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Буклет по новым кровельным панелям Кингспан с интегрированными солнечными панелями.

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Kingspan power panel

  1. 1. CI/SfB (4-) Rh2 September 2011Insulate &Generate
  2. 2. Contents PowerPanel is a fully integrated solar PV system. From initial enquiry with our specialist in-house designIntroduction 3 team, through to installation and grid connection,Feed-in Tariff 4 Kingspan is your complete solar integrator.What PowerPanel can do for you 8Maximising your income 10 Photovoltaic (PV) ModulesHow PV works 12 • enerate clean, inflation proof electricity G G enerate clean, inflation proof – reduce energy costs.Product range 14 electricity – reduce energy costs. • ncrease asset / rentable value of the building. I • eets Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs. M • V generated electricity mitigates the carbon contribution. P • ot dependent on fossil, wind or nuclear fuels. N • nstalled PV Systems produce zero CO emissions. I 2 • ven if the sky is overcast, PV is still proven to E produce electricity. Features • ingle-source integrated roof, wall, façade and solar S PV provider. • roject analysis / viability, design, supply, installation, P testing, commissioning and handover service. • ntegrates with all Kingspan roof and wall products for I design flexibility. • The only cost-effective, widely accepted renewable technology that guarantees on-site electricity in an urban environment.2 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 3 
  3. 3. Put your roof to work!Generate your own power and benefitfrom the Feed-in TariffThe Feed-in Tariff (FiT) benefits individuals and organisations that  0 year Feed-in Tariff 2generate electricity from renewable sources, including solar PV.  ree energy for life F The Feed-in Tariff is a legal mechanism designed to  C an enhance property value encourage the installation  R educes impact of rising energy costs of renewable energy systems  R ­ educes carbon footprint4 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 5 
  4. 4. How the Feed-in Tariff worksOwners of solar PV systems that generate electricity will be paid for everykilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated, even if it is used on-site.This Feed-in Tariff is a fixed rate and is set by Government Feed-in Tariff payments will be made for the nextlegislation. The rate paid is determined by the type and size of 20 years for electricity generated from a renewable source.the renewable energy system installed. Any payments are in addition to the savings that could beIn addition, any surplus electricity generated will be fed into made by not having to purchase all the electricity usuallythe National Grid and may trigger additional payments. required from a supplier. Renewable energy systems are suitable for a wide range Energy Source of properties, businesses and organisations. Kingspan PowerPanel Renewable Energy System Generating electricity Use On-site Total Generation Metre Generation Tariff Paid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated Import Meter Export Tariff Additional payment for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of surplus electricity generated.6 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 7 
  5. 5. A installationwill give you...  isk-free, index linked Feed-in Tariff revenue generation from unutilised R roof space  nhanced asset value and increased rental potential E Integrated roof or wall solutions   educed carbon footprint R  ignificant green PR and marketing opportunities to drive the green agenda S roadmap Grid project connection, Maintenance Design cost Feasibility Installation proposal Commissioning MonitorinG study handover As each site has individual requirements, Kingspan will develop a bespoke package, taking into account: Location / Limiting factors, Orientation Roof pitch / slope Roof size insolation level e.g. shading Frequently asked Questions How is my existing roof guarantee affected? Will the installation of a PV system affect my buildings Kingspan will honour the guarantee on previously installed insurance? Kingspan roofs. Generally, existing mainstream insurance policies are more Is my building suitable for a PV installation? than adequate for PV installations. A PV installation is unlikely Kingspan will conduct a comprehensive assessment in order to compromise your existing policy and no further premium to identify the potential of your building for a PV installation. costs should be incurred. As the client, you will be fully informed of progress and Can I sell my building after a PV system has been installed? should your site prove unsuitable for any reason Kingspan Yes. In fact, our experience suggests that potential buyers will terminate the assessment. No costs will be incurred on recognise the advantages of a PV installation and that the your part. presence of a PV plant offers significant buying incentives.8 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 9 
