Quick books point of sale basic v7.0 [old version]


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Quick books point of sale basic v7.0 [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Point of Sale: Basic V7.0[OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeatureManage inventory with real-time data on whats inqstock, what needs reordering, and whats onorder--eliminate manual inventoryEasy to set-up, learn, and use with simple wizards,qvideo tutorials, and practice data; free support for30 daysWorks alone or together with QuickBooks FinancialqSoftware (sold separately)Ring up sales quickly and easily by scanning barqcodes or simply keying in an item (scanner soldseparately)See inventory items on hand for any date youqchoose, e-mail purchase orders for faster responseRead moreqProduct DescriptionQUICKBOOKS POINT OF SALE: BASIC V7.0 RETAIL LRG PKG . For retailers who need basic inventory sales andcustomer tracking. Read moreProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Point of Sale Basic 7.0 turns any PC into a cash register that does what no ordinary cash registercan do: It automatically keeps track of your inventory and customers while you ring up sales. It helps you serveyour customers faster and offer more personalized service. And it gives you the information you need to makebetter purchasing decisions and boost your bottom line.
  2. 2. See whats selling, when its selling, what needs restocking, and more.Authorize credit card and PIN debit card purchases automatically--and collect tips on credit payments–as you ringup sales.Track Inventory Automatically as You Ring Up SalesTrack inventory accurately and effortlesslyRecord each shipment of merchandise you receive in your store, and Point of Sale automatically adjustsinventory figures with each sale or return, so you can keep the items your customers want on–hand withoutoverstocking.See whats moving, whats low, whats on–orderImprove your cash flow by purchasing the right merchandise in the right quantities at the right time. Seeinventory levels for each item as you ring it up. Run reports with one click that show what youve got, whatshot, and what you need to reorder.Ring Up Sales FasterBarcode scanning saves time and reduces errorsUse our Bar Code Scanner to record items in sales receipts instantly--your inventory is automatically updatedwhen the sale is completed. With Point of Sale, you can create barcoded tags for everything you sell, ensuringyou ring up the correct item and price--and keep your inventory up to date.
  3. 3. Process credit and debit card sales automaticallyAuthorize credit card and PIN debit card purchases automatically--and collect tips on credit payments–as youring up sales. All you need is QuickBooks Point of Sale and a QuickBooks POS Merchant Service Account. Its theonly credit and debit card processing service that lets you record and authorize transactions in QuickBooksPoint of Sale with a single swipe--no need to re-key data. Yet its priced competitively with other merchantservices that dont offer this advantage.Gift cards can bring you new and repeat businessBring new and repeat customers into your store as they buy and redeem gift cards. QuickBooks Point of SaleGift Card Service2 lets you offer this convenience without the hassles and risks of paper certificates. Just swipethe card through your Credit Card Reader, then enter the value. To redeem, swipe the card, then ring up a sale,and the balance is decreased automatically.View each customers purchase history as you ring up sales, and suggest additional purchases based on pastpreferences.QuickBooks Point of Sale is so easy to set up that many retailers start ringing up sales the first day.Provide Great Customer ServiceTrack customer information that mattersBy tracking your customers email and shipping addresses, you have what you need to let them know aboutupcoming sales or new inventory from their preferred manufacturers.See a complete purchase history with each saleEnter your customers credit card numbers or names as you ring up sales, and see their complete purchasinghistories and any additional information youve captured.Easily communicate with customersQuickly generate letters to your customer and vendors! QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with MicrosoftWord7 so you can automatically create letters (from standard and custom templates) that are tied to customerorders, former receipts, purchase orders, vendors and more. Plus, you can also send letters to a pre–defined setof customers, for example your best customers, or those customers who have ordered over a certain amountfrom you.Start Fast and Get Help When You Need It
  4. 4. Answer a few simple questionsQuickBooks Point of Sale is so easy to set up that many retailers start ringing up sales the first day. Just answera few simple questions about youre business, enter your inventory, and youre ready to go.Import items and customers from Microsoft ExcelImport all of your customers, vendors and inventory items in one quick step from QuickBooks financialsoftware3 or Microsoft Excel3 . Save hours of typing each entry by hand.Learn by following examples in the practice fileHave a question about a tricky transaction? Go into the practice file to see how its done. We load this file withthree months of sample data for an imaginary retailer. Youll find all types of transactions and situations to useas models for handling your own.You can also use the file to train new employees without putting your own data at risk.Tutorials help you understand quicklyGet up to speed fast with interactive, onscreen video tutorials that walk you through basic tasks such asaccepting returns, creating sales receipts, and more.When you use QuickBooks Point of Sale with QuickBooks Financial Software, the two programs work together tohandle your business end-to-end.The dashboard gives you access to key business metrics at a glance--all on one screen.FREE support for 30 days from registrationGet Free help with your QuickBooks Point of Sale and Financial Software questions for 30 days after youregister your software. Submit your question online and a support agent will e–mail or call you back.Adobe Flash Player includedQuickBooks Point of Sale includes Adobe Flash Player for quick viewing of video tutorials.Transfer sales data to QuickBooks financial softwareYou can use QuickBooks Point of Sale all by itself. But team it with QuickBooks financial software, and you cansave time and reduce the risk of errors when performing financial accounting tasks.9 When you use QuickBooksPoint of Sale with QuickBooks Financial Software, the two programs work together to handle your businessend-to-end--from managing inventory and ringing up sales to tracking finances and running reports.Easy setup and fast data exchangeThe first time you connect QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks financial software, the QuickBooks
  5. 5. Connection Wizard walks you through getting everything set up correctly. When the two programs areconnected, you can transfer inventory and sales data from your store to your back office with the click of abutton!Integrates with PayrollSimplify your payroll process by transferring your employee time cards to QuickBooks Financial Software. Youcan make any changes to the data you need (such as assigning overtime or making corrections).Instantly See Where You Stand on Sales, Inventory, and MoreSee your most important business information in one customizable viewThe dashboard gives you access to key business metrics at a glance--all on one screen. Now you can customizethe dashboard to only show the information youre interested in. You can add, remove or modify reports; evenchange the layout and add additional pages.Run reports quickly and easilyGet the facts you need to make smarter buying decisions. Pre-designed report templates let you see whatsselling and whats not. You can see levels of any or all inventory items and sort any way you like. Check salesby day, item, employee and payment type. And after customizing reports just the way you want them, you can"memorize" and recall them at any time. You can also add them to your Point of Sale "dashboard," so you cansee your key business metrics at a glance. Point of Sale always reports the latest data.Graph report data to get the big pictureGraph your report data to visually see where you stand on sales, inventory, and more. Click any report figure togo down one level. Click again to go deeper, all the way down to individual transactions. Use QuickZoom to seethe details behind the numbers in your reports! Click any figure to go down one level and get more information.Click again to go deeper, all the way down to individual transactions.Customize views to see just what you wantAdd, remove, resize or rearrange the columns in any list view to see customer, vendor, item and inventoryinformation just the way you want it.Restrict access to protect your dataGive employees access to the information and functions they need, without giving away the store. Point of Salelets you set password protections that allow employees to ring up sales but not access or alter critical data..demoLink{ margin-bottom:15px; } .industryDiv{ background:#ccc; } .comptable{ font-size:12px;Which version of Point of Sale is right for you?