Quick books premier accountant edition 2007 [older version]


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Quick books premier accountant edition 2007 [older version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Premier AccountantEdition 2007 [OLDER VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.7 out of 5Product FeatureAll-in-one bookkeeping, write-up, andqfinancial-reporting tool to help accountants workefficiently with multiple QuickBooks clientsQuickly access the data you and your clients needqand complete key tasks using integratedaccounting toolsImproved Easy Step start-up interview simplifiesqclient setup and reduces coding errorsPrepare for tax returns with Fixed Asset Managerqand with Lacerte and ProSeries integrationSatisfaction guaranteed -- or your money backqRead moreqProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Accountant Edition 2007 is the all-in-one bookkeeping, write-up, and financial reporting tool thathelps accounting professionals work efficiently with multiple QuickBooks clients. It contains powerful write-upcapabilities and new tools to exchange client data, along with all QuickBooks 2007 editions -- making it easierthan ever to support QuickBooks clients. Get started easily with support and data conversion tools, and startperforming all your accounting tasks with one comprehensive solution Exchange prior period data, setaccounting controls to prevent client errors, adjust client prior period data seamlessly Improved Easy Stepstart-up interview simplifies client setup and reduces coding errors by starting them on simplifiedindustry-specific accounts Prevent, find, and fix client errors with change reports, password-protected closedates, and the always-on audit trail Google Marketing Tools offer you new ways to help attract customers easilyand online - Advertise your business with Google AdWords, help customers find your business with Google Mapslistings and find buyers by making your products searchable on Google Prepare tax returns with Lacerte andProSeries integration Learn by example with retail sample files & built-in tutorials Get set up and runningquickly with one-click feature access Share data with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel Read moreProduct DescriptionIf youre an accountant, now you can support your QuickBooks 2007 customers with one program. QuickBooksPremier Accountant Edition 2007 is the all-in-one bookkeeping, write-up, and financial reporting tool that helpsaccounting professionals work efficiently with multiple QuickBooks clients. QuickBooks customers choose froma variety of editions to get exactly the tools they need--and you can serve all of them with one copy ofAccountant Edition.
  2. 2. Compare QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2007 to other products (PDF). You can also view an overviewof key features (requires Flash).Easily toggle to another edition. View larger.Compatible with all QuickBooks softwareAccountant Edition contains all the features and modules of the different QuickBooks versions, including Pro,Premier, and the Premier Industry-specific editions. (Works with all QuickBooks accounting software exceptQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Pro for Mac, QuickBooks Online Edition,Invoice Manager, Easy Estimate, and Time Tracker, and requires at least QuickBooks 2007. Not all transactionscan be adjusted.)With Accountant Edition you can open, modify, and send back all your clients 2007 QuickBooks. Opens filesfrom prior year versions. (Please note, however, that files opened and converted cannot be converted back toprior-year versions of QuickBooks.)Toggle between all QuickBooks 2007 editionsToggling allows you to easily switch between the different QuickBooks 2007 editions. Simply toggle to yourclients edition and it opens on your desktop. Youll be set to answer questions quickly because youll be able toview the screens that your clients see.Complete key tasks with integrated accounting toolsGet all the advanced write-up, reporting, and payroll tools you need to complete accurate, custom-formattedfinancial statements in minutes.Complete and professional payroll for accountantsEnhanced Payroll for Accountants helps you provide a more complete, professional, and profitable payrollservice to clients, so they can confidently focus on running their business. (QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll forAccountants is sold separately and requires a subscription, EIN and at least QuickBooks 2007. Nominaladditional fees apply for Direct Deposit. Checks sold separately.)
  3. 3. Complete and professional payroll for accountants. View larger.Easily exchange and work with client prior period data. View larger.Access the data you and your clients need. View larger.Prepare and customize financial statementsSave time preparing and customizing financial statements with the built-in Financial Statement Designer--noneed for additional programs. An improved upgrade process makes it easier to move saved financial statementto newer versions.Review and adjust account balancesUse the Working Trial Balance tool to easily review and adjust account balances without leaving QuickBooks.Calculate depreciation and fixed assetsAutomatically calculate depreciation on fixed assets with the integrated Fixed Asset Manager.Easier for you to work with clientsExchange prior period data, set accounting controls to prevent client errors, and provide the convenience of"on-site" service without leaving your office.Exchange, review, and adjust a range of transactions in the clients prior-period accounting using the All NewAccountants Copy and they can continue working in their ongoing QuickBooks files. While you work in theaccountants copy, clients can continue to work in their QuickBooks files but are restricted from makingchanges to the periods you are working on. Send your adjustments back to clients so they can review andautomatically integrate them into their files.Use accounting controls to prevent, find, and fix client errors. See employee, customer, or vendor informationon one screen.
  4. 4. Simplify new-client setup and reduce coding errorsThe Improved Easy Step start-up interview gets clients started on a simplified, industry-specific chart ofaccounts that was developed by QuickBooks accountants.Quickly access the data you and your clients needEasily complete data entry and write-up work with registers and journals designed for rapid entry. Find theclient details you need within two clicks in the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers. The simplified HomePage gives you direct access to important tasks.Enter client source data quickly and easilyMake short work of entering your clients source data with registers and journals designed for rapid data entry.Navigate faster to key business tasksThe simplified Home Page lets you and your clients navigate through QuickBooks easily. Your clients are nevermore than two clicks away from important tasks.Get up and running fastNo one provides accountants with more support than QuickBooks. Accountant Edition even helps you convertyour Peachtree data at no charge.Enjoy free support for 30 days from registrationGet the answers you need to your--and your clients--QuickBooks questions. Learn best practices from peersand industry experts.Talk directly with QuickBooks support experts at no charge for the first 30 days following registration. (Callbacksupport is available to help answer questions on set-up, upgrading, and how to use specific QuickBooks tasks orfeatures.)Satisfaction GuaranteedQuickBooks is the financial-management solution recommended by more accountants than any other, andIntuit guarantees your satisfaction or your money back. If youre not satisfied, return the business softwarewithin 60 days with dated receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Read more