Quick books pro 2007 with standard payroll 2007 value bundle [older version]


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Quick books pro 2007 with standard payroll 2007 value bundle [older version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Pro 2007 with StandardPayroll 2007 Value Bundle [OLDER VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureValue pack brings together the two softwareqpackages most recommended by accountantsStores all your payroll and accounting data in aqsingle location, eliminating the need for doubledata entry and saving you timeQuickBooks Pro provides all the accounting andqbusiness tools you need to quickly organize andcomplete routine tasks from creating invoices andreports to bill tracking and check-writingQuickBooks Payroll offers an easy-to-use solutionqfor doing your payroll essentials in-house frompaying employees and downloading up-to-date taxtables to preparing tax formsFeatures a customizable Home Page that gives youqdirect access to key features, plus a clear pictureof how they all fit togetherRead moreqProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Pro + QuickBooks Payroll - 2 great products in 1 value pack. With this integrated set of tools, allyour payroll and accounting data is stored in a single location, eliminating double data entry and saving youtime. QuickBooks Pro provides all the accounting and business tools you need to quickly organize and completeroutine tasks from creating invoices and reports to bill tracking and check-writing. QuickBooks Payroll providesan easy-to-use solution for doing your payroll essentials in-house from paying employees and downloadingup-to-date tax tables to preparing tax forms. The QuickBooks Pro + Payroll Value Pack is the easiest way tohelp your business succeed. Read moreProduct DescriptionThis value pack brings together the two software packages most recommended by accountants: QuickBooksPro and QuickBooks Payroll. With this integrated set of tools, all your payroll and accounting data is stored in asingle location, eliminating the need for double data entry and saving you time. QuickBooks Pro provides all theaccounting and business tools you need to quickly organize and complete routine tasks from creating invoicesand reports to bill tracking and check-writing.
  2. 2. Manage your finances faster from the simplified Home Page. View larger.Payroll center, which is part of the bundled QuickBooks Payroll application, lets you simplify payroll managementby handling all payroll activities from a single screen. View larger.Find and follow-up on past-due accounts, and answer customer requests faster. View larger.Easily share data with Microsoft Office applications. View larger.
  3. 3. Get all the tools you need in one software package. View larger.Create FedEx and UPS shipments directly from QuickBooks. View larger.Get set up and running quickly. View larger.Meanwhile, the bundled QuickBooks Payroll offers an easy-to-use solution for doing your payroll essentialsin-house, from paying employees and downloading up-to-date tax tables to preparing tax forms. This softwareeven offers easy scheduled payroll groups and a to do list for tax payment due dates. Joined together, thesetwo QuickBooks software packages add up to the easiest way to help your business succeed.Find out which version of QuickBooks is right for you (PDF).Customizable Home PageVersatile, flexible, and easy to use, QuickBooks software features a customizable Home Page that gives youdirect access to key features, plus a clear picture of how they all fit together. You wont have to waste timesearching through menus; youre never more than two clicks from starting a new task. You can also choose tosee current balances for your accounts in QuickBooks, so you know right where you stand without diggingthrough multiple screens. This software package offers you the freedom to enter information once, and thenuse it everywhere.All the Accounting Tools You NeedQuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Payroll give you access to all the accounting tools you need in one package.From the basics like simple check writing and expense tracking to more complex tasks like estimating, jobcosting and payroll, this software handles it all. You can track expenses automatically as you pay bills, recordbills in QuickBooks, and get automatic reminders when theyre due. Create checks to pay your outstanding billsin one step; QuickBooks Pro even tracks expenses and job costs automatically as you pay bills, saving youhours of manually collecting and calculating data for taxes and invoicing. To help save you even more time,QuickBooks Pro lets you duplicate and edit previous estimates to create new ones without rewriting all the
  4. 4. details. And when its time to bill your customer, turn any estimate into an invoice with one click. This softwarealso lets you choose from dozens of pre-designed QuickBooks templates to give your invoices a professionallook. For businesses that dont use standard invoices to bill customers, you can send the key invoice data to acustomizable Microsoft Word document and add a personalized note.Efficient Financial ManagementTired of retyping the same information on different forms? With QuickBooks Pro, once you start typing acustomer or vendor name QuickBooks fills in the rest. This software also transfers information to invoices andpaychecks, and calculates and recalculates totals instantly, including sales tax, discounts, and markups, so youdont have to bother with complicated mathematical formulas. This QuickBooks system also makes it easierthan ever to apply customer payments, including amounts that dont match your invoices. If a customeroverpays, you can choose to refund the difference or apply it to