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Document getting started guide

  1. 1. Getting Started GuideCongratulations on joining IWowWe, IWowWe Service and Team IWowWe. Following this simpleand straightforward blueprint for success will rapidly get you up to speed using WowWe’s videocommunication tools and fast track your WowWe System. To make this easy for you, we’ve brokenthis into small tasks (Step-by-Step) instructions. This setup guide is used for both customers andaffiliates. If a step does not apply to you, please skip it and move onto the next step.Make Sure We Can Contact YouPlease ‘whitelist’ or ‘safelist’ the following email accounts and domains to ensure that you receiveimportant WowWe communications and protect these sources from spam claims:       Domain:  Domain: TeamIWowWe.comWhere To Get Support  WowWe Support:  Team IWowWe Support: Ask one of the online members from the Blue Support bar at the bottom of the website.  Skype: Add jj_ulrich as a Skype contact and he will add you into our Team Support chats.Activate Your WowWe Service 1. Contact the person who shared IWowWe Service with you and get their replicated website. (Example: 2. Select a package. 3. Complete the sign up process. 4. Verify your email address.Account Set-up for IWowWe 1. Visit: 2. Select Login 3. Enter Email Address: Use the same address entered for registration 4. Enter Password. Use the same password entered for registration 5. Once Logged in, you’re on your back office “Home Page”. See upper right-hand corner between your name and the “Logoff” button. You’ll find your Affiliate I.D. consisting of (2) letters followed by (4) numbers. (This number is your identity - write it down and memorize it) 6. Click “Account Info”. In the drop down menu, click on “Personal Info”. On this screen, be sure to enter your phone number and verify all the information. Click “Save Changes”. Click the “Home” button in the upper right corner next to “Video Email” and “Conferencing” to return to your “Home Page”.
  2. 2. 7. On the “Home Page”, click on “Affiliate Info”. From the drop down menu, click on “AffiliateReports”. Locate “Salesman”. Below the “Salesman” heading, find your WowWe sponsors name andemail address. Write this information down as it will be needed shortly. Click the “Home” button in theupper right corner next to “Video Email” and “Conferencing”.8. Click on “Affiliate Info” and from the drop down menu click on “Affiliate Documents”. Under“Business Registration”, click on “Associate W-9”, or “Business Entity Packet”. You’re either abusiness operating as an individual or an entity. Print one of these documents and fill it out. Fax itusing the included fax cover sheet. *Note: Be sure you fill in your WowWe Login Email address atthe top of the fax cover sheet. 9. Spend some time getting familiar with your back office tabs and where to find information. Important: Refer to the “Need Help” button on your “Home Page”. This page will have the answers to most basic questions.Account Set-up for Team IWowWe 1. Go to 2. Click on “Create Your Account” 3. Join Fill in information request 1. Be Complete When Filling Out Information 2. iWowWe Sponsor/Affilate: Best answer is the Sponsor’s/Affilate email 3. Click Sign-up 4. From your Team iWowWe back office “Home Page”, go to the upper left corner and click on “My Information”. 1. Personal Information Tab: Fill in any remaining fields in your profile 2. Fill in WowWe Member ID: (Example ID1234 found in upper right corner of your iWowWe corporate back office home page) 3. Photo Tab: (2) ways to add your profile photo 4. Webcam Photo: This will take a photo instantly using your internal or external webcam. If you want to take an instant photo Click: “Allow”, your photo is now loaded … or 5. Click: “Upload a File”. By clicking this button you will be taken to your computers file menu. Go to “Photos” and find one that is stored on your computer. Click on “Personal Photo File”, and click “Choose”. Your photo is now loaded. 6. Click “Notification Preferences Beta”: Have organizational and team notification updates sent via SMS (Text Messaging) to you every time a new affiliate joins your team! Please make sure your cell phone is set up for SMS (ideally unlimited SMS Messaging) 7. Click “Configure SMS”: Enter your mobile telephone number. A text will be sent to you containing a four-digit number. Enter that number verifying your mobile phone, click add and you’re done with the complete registration process.Basic Team IWowWe Site Navigation 1. The left side of the page is your “Navigation Bar”. Underneath the “Donate” button on the upper left side of the page see “Members”. The first tab directly under “Members” is “Home”. Click on “Home” now. 2. Familiarize yourself with your “Home” page. At the top of the “Home” page is the “Notifications” section. This section will give you messages, notices, signups information, people viewing your trainings and other information regarding system.
