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Yellowwood has launched Engager in South Africa. Engager is a brand philosophy and a research tool to define and quantify the level of engagement a brand has with its market. ...

Yellowwood has launched Engager in South Africa. Engager is a brand philosophy and a research tool to define and quantify the level of engagement a brand has with its market.

High brand engagement has been linked with strong financial performance. Engage



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    Engager presentation Engager presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Introducing South Africa’s mostengaging brands.Engager™ Benchmark Study - August 2011 1
    • It’s time to think differentlyabout the way in which we planand evaluate engagingbrand relationships
    • …is a research toolto help evaluate the depth and drivers of engagement with your brands
    • How it works• Engager™ provides a strategic and measurement framework for evaluating and developing effective engagement.• It reflects all the new understanding about how brands and communications work in today’s world.• It helps you understand how to deepen the engagement people have with your brand and gives you clear insight, direction and strategies to enhance your brand relationships and sales. 4
    • What it looks like There are 9 pillars that contribute to the Brand Engagement framework Incorporating rational, emotional and social building blocks, all critical to contemporary brand engagement. 5
    • The EngagerTM pillarsPerceptions of the behaviour of Familiarity and experience with Understanding of whatothers and whether they are people the brand; knowledge of products values the brand stands forwe feel close to / services offeredBelief about the truth of what the Emotional relevance with the An attitudinal predisposition tobrand says; promise delivery; brand choose the brand amongperceptions of the brand’s competitorsselfishness vs. altruismStrength of that predisposition ACTIVE interaction with the Degree to which the brand isi.e. propensity to switch to brand (beyond just buying it) positively or negativelyanother brand for some reason, recommendedor stick with pre-disposition 6
    • EngagerTM has been rigorously tested and evaluatedEngagerTM has been benchmarkedextensively:• Over 300 brands• From across the UK, US, China, Australia & South Africa• Covering more than 20 categories• Amongst more than 10,000 peopleSo far... Engager™ has been validated using sophisticated analytics, which have proven a strong link between engagement, sales and profitability. Engager™ is also significantly related to stock market expectations (linking data from the 2009 Forbes Top 2000 company database ) and clearly connects strong brand engagement with above average business performance. 7
    • The top ten mostengaging brands in each of thebenchmark countries have beenidentified so far.
    • TMSA EngagerBenchmark Study 2011
    • 1,400 in-home interviews were conducted across 7 major metropolitancities in South Africa, during the month of June 2011. The sample wasdemographically representative of the metropolitan population. 10
    • The survey included 100 brands that yielded more than 7000 brandresponses across the 9 EngagerTM pillars. 11
    • Top 10 South African BrandsEngagerTM Score Global average = 103 12
    • How does this compare to the global results?South Africa UK US Australia China Pick n Pay 134 Google 122 Ebay 124 Cadbury 124 QQ 118 Coca-Cola 132 Cadbury 118 Google 122 Coke 117 China Mobile 117 Clover 127 Amazon 118 Amazon 122 Heinz 116 Nokia 116 KFC 126 BBC 116 Kraft Foods 120 Woolworths 116 Coke 116 Shoprite 126 Facebook 116 Microsoft 118 Coles 113 Taobao 115Woolworths 124 M&S 114 Facebook 117 Campbells 112 Microsoft 113 Cadbury 123 SONY 113 Coca-Cola 114 Canon 112 Pepsi 112Handy Andy 123 Microsoft 110 Pepsi 113 McDonalds 111 Baidu 111 Nokia 123 Olympics 110 Yahoo! 113 Sony 111 Sprite 110 Standard Dove 112 Lindt 110 KFC 109 123 Dove 109 Bank 13
    • What makes our Top Brandsso successful at engagingSouth Africans?
    • Three things our top brands all have in common Deep brand affinity Strong brand advocacy Deep-seated brand knowledge and understanding 15
    • #1 Pick ‘n Pay: Understanding what they do really well EngagerTM Score: 134 knowledge Knowledge 150 Sensing 130 Understanding understanding 110 90Advocacy 70 Integrity 50Participation Connection connection Conviction Commitment commitment conviction Pick n Pay Global norm 16
    • #2 Coca-Cola: Understanding what they do really well Knowledge 150 sensing Sensing 130 Understanding 110 90 Advocacyadvocacy 70 Integrity 50 Participation connection Connection Conviction Commitment conviction commitment Coca-cola Global norm 17
    • #3 Clover: Understanding what they do really well EngagerTM Score: 127 Knowledge 150 Sensing 130 Understanding understanding 110 90 AdvocacyAdvocacy 70 Integrity 50 Participation Connection connection Conviction Commitment commitment conviction Clover Global norm 18
    • 5 things we have learnt about SouthAfricans and the way in which theyengage with brands
    • South African brands dominate the Most Engaging list - 8 out ofthe Top 20 are proudly local 20
