do you expectYours faithfully sincerely
  • 4. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Formal letter TO REQUEST INFORMATION TO MAKE A COMPLAINT •I am writing in response to …… I •I am writing to you would be grateful if about an unfortunate you incident that …. •I am writing to •To make matters enquire whether you worse… could… •I would be grateful if •I would like to know you could…. more about
  • 5. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Formal letter ORGANISING THE INFORMATION CLOSING THE LETTER •Firstly •I am looking forward •Secondly to hearing from you •In addition soon •Lastly
  • 6. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Informal letter Dear Martin, 1. Asking personal questions 2. Why you are writing 3. Answer the information that you have been told 4. End your letter with an Best wishes, appropriate comment. All the best, Don’t stop abruptly Love, Lots of love,
  • 7. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Informal letter TO BEGIN THE TO END THE LETTER LETTER •Thank you for your •That’s about all my letter. It was great to news. Do write soon hear from you and let me know •Sorry I haven’t what you’ve been written for so long. doing. I’ve been really busy •I’m looking forward just recently to seeing you on… •Give my love to…
  • 8. Yes! La academiaPart 1 www.inglesmadrid.es Informal letter TO INVITE SOMEONE TO APOLOGISE •Why don’t you come…. •I’m really sorry that….. •We were wondering if….. But unfortunately TO CONGRATULATE TO RESPOND TO AN SOMEONE INVITATION •Congratulation on….. •Thanks for the dinner •Well done on….. invitation…I would love to •I just wanted you to know come how pleased…. •It was really kind of you to invite us for the….but I’m afraid
  • 9. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Article Don’t be too formal The title should be interesting and mysterious, write it at the end Begin the first paragraph with a rhetorical question
  • 10. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Article DESCRIBING PERSONAL TO BEGIN THE THINGS ARTICLE •Have you ever….? •I will never forget •There is nothing the time when… worst than… •It happened to me when…
  • 11. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Essay You have to give your opinion about something controversial. It is formal You have to give examples and reasons
  • 12. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Essay 1. Introduce the topic 2. Explain what are you going to do with your essay 3. One side of the argument 4. The other side of the argument 5. Conclusion with your opinion
  • 13. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Essay TO EXPRESS YOUR TO INTRODUCE A OPINION CONTRAST •From my point of •While it is true view that….on the other •In my opinion hand •I reckon •However,
  • 14. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Review You have to use a style similar to an article You have to describe the actors, the band members, the music, etc You have to give the positive and negative things and finish with a final recommendation
  • 15. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Essay TO TO EXPRESS RECOMMEND TO EXPRESS THE POSITIVE THE NEGATIVE THINGS •Overall I’d THINGS recommend •On the plus side •I wouldn’t •On the down side hesitate to recommend •I wouldn’t encourage anyone to On the one hand, on the other hand
  • 16. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Report Don’t use the pronoun I Formal style Description, numbers, personal recommendation
  • 17. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Report You have to use bullet points You have to make the paragraphs very clear: Introduction, then you have to create other headings related to the topic, recommendations
  • 18. Yes! La academiaPart 2 www.inglesmadrid.es Report TO EXPRESS TO GIVE THE RECOMMENDAT TO GIVEOBJECTIVES OF IONS REASONS THE REPORT •In view of this I •I found that •The aim of this recommend •As a result of my report is… •I suggest inquires •The purpose of •I strongly this report is… recommend
  • 19. Yes! La academiaGood and bad examples www.inglesmadrid.es ReportA school in an English-speaking country is going to send a group of students tostay in the area where you live for a month. Your teacher has asked you to writea report describing the entertainment, sports and transport facilities in the area.Write your report. In this report I would like to tell you about Almaty. And describe 3 main things which can be interesting for foreghn student. First entertainment. In the Almaty there are a lots of interesting places for all groups of age. For students there are many pubs, restorants wich are open hole day. Most of them are in the city center. For elderly people we have 10 museums and theatres. Now I’ll tell you about sports. For those who are interested in sports, we have a lots of Gym classes. Also Almaty is one of the best place for those who like ice- skating, since there is a big skating – rink not far from the city. Almaty surrounded by mountains so for those like skiing it is takes only 20 min to get there. Almaty is very crowdy city and the streets are very small, so most of time it is very hard to drive. To travel by bus is not comfortable, because usually there are more people on the bus than it should be. There fastes and the most comfortable transport is a taxi.