  3. 3. 3. Other sections on the “Home” page to note: “My Team”, “Team List”, “Team Chart”, “Unique Visits”, “Happening Now”, “Calendar” and on the left side of the page is “Upcoming Events”.4. At the bottom of the Team IWowWe site is a “Resource Bar”. Please become familiar with the tabs and services offered. There are links to the social media sites, custom video channels, and interactive chat rooms for building your business and communicating with colleagues.5. On the left side “Navigation Bar” click on “Affiliate Documents & Resources”. As you tab through this section you’ll find: Audios, Graphics, Marketing, Personal Development, PowerPoints, Presentations, Printable Items, Trainings, and Videos.6. On the “HOME Page” under “Building Your Business” , click on “Manage Replicated Sites”. Click on “Create Site”. You’re going to set-up your invitation site or as we call it a replicated site. If anyone is interested in learning more about the services provided by IWowWe Service you can share this link to have them linked to your referral network 1. Example: (We recommend using your first and last name).7. On the bottom “Resource Bar”, select the “Like” button at the far right, and click on the “Facebook Fan Page”, and the “Share On Facebook” buttons, and “Like” those pages too. Please complete the same process for these pages. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Complete For Each Of Your Replicated Websites8. Download and install the Alexa Toolbar nav&utm_medium=www&utm_campaign=toolbar9. Once you’ve downloaded the “Alexa Toolbar”, go to each of the following sites. When you’re on each site, look at the toolbar and give it a (5) Star Rating. Then select the “Write A Review” icon and write a positive review of each site. This will help improve the sites visibility: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Complete For Each Of Your Replicated Websites10. Bookmark each of the following sites so you can quickly access each of these sites. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Complete For Each Of Your Replicated Websites11. Click on our “Vimeo” and “YouTube” Channel and “Like” and “Subscribe” to the channel.
  4. 4. 1. We really appreciate your taking the time to make this happen. We’re starting an aggressive marketing system and these actions support our progress as a team! 12. Visit and watch the trainings under “Pre-Recorded Presentation” Trainings 13. On the left side “Navigation Bar” under “Building your Business” click on “Dash to Success” and see if you are interested in taking on the challenge!Communication ToolsThis is a list of computer hardware and telecommunication services needed for your IWowWeCommunication Tools to work at maximum efficiency.Webcam - For video emails, conferencing and broadcasting, youre going to need some sort ofwebcam. Creative, Microsoft and Logitech all make pretty good ones in the $50 to $100 range. Buteven a $20 webcam will work if money is a factor.  Recommended Webcams: o Logitech C910 o FreeTalk Everyman WebcamHeadset - A good headset is important if you are going to be doing three-way calls, video conferenceevents and live broadcasts. Plantronics, Logitech and Microsoft make quality headsets, both wiredand wireless, with prices ranging from $40 to $200.An external microphone or one built into a laptop will be fine for video emails. We DO NOTrecommend using a microphone and external speakers for video conference events and livebroadcasts, because it will create significant noise and echo problems. You MUST have a headset ifyou are participating in video conference events or live broadcasts.  Recommended Wired Headsets: o FreeTalk Everyman o Logitech H530  Recommended Wireless Headsets: o FreeTalk Everyman Wireless o Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB HeadsetPhone Service - There are a variety of telecom options. Whether you use a traditional land line, cellphone, or VOiP, make sure that you have three-way calling enabled and a cost effective or unlimitedlong distance plan. Also note that international calls, especially to mobiles (cell phones), can get veryexpensive, so be sure to check your providers rates.  Recommended Phone Service:
  5. 5. o SkypeOut o Google Voice (USA Free - Per Minute Rates To Other Countries)Internet Service - Video conferencing and broadcasting requires a stable, high-speed Internetconnection such as DSL or Cable.Custom Email TemplateIf you selected a Premium Affiliate Package, open the email from WowWe and order your CustomTemplate. You can also create your own custom templates very easily. Review the training on You have the option to use your own logo, background image,photos and any color scheme you like. You may also choose to utilize any of the designs alreadycreated by WowWe.To have a designer create any additional templates. Please log in to http://www.TeamIWowWe.comand select Team IWowWe Store. You may order as many templates as you would like.Sending Your First Video EmailWe need to make sure your system is setup correctly. We need you to record a video email from yourIWowWe Back Office and send it to your salesman and Team IWowWe. This will allow us to test yourvideo quality and microphone settings. It doesnt need to be long or perfect; this is just a test. 1. Login to 2. Select “Video Email” a. Enter b. Enter “Your Salesman” Email Address (It’s On The Affiliate Info - Affiliate Reports Area) c. Select the “Send A Copy Of The Email To Me” 3. Enter Subject “Test Email” 4. Enter “Email Text” Test Email 5. Select tab “1 Choose Video” and “Record A Video” 6. Select Your Camera, Microphone and then record your video a. Once the video finishes uploading, click “Select” and add it to the first video slot. b. Select Libraries and place a second video in spot two to practice using multiple videos. c. Click Continue to go back to the email recording area 7. Select Tab “2 - Choose Template”, select a category and select a template of your choice. 8. Click Continue to go back to email recording area 9. Select Tab “3 - Signature” and enter the information as you would like to see it appear on your template. 10. If you need assistance, go to the and watch the training under Pre-recorded trainings. 11. Another option is to attend one of the many live trainings we have every day. Log into affiliate code, click on “Training Center” at the bottom of the web page.