a future payment. If a customer underpays,you can opt to keep track of what they still owe you or just write off the extra amount. Onscreen reminders helpto ensure that overpayments, underpayments, discounts, and credits are handled correctly. And you can alsoeasily track refunds for credit card transactions.Manage your finances faster from the simplified Home Page. View larger.Streamlined Payroll ProcessingQuickBooks Payroll lets you stay on top of payroll processing with the improved Payroll Center, which now has areview, confirm, and submit process that provides full confirmation of payroll scheduling. Boost efficiency andstreamline your work by accessing any task or transaction within two clicks, automating routine tasks andtyping, and letting QuickBooks do all the math. Set up federal, state, and other liability payment schedules byanswering simple questions about your business, and receive reminders of what has accrued, what agency topay, and when they are due. You can also pay liabilities directly from the same screen. For added peace ofmind, once a payment has been made, all your company information is updated so all financial information istimely and accurate. If you need extra guidance, this software also gives you access to types and examples tohelp you ensure your payroll is accurate.Manage a Full-Service Web StoreQuickBooks Pro is the most efficient way to set up and manage a full-service web store because it provides ahassle-free way to sell online and accept credit cards on your web store using QuickBooks Merchant Service.QuickBooks has selected web store companies whose web sites integrate easily with QuickBooks paymentprocessing service so you can easily handle up to five simultaneous users. Quick and easy to set up, you canstart using this system fast and get help when you need it, with built-in tutorials, onscreen help, and freeQuickBooks callback support for 30 days following registration.Exact Reports and FormsThis software package lets you take advantage of pre-designed reports to help you make better businessdecisions. Get the totals you need for tax forms instantly, see profit and loss, view inventory on hand, and more.You can also create customized, professional forms when you choose from more than 100 ready-to-use,
  5. 5. professionally designed forms, including invoices, estimates, and statements. Advanced tools help youcustomize forms with your company logo and additional information such as terms or the types of credit cardsyou accept. You can even add text comments like notes, terms, conditions, transaction details and totalcustomer balances. You can also track employee time and job costs.Manage EmployeesQuickBooks Payroll keeps things simple by working within QuickBooks and offering a variety of timesaving,easy-to-use payroll solutions. First, this software lets you easily track costs by job as you pay bills and trackemployee hours. Then, when its time to cut checks, you can transfer those figures to paychecks and invoicesautomatically, and run job costing reports to see where youre making or losing money on each of your jobs.For added convenience, the QuickBooks Time Tracker feature enables you to easily download employee andcontractor timesheets into QuickBooks with new online timesheets. You can also receive automatic emailreminders, enjoy automatically updated tax tables, and instantly calculate gross pay, deductions, and paycheckamounts simply by entering employee hours. You can even print checks on your office printer, or saveemployees a trip to the bank with Direct Deposit.Share DataOne of the most convenient features of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Payroll is that they break the languagebarriers between your favorite applications, so you can share data seamlessly instead of tediously copying orretyping it. In fact, QuickBooks works with over 400 popular software applications, including industry-specificapplications, in order to meet your specific business needs. Convert data from Peachtree, share data withMicrosoft Office, and avoid redundant data entry with easy synchronization with Outlook. You can alsodownload the synchronize icon from the QuickBooks Contact Sync tool and add it to your Outlook toolbar-- withjust one click youll be able to sync customer, vendor or job information between QuickBooks and Outlook,which means you can quickly pull information (such as large groups of customers, vendors, and inventory items)into QuickBooks. Or use your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existingExcel spreadsheets with all Excel formulas and formatting intact. To help keep things simple when you exportupdated data from QuickBooks, Excel maintains your existing formulas and updates the results automatically.Merge QuickBooks Data with Microsoft WordBoth QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Payroll come with a variety of customer and vendor letters that you cancreate using Microsoft Word. You can then merge information from QuickBooks, such as customer name,address, and current balance and place it in your new document. The process is quick and easy: simply select agroup of customers or vendors in QuickBooks, choose a template, and QuickBooks merges the data to create aletter in Word. With just a few more clicks, you can create standard envelopes with all the right customerinformation in minutes. If your business doesnt send invoices, QuickBooks can also create invoice letters thathave customer billing information, and you can write any personal message to easily bill customers with thelook you want.Theres no risk involved in purchasing this value pack; QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Payroll come with a 60day satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Read more