  • 20. Yes! La academiaGood and bad examples www.inglesmadrid.es LetterYou see this advertisement in an international student magazine.HOST FAMILIES WANTEDWe are inviting applications from families who would like to offeraccommodation tointernational students during their stay in your country. If you areinterested, please write answering the following questions: 􀁸 What do you think are the advantages for a student of staying with a hostfamily compared with college accommodation? 􀁸 What qualities is it necessary for a successful host family to have? 􀁸 Why would you like to host international students?Mr S MartinHosts International Ltd.
  • 21. Yes! La academia Good and bad examples www.inglesmadrid.esDear Mr S. Martin,My name is Holly Parker and I’m writing this letter as a response to your latestadd in the ‘Student International Magazine’.We are a family of four: my husband Gregory, forty-five, working as a consultantmanager for a tourist agency; our two sons Eric, 18 years old, and John, 16 yearsold; both students; and of course myself, 43 years old and working as an accountmanager. We have a 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom cottage and we live at a shortdistance from the best tourist attractions in the region and within walking distancefrom the nearest bus and rail-way station. We would be more than happy towellcome amongst us a male foreign student, to live with us as a part of ourfamily, for the duration of two years.Besides lodging we offer three meals per day and he would be more thanwellcome to any family outings and activities.We are making this application because we would like to experience living withsomeone coming from another culture and also because my boys are going toleave soon to France as exchange students and I would like to know what wouldbe the best option for us as parents, to send them to college accomodation or tofamilies like us.I sincerely hope my letter of application will be accepted and that we are foundsuitable to host an international student.Best regards
  • 22. Yes! La academiaGood and bad examples www.inglesmadrid.es ArticleWrite your article.An international guide book called A World of Traditions is beingproduced, giving details ofplaces in different countries where visitors can learn about traditional ways oflife. You havedecided to write a contribution to the guide book. Your contribution should:• describe one particular place in your country• explain what visitors could learn there about traditional ways of life• suggest why these ways of life are an important part of local or nationalculture.
  • 23. Good SPAIN, YOU WON’T REGRET THAT!COME TO and bad examples Yes! La academia www.inglesmadrid.esIf you come to Spain, you will discover so many interesting things about differenttopics: music, sport, dance, food, holidays in the beach .... You will realize allthese experiences just by the mere fact of living during ten days in July inPamplona. We have a lot of Hotels, Residences, Hostels .... which you can bookfor the summer from now. You can make your reservations in www.spainhotel.es.The 7th of July is the typical day of Pamplona: Sanfermin, and you can see thebulls running in the streets. There are so many events programmed around thatday: the Pablo Sarasate’s Orchestra plays a very emotive performance whichconsists on Spanish Composers, there is a football match between Real Madridand Barcelona every year, the Government of Navarra organises a festival wheredancers from every cities of Spain are invited to dance with the ‘regional’ music ofeach city, restaurants have their best cookers and they prepare delicious typicalmenus for people from other countries….You can learn costumes from all different places of Spain if you come toPamplona in July!It is possible also to rent a car and to go to San Sebastian just for a day. It iswonderful! You will be able to swim in the sea while seeing the snow in thePyrinees Mountains.These ways of life in Pamplona are very important because it is known in all theWorld. People from America, Europe, Asia .... everywhere use to come, andPamplona becomes the ‘centre point’ in the news. Don’t forget to be dressed in