  6. 6. Setting Up Your Video ConferenceNow that your Video Email is sent, let’s get your Video Conference Setup and customized. 1. Login to 2. Select “Video Conferencing” 3. Select “Add Meetings” 4. Enter the “Meeting Title” (Example: My Meeting Room) 5. Enter “Login Type” Select: Name: Participants Need To Enter A Name 6. Enter Date / Time: Select: Unscheduled 7. Enter Description: (Example: My Meeting Room) 8. Select “More Options” 9. Select “Teleconference” (Use Teleconference In My Meeting) 10. Select “Meeting Type” (Normal: Start the meeting only when I Join) 11. Select “Comments” (Allow Public Comments) 12. Click Save Meeting 13. Select “Cancel” on the Meeting Invitees 14. Select “Start Meeting” from the Conference area 15. Select “More” and “Invite Participants” 16. Copy the “Meeting URL” (Example: 17. Recommendation: a. Your meeting room remains open and the URL remains the same. We recommend you purchase a domain and forward it to your URL address (Example: This creates an easy user experience for your participants in your meeting. b. Visit: c. Purchase Domain d. Login to Domain Manager and Select “Forward Options”. e. Forward your domain to your meeting URL (Example: f. The forward will take up to 24 hours to take effect. 18. Watch the Video Conference Training on 19. Schedule a meeting with a member of Team IWowWe to support you in operating your conference room. We have team members that will walk you through a basic orientation of the conference system. 20. Select an open appointment slot from our online calendar: SCHEDULE AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT 21. In the meeting location area and in the meeting notes please enter your Meeting URL Address 22. Send either an email or video email inviting both and your salesman to the orientation meeting.Loading Your Contacts 1. Login to 2. Select “Account Info” 3. Select “Contact Manager” 4. Select “Add Group” to create groups
  7. 7. 5. Select “Import” 6. Select “Choose File” a. Your File needs to be .csv, .tab or .txt file b. Select “Import” 7. Keep the import files for use with the Team IWowWe BroadcastersCreating Your First Team IWowWe Broadcast Message Series 1. Login to 2. Select “Broadcast Message Center” 3. Select “Create New Broadcaster” 4. Select “Name:” Use “Connection Gratitude Message” 5. Refresh Your Browser 6. In the list, copy the “Send Messages to Email Address” next to the Connection Gratitude Message 7. Select “Document & Resources” from the Navigation Bar 8. Select “Printable Items” 9. Select the “Scripts Area” 10. Select “ Team IWowWe - Script Book” 11. For customer - Connection Gratitude Message 12. For affiliate, look for Team IWowWe Broadcasters - Video Email - Connection Gratitude Message. 13. Print the scripts because you will need to practice them in order to record them in the next steps. 14. Open a New Tab in your Internet browser 15. Login to 16. Select: “Video Email” 17. Paste “Send Message To Email Address” into the “To:” Field a. Use Subject, Text and Script For Video Email b. Select Template c. Select Signature d. Select Send 18. Repeat Step 17 until you have recorded all the Connection Gratitude Messages. Each message needs to be sent to the same Email Address on the Team IWowWe Broadcaster. 19. Once you have completed each message in the Connection Gratitude Message go back to the Tab with Team IWowWe. 20. Select “Refresh” on your browser. 21. Select “Broadcast Message Center” 22. Select the “Messages” button next to the Connection Gratitude Message 23. Below you will see the messages you just sent from WowWe. 24. First select “Preview” next to each message and make sure everything is correct. 25. Select the “Settings” button next to message 2 through the end and change the “Delay” to the date you want. The “Delay” is the time from the previous message not from the beginning of the series. 26. If your messages are out of order you can left click and drag each message into the place you would like.
