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  • 1. Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Docs0 Four of these social websites are free tools available to consider for a university project0 Increase communication with students0 Gives opportunity to share information0 Helpful updates for classes, different university services, sporting events, club events, and current events
  • 2. What Can Skype Do?0 Free video calling0 Instant Messaging0 Screen Sharing0 Call any Skype contact0 Group video calling0 Voicemail0 Send files, any documents, videos, or photos of any size0 Video call someone with the Skype application on their phone
  • 3. Why use Skype?0 The evolution of technology and how we use it has made landline phones obsolete0 Phone conversations or video conferences are preferred over e-mail because they are more personable0 Collaborate in real-time with colleagues or professors to save time and boost productivity
  • 4. Tumblr0 Microblogging0 Allows students to share ideas of thoughts on academic activities and current events0 Helps students and staffs to collaborate0 University interaction through posting texts, images, videos, links, quotes, and audio on Tumblr blog
  • 5. Twitter0 Notifications of university events0 Players and coaches can use Twitter to let others know their thoughts0 Selected students can use the team’s twitter account to tweet live thoughts from games0 Helpful for different clubs or organizations to use
  • 6. Twitter (cont.)0 SU Twitter accounts can follow each other for easy access with keeping up with things0 Has a “Who to follow” suggestions, so people can see what other related accounts are out there and start following SU related accounts they may have missed0 Retweeting allows users to forward messages to other friends and followers0 Twitter “lists” gathers groups of accounts that are related
  • 7. Google DocsImportance:0 Quick access to shared files0 Allows for group collaboration, even over long distances0 Decreases need for attachmentsPotential Environments0 Education0 Business0 Research
  • 8. Google Docs (cont.)Features0 Simultaneous editing functionality0 Ownership settings/security features0 User-friendly interface
  • 9. In Conclusion…..0 Great for public relations0 With the evolution of technology these free tools are now being used via smart phones instead of just being used from desktop computers and laptops0 They need to maintain their free sources to stay on top of their game