    • SA brands in the Top 20 134 Relative to all other markets we have many more local brands in our Top 20 127 We are proudly South African in this sense but we often hide 126 our ‘South African-ness’ in the pursuit of emulating global 124 trends. Our Engager TM results prove that the opposite is true - brands that take on a South 123 African mantra are likely to build greater engagement. 121 Take Action: Find ‘ownable’ South African rhetoric that 120 talks to a universal emotional need. 119 21
    • South Africans love shopping 22
    • …and it’s driven by physical stores, relative to the otherbenchmark countries where e-commerce is more prevalent Pick ‘n Pay Understanding the customer journey - Shoprite how different segments make decisions, the influencers of those Woolworths decisions & drivers of engagement - is a critical component for future Woolworths success. Coles Then we can plan where we need to be and when, with what tools, offers Amazon or experience to engage the shopper M&S eBay Amazon Take Action: Ensure you are engaging your shoppers at critical Taobao moments of truth, with the right influencers. 23
    • Digital doesn’t do it in SA (yet) 24
    • There are no digital brands in SA Top 10, and only 1 tech brandmakes it… much like Australia In SA, most digital brands have not yet forgedSouth Africa Australia relationships beyond Nokia 9 Cannon 7 functional participation – limited understanding & Sony 9 connection with these brands is evident across the board. Take Action: TremendousUK US China opportunity for off-line Google 1 Ebay 1 QQ 1 brands to utilise the power of participation through Amazon 3 Google 2 Nokia 3 tech, to enhance brand Amazon 3 Taobao 5 participation. Brands like Facebook 5 Clover, Handy Andy & Sony 7 Microsoft 5 Microsoft 6 Kellogg’s are already experimenting. Microsoft 8 Facebook 6 Baidu 8 25
    • We are the only country where banking features amongst themost engaging brands 26
    • Looking at the success of Standard Bank – a well-balanced brand footprint Standard Bank #10 Standard Bank has knowledge successfully built a well- Knowledge 140 rounded brand that engages 130 consumers effectively – using Sensing Understanding a combination of digital & 120 offline engagement 110 approaches to demonstrate 100 customer centricity 90advocacyAdvocacy Integrity integrity 80 70Participation Connection Conviction conviction Commitment commitment Standard Bank FNB Absa Nedbank Capitec 27
    • As a house-proud nation, home care is important and reflected inthe brands we engage with 28
    • Unilever dominates the product brands in that South Africans engage with most…with 4 in the Top 20 Although often premium to the knowledge mainstream alternatives, tried & Knowledge trusted brands have truly entrenched 140 their place in the home – with often 130 Sensing Understanding very diverse uses, well beyond the 120 intended. A reflection of the trust & 110 deeply emotional bond that 100 consumers from all backgrounds have 90 with these brands & others like them.Advocacy 80 Integrity Take Action: Increasing active brand 70 participation through the use of digital apps, will only serve to increase brand engagement. Tapping into marketing thematics thatParticipation Connection demonstrate concrete goal achievement will further resonate. Conviction Commitment commitment conviction Unilever Omo Sunlight Handy Andy 29
    • In summary, some of our key learnings have been…• There’s still value in building provenance and local market nuances into your communication – we need to celebrate our unique identity, rather than always looking to global trends to shape our thinking• Even in relatively low involvement categories, brands have the ability to build deeply engaging consumer relationships - this can go a long way to driving preference, over and above the generic functional deliverables• Digital brands still have a way to go in building engagement with SA consumers – although it is expected that as consumers become more accustomed to the digital world through participatory channels from offline brands, this will change… and probably in the not too distant future• 360 degree Shopper marketing is going to become even more important in building brand engagement, as the access & choice consumers have expands into the online world 30
    • Looking to the future
    • Strategic planning & implementation• EngagerTM stretches well beyond the research realm – enabling thinking and planning for brands of the future• EngagerTM can help us answer strategic questions such as: – Where to focus your marketing efforts to achieve the maximum impact with your consumers at a rational, emotional and social level – What kind of conversations are needed to build and support engaging brand relationships – How to equip your consumers to positively influence others 32
    • Key questions to be asking yourself…Are you able to turn emotionalrelationships into meaningful ones? With the gap in social dimensions of brand engagement in SA, how will your brand take advantage of this?Do you know which barriers to raise toprotect or where to focus your efforts togrow your brand equity? 33
    • Thank you for your time…If you would like to know what EngagerTM can dofor your brand, or explore the results of ourbenchmark study in more detail, we’d love to chat.