  8. 8. 27. Once your message is completely set you are ready to begin adding contacts. Once you add your first contact you will no longer be able to edit this broadcast series. 28. Click “Add Contact” 29. Type Your First Name, Last Name, Email and what site you want the website link at the bottom of your email to be forwarded to. 30. Click “Subscribe” 31. Next lets add all your contacts, email lists, social media sites and any other list you have into the system. 32. Click “Upload CSV” and locate the CSV file on your computer. Make sure if your CSV file has a header row you only have First Name, Last Name and Email Address in the Header. Remove all the other columns. The list will take up to 30 minutes to upload and up to one hour to begin sending. If for any reason your list does not upload try removing the header row and re- uploading the file. Our system will identify all of the emails in your spreadsheet and upload them without the header row. 33. If you have a double opt in email list that exceeds the 50 per day sending limit please message J.J. Ulrich - Email: - Skype: jj_ulrich - Text: 801-381-5111 and he can increase your sending limit to support your database requirements. 34. One last item... Click on your first message in the series and preview it. When the link opens on your web browser, copy the url. Share that message to all of your Social Media Sites to begin building your business and thanking people for your connection.Building Your IWowWe BusinessThe lifeblood of building a successful business revolves around prospecting, training and duplication.Building a successful business you will need to be consistent by focusing on daily activities andeducating yourself in WowWe. The following steps will help you identify some ideas to get started: 1. Identify your commitment level: a. Can you commit 2 hours a day, 4 hours a day or 8 hours a day? If you can please take a look at our Dash To Success system. The Dash To Success is an accelerated program designed to fast-track leaders to the top of WowWe. Dash To Success requires a significant commitment to maintain a consistent, focused, daily effort. Please be advised that this program is not for everyone. It is designed to provide a plan for all team members and useful systems to propel massive action towards growing your business. To participate in the Dash to Success, your application must be approved by Team IWowWe to make sure you are ready for the commitment. If you think you are up for the challenge please login to Team IWowWe and review the “Dash To Success” under “Building Your Business” 2. If you only have a few hours a week you can commit to building your business. Start with the connecting with your personal contacts and using the EZ Advertiser System. Each Marketing System under “Building Your Business” has detailed training via Video and Text documents. Take a look at what system fits you personally the best and start building your business. 3. Getting Trained:
  9. 9. a. First attend the Pre-recorded Training system on Review each of the training videos. b. Go to the main page at and select the “Training Center” from the bottom of the site. We have multiple live trainings every day to support you in getting educated on WowWe. c. Review all of your tools: i. Know your Affiliate ID ii. Join Team IWowWe Skype Room: LINK: Team IWowWe Skype Room iii. Review all the content on your IWowWe Service Replicated Website (Example: iv. Review all the content on your WowWe Broadcast Replicated Website (Example: v. Review all the content on your WowWe Replicated Website: (Example: vi. Review all the Information on vii. Introduce and Train Your Team The Moment They SignUp viii. The moments you get a new signup make sure they also sign up for Team IWowWe. ix. As you get trained you will see the value of the training. The moment you sign up a new Customer or Affiliate get them through this Getting Started Training on x. Video Email them the Getting Started Document and a greeting with your information. xi. Offer your personal support. Check their first Video Email and help them with the Video Conference Orientation. d. The Fundamentals: i. Vince Lombardi became a legend in American football by practicing and preaching the fundamentals. We have a few fundamentals in iWowWe. ii. Approach people, Invite with a video email, Watch a presentation (live or recorded), Follow up to answer questions and sign up prospects. iii. Teach and train your new Associates these simple proven steps. As you consistently practice these fundamentals, you will become a master and your results will soar. We’re excited to be taking this climb with you as we all work together in building our businesses, making a positive difference and having the resources to live an abundant life. iv. Be consistent in your actions, continue to pursue greatness and as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.”Yours in Success and Partnership, TEAM IWOWWE - Together Everyone Achieves | |