  6. 6. 3 Steps to Maximising IncomeStep 1  Step 2 Insulate GenerateImage courtesy of Gazeley and Central PhotographyThe first step is to reduce energy demand and one of the simplest ways The development of sources of renewable energy is a crucial part of theto do this, for both new build and refurbishment projects, is to use strategy to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions, but forinsulated panel systems which offer guaranteed high thermal these to work they must also be economically viable.performance and low air leakage over the lifetime of the building.Over the past 50 years, insulated panels have evolved as They are so effective because high performance insulation is Initiatives such as the Feed-in Tariff present opportunities to One of the key aspects for the success of integrating sourcesa particularly thermally efficient and economic method of an integral part of the panel system, so excellent U-values move renewable energy out of the niche and into the built of renewable energy will be the ease with which they can beconstruction and have been extensively used in refurbishment are guaranteed. For example, many older buildings have environment in readiness to meet targets for energy efficient incorporated into buildings. Kingspan Insulated Panels has aas they are ideal for re-cladding walls and roofs. U-values of 0.6 W/m².K or worse, so over-cladding with buildings and carbon reduction. number of solutions which meet this criterion.Insulated panels offer the best long term guaranteed an insulated panel system that provides a U-value ofthermal performance and can improve the energy efficiency 0.18 W/m².K, will offer a huge energy saving, as well as Roof Module Solyndra ® Moduleof a building up to 44% producing an immediate payback improving the aesthetics of the building and providing a Kingspan insulated roof panels with crystalline This roof mounted cylindrical module captureson investment. more economic and environmentally sound solution than modules fixed directly to the crowns. direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight across a demolition.As single component, single-fix systems they provide quick 360° PV surface. It is used in conjunction withand easy installation, saving up to 50% on construction time. any Kingspan insulated roof panel system. Roof Laminate Wall Module A range of insulated roof panels with A crystalline module similar to the roof module, factory-applied thin film laminates adhered but applied vertically on insulated wall panels. directly to the external facing.10 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 11 
  7. 7. How PV worksA Photovoltaic Cell (PV) is a semi-conductor devicewhich converts solar energy into electricity.There are two main types of PV Cell Technology: Modules, Strings Arrays Orientation, Pitch and Shading• Crystalline PV – Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline. For optimal performance of the photovoltaic array, it should AC outputs in kWh/kWp• hin film PV – amorphous Silicon, CIGS, CDTE, Dye T Module face between south-east and south-west at an elevation Effect of Orientation and Pitch on Array Performance Sensitised or Organic. ­Cell of about 30-40°. However, in central Europe even flat roofs (% of Ideal). receive 90% of the energy of an optimum pitched system –Modules, Strings Arrays see AC output table (right). Vert 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Horiz East 58 65 70 76 80 84 86 88 90 90• ultiple PV Cells are interconnected and encapsulated to M It is important to ensure that your PV system will not be SE 69 77 84 89 93 96 96 96 94 90 produce a PV Module. shaded during the day. Avoid placing the array where there South 71 80 87 93 97 100 100 98 96 90 Series String will be significant shading from surrounding buildings or SW 67 75 82 87 92 95 96 96 94 90• odules are connected in series to form a string, M trees, since this will decrease the output from the system. West 56 63 69 74 78 82 86 87 89 90 (Series connections increase system voltage). Although generally installed on a roof, a PV system can be• PV array is made up of modules connected in series A installed on any south facing elevation. It can also be used for and parallel, (parallel connections increase the current in solar shading or as a rainscreen on a building wall – this is the system). particularly suitable for prestige buildings. PV Array in Series PanelInverters Energy generationAn inverter is used to convert the generated DC electricity from Annual solar electricity production per installed kWp (optimalthe PV array to AC for use on site or for exporting to the grid. module orientation).• Stand alone inverters are used for off grid systems.• rid tie inverters are used when the installation is G Location kWh connected to a utility supply. The grid tie inverter also 750 kWh synchronises the PV generator with the grid. 850 kWh 900 kWh 1000 kWh 1100 kWh PV Generator 1200 kWh 1300 kWh 1350 kWh 1500 kWh 1650 kWh DC connection box Planning AC The majority of buildings will not require planning permission Consumers for the installation of PV systems. If however the building is in Inverter a conservation area or is a listed building you may need to apply for full planning permission. Kingspan recommends Net meter checking with your local council to ascertain the planning requirement for your specific project / building. Grid connection12 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 13 
