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TED talk Evaluation Presentation

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Rinehart raymond ted_eval

  1. 1. Raymond RinehartPresenting A TED TalkEvaluation Presentation forPublic Speaking Online
  2. 2. This woman is Jane McGonicaland she has the amazing ideato use gamers and gaming tohelp better the world. She isworld renowned video gamedesigner, who makes gamesthat better the quality of lifethrough the same positiveinfluences that we find in anyother video games.
  3. 3. “My goal for the next decade isto try to make it as easy to savethe world in real life as it is thesave the world in online gaming”-Jane McGonicalThis is the quote she led withafter introducing herself tocaptivate the audience.Its such an extreme ideathat just shocks theIntrigues you intoWanting to hear more. SheGoes on to say“Now I have a plan for this…”
  4. 4. She continues to maintainthe attention of theattention by relaying herplan to the audience. Asshe shows the audienceher current success’s andher future ideas theaudience can now see thather idea is obtainable. Shehas games that she hasmade that has scientificproof that it has directlybettered the game playerslife and helped better theworld.
  5. 5. The TED Commandment I thinkJane follows the best is:Thou Shalt Dream a GreatDream, Show Forth aWondrous New Thing, Or ShareSomething Thou Hast NeverShared Before.I mean her dream is to changethe world using video gamesand gamers. Most would findthis idea ludicrous but shecontinues to prove it day in andday out with the games shemakes.
  6. 6. Her Dynamism score fromme is a 5/5 hands down.The only thing I think shecould possibly done betteris get the audience moreinvolved make them play agame to demonstrate howit does work. In one of herother speeches she doesdo this but its definitelysomething I think sheshould add to her speechesabout games changing theworld.
  7. 7. In her presentation one tip Ithink from Gar Reynolds isher slide show presentationmaintaining the sametheme. Through out thewhole speech it was allabout proving the her ideawas obtainable and true.
  8. 8. The biggest things Ilearned aboutdelivering a speechfrom Jane is that if youhave an idea worthsharing and you arepassionate about itsharing your idea withthe world, Themeaning will inspireand people will listenrather than just sitthere bored by yourspeech.
  9. 9. When comparing JaneMcGonical to Sir KenRobison I would haveto say a few things:both people have anamazing drive todramatically changethe world as we knowit.
  10. 10. Both speakers arehorribly passionateabout there subject andfor good reason.
  11. 11. Both are trying tochange the world…
  12. 12. One similarity I found reallyinteresting was that they areboth trying to better the worldthrough rechanneling people toto do great things with theabilities that you have. Ken istrying to do it by doing acomplete overhaul of theeducation system.
  13. 13. Jane does it by makinginteresting games thatencourage gamers tobetter themselves,collaborate ideas andbetter the worldthrough games.
  14. 14. A few tips I can givebased off these twoamazing TED Talks is bepassionate and makesure you have facts toback up your way ofthinking.
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