  8. 8. Product rangeRoof Module Features PV mounted on KS1000 RW Trapezoidal • omplete roof and PV system with the Kingspan 25 year C total system guarantee available. Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Module • tructurally designed specifically to facilitate installation onto S consists of specific Kingspan 235mm to 495mm specific Kingspan insulated panels. insulated roof panels with a frame • ntegrated bypass diodes to minimise shading effects. I mounted module. It is suitable for • vailable in approx 125 to 145Wp output per m2 installed A pitched roof applications on new (depending on power rating of module). build or refurbishment projects. • Quick and easy site connection using ‘push together’ connectors. Distance dependant in wind and snow loads and size of module Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Modules can be mounted on: • KS1000 RW Trapezoidal • Kingspan Lo-Pitch • Kingspan Kingzip® – KS500 / KS1000 • Kingspan Topdek • Kingspan Topspan • Kingspan X-DEK KS1000 RW Trapezoidal 235mm to 495mm 235mm to 235mm to 495mm 495mm ule size of mod d loads and pendent in win 235mm to Distance de Y 235mm to 495mm 495mm Y Special mounting brackets for KS1000 RW Distance dependent in wind loads and size of module Continuous rail fixed to Special mounting brackets mounting brackets for KS1000RW X X14 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 15 
  9. 9. Product rangeRoof Laminate Powerpanel based on KS1000 PP panel FeaturesThe systems offer the possibility to install modules over large • uick to connect, lightweight and flexible, so they can be Qroof areas. They are lightweight and flexible, so they can be integrated into most roof structures. PVL136integrated into most roof structures, while maintaining the or 144 • Laminates available in two lengths, 2849mm and 5486mm.main goal…generate optimal energy output. • imited power output warranty: 92% at 10 years, LThey offer long-term high performance, roof integration and 84% at 20 years, 80% at 25 years (of minimum power).environment friendliness at a competitive price. • ntegrated bypass diodes to minimise shading effects. I Kingspan Roof PowerPanel Modules can be mounted on: • Kingspan KS1000 PP • Kingspan Lo-Pitch • Kingspan Kingzip® – KS500 / KS1000 • Kingspan Topdek Kingspan KS1000 PP • Kingspan Topspan • Kingspan X-DEK 5486mm 5486mm The Kingspan Roof Laminate systems are a range of insulated roof panels manufactured with a thin film solar laminate adhered directly to the surface of the panel to create a singular photovoltaic roof panel. 394mm 394mm 1000mm 1000mm 2849mm PVL136,144 or 5486mm or PVL68 1000mm 394mm 1000mm 394mm16 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 17 
  10. 10. Product range Product rangeSolyndra ® Module Wall ModuleSolyndra® Solar is one of the worlds most advanced photovoltaic systems using CIGS It is suitable for most wall applications on new Features(copper indium gallium selenide) technology. These cells are known for their high degree build or refurbishment projects. Kingspan Wall • ully integrates with Kingspan’s insulated wall Fof conversion efficiency. The Solyndra® PowerPanel Module is set to revolutionise the way PowerPanel Module has 21 enhanced efficiency and façade systems.roof area is used to generate clean, green energy for your building. crystalline silicon cells in series, with 75 to 80 Wp • ntegrated bypass diodes to minimise shading effects. I of nominal maximum power. • tructurally bonded aluminium fixing rails for S easy installation onto façade structures.These unique cells consist of tubes that catch solar radiationacross their entire surface, exploiting the diurnal cycle of • luminium frame for ease of installation, available in silver A Solyndra® PowerPanel Modules have or black.the sun, like a solar tracker without the expense. In additionradiation is reflected back onto the panel from the roof. been subjected to thorough testsFor optimal energy output, Solyndra PowerPanel Modules and are accredited for wind speeds ®are used in conjunction with a white membrane to ensuremaximum efficiency is achieved and to obtain maximum of up to 209 kmh.albedo.Solyndra PowerPanel Modules are self-weighting so ®installation is as simple as placing them on the roof and Direct Sunlightcoupling them together. Kingspan Wall PowerPanelWith Solyndra PowerPanel Modules, air can stream through Module consists of a PV module, ®between the tubes practically unhindered, minimising the windforces effective on the module, making it unnecessary fully integrated with the building’sto anchor the modules with additional measures. Diffuse Sunlight façade.Their positional stability is reliably ensured by their tare weight. Reflected Light Solyndra® PowerPanel Module Air circulates freely between the tubesKingspan Topdek18 Kingspan PowerPanel Kingspan PowerPanel 19 
  11. 11. UK: Telephone: +44 (0) 1352 716100  Fax: +44 (0) 1352 710161 Email: Ireland: Telephone: +353 (0) 42 96 98500  Fax: +353 (0) 42 96 98572 Email: sales.ire@kingspanpanels.comDetails for the following countries; Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia Sweden can be found by visiting our website or our group website Care has been taken to ensure that the contents of this publication are accurate, but Kingspan Limited and its subsidiary companies do not accept responsibility for errors or for information that is found to be misleading. Suggestions for, or description of, the end use or application of products or methods of working are for information only and Kingspan Limited and its subsidiaries accept no liability in respect thereof.