Analytics is Magic: Gremlins, Unicorns and Fundraising. Google Analytics tips, Tricks and Reports to Improve your Online Fundraising

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Full webinar recording here: …

Full webinar recording here:

7 Google Analytics tips, tricks and cool new reports to help improve your online fundraising.

Presented by Erik Rubadeau, Founder and Lead Strategist at Yeeboo Digital.

Originally presented as a webinar, the full recording can be found at the Yeeboo Digital "Fresh Ideas" blog.

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  • You can’t run a shop with your eyes closed.
  • Focus of this presentation will be on the fundraiser. The person in charge of raising money online.Whether it’s appealing for donations, recruiting volunteers, sending a press release or uploading a video.
  • It is not a brochure, it is not a book, your website is a living, breathing transacting representation of your organization 24/7
  • One Of The Most Important Tools That Your Organization Owns.A good website can mean the difference between 2000 visitors a month or 12000 visitors a month.
  • The Google Analytics Interface Map
  • One final note before we get rolling…
  • We are hunting for gremlins (bad) and Unicorns (good)
  • Therefore it is very important that you are working from a good, clean data set.
  • Many times I’ve spoken to an organization who says “we’re doing great” we have X about of visitors to our website daily. After a few minutes analyzing their data I have to break the bad news. 70% of their website traffic actually comes from their own staff., Do your organizations computers have your own website as the start screen?
  • Let’s add some insight.


  • 1. Analytics is MagicGremlins, Unicorns and Fundraising Analytics Tips ,Tricks AndReports That Will Enlighten Your Online Revenue
  • 2. @erik_rubad Erik Rubadeau• Founder/Lead Strategist @ Yeeboo Digital• Google Analytics Certified Consultant• Google Engage Agency• Web Analytics Association Member• Technologist | Strategist | Marketer | Fundraiser• Tri-lingual – English/French/Geek
  • 3. Services• Digital Strategy • Search Engine Optimization• Web Analytics • Search Engine Marketing• Peer 2 Peer • Media Buying/Planning Fundraising • Social Media Marketing• Email Marketing • Web Design/Development• Online Advertising
  • 4. Clients we Love!
  • 5. What will we Cover?• Web Analytics, Why Should I Care?• Falling in Love with Squeaky Clean Data!• Don’t Sweep Insight under the Rug• Segmentation is your BFF• Custom Reports are The New “It Girl”.
  • 6. What’s In It For You?• Rock Solid understanding of Web Data’s Value• Tips and Tricks for Better Data Insight• Cool New Report Ideas• Learn How to Discover Unicorns• Learn How to Avoid Gremlins
  • 7. What is Web Analytics?• Cookie Driven Business Analytics Tool• Powerful Framework for Finding Answers• (should be)The Backbone of any Marketing Initiative
  • 8. Cookies• Web Analytics Use Cookies To Log Anonymous Data And Movements Of Your Website Visitors.• The EU/UK Law makes unauthorized cookies illegal.• Cookies Are Under Fire Because Of What You “Can” Do With Them.
  • 9. You have the power• As Marketers And Fundraisers The Success of Online Programs Rely Heavily On our ability to use cookies.• Get Informed, And Help Spread The Word: Cookies Are Not Evil• Learn More: “Fresh Ideas” Blog
  • 10. Why should you care?Because you are in charge of: Raising Money Events Volunteers Advocacy Content Yes, All of these actions can, and should be self serve on your website.
  • 11. Measure and Optimize• Everything we do has a purpose and a desired outcome.• Track, analyze and understand your efforts and your outcomes.
  • 12. Ask Good Questions – Get Good Answers• Before You Do Anything, Before You Log In… Ask Yourself What Questions Do You Want To Answer.• How many people? From where? What language? How many pages? For how long? From what site? By which route? On what browser? Mobile? iPad? Why?
  • 13. Strategy = Campaign Success• Actively plan how you will use web analytics to measure the success of your campaigns.• Where will traffic be coming from?• How will you capture and measure this traffic• What defines success for this campaign?
  • 14. Re-Think Your Website Acquisition Behavior Outcomes People leave satisfiedTraffic comes to your All kinds of things Or site from elsewhere happen on your site People leave disappointed
  • 15. Your Website is Mission CriticalExponentially More People Will Come To YourWebsite Than Will Ever Come Through YourPhysical Door.• What Does Your Website Say About You?• Is your website self serve?• How much opportunity are you missing?
  • 16. My Web Analytics Tool of Choice Google Analytics.• Free• 95% of All Industry Features• Integrates with Google AdWords (Google Grant)• High Adoption Rate• Fits the 10/90 Rule Like a Glove
  • 17.
  • 18. Always Remember Data is People
  • 19. Ok..Enough Chit Chat. Let’s Dig in!
  • 20. Gremlins and Unicorns
  • 21. Get Better Data• Google Analytics Is A One Way Door – What Goes In, Stays In. Forever.• Garbage In  Garbage Out• 7 Out Of 10 Analytics Setup Are Done Incorrectly Or Include Invalid/Bad Data
  • 22. Setup Tips and Tricks for Squeaky Clean Data
  • 23. Let’s clean that dataSetup Tip #1• Get Yourself out of the Data• Implement IP Address Filter for your computers (office, home)• But how you ask?
  • 24. IP Address Filter• Admin => Filters => “New Filter”
  • 25. Squeaky Clean DataSetup Tip #2• Create Multiple Versions Of Your Profile.• Always Have A Master Profile For Raw Data.• If You Accidentally Create A Filter That Removes ALL Of Your Data It Will Be Gone Forever. Always Have A Backup.
  • 26. Better Data is BestSetup Tip #3• Enable E-Commerce Tracking• If You Process Donations Online You Should Enable Ecommerce Tracking.• Requires extra code on your thank you page. Talk to your donation form provider and ask them to set this up for you.
  • 27. Why Enable the E-Commerce Machine? VS
  • 28. Where Did That Come From?Setup Trick #4• Full Referring URL Hack• Standard GA Referring URL =• Regardless of what page it came from you will only get the base URL.
  • 29. Can I have more?Turn this type of data Into this type of data:
  • 30. Make Your Data Easy to AccessSetup Tip #5• Create a Personalized Dashboard• Include the metrics that matter to you• Create dashboards by job – Data Geek Dashboard (deep in the mine shaft) – Fundraiser Dashboard (Traffic + Conversions) – CEO Dashboard (Big Picture Trends)
  • 31. Conversion Tracking Dashboard
  • 32. Traffic Overview Dashboard
  • 33. Now you have a clean,powerful, best practice setup.Your Data is Squeaky Clean. Let’s Talk About Insights
  • 34. Don’t Sweep Insight under the RugAnalytics tools love to present data as averages.• Average Bounce Rate• Average Time of Site• Average Number of Pages Per Visit• Average Order ValueThere is no such thing as an average visitor.
  • 35. Average Data
  • 36. Drill Down + Segment• Dig Deeper to find more insight• Segment your audience to better understand them.• Data is People.
  • 37. Pop Quiz True or False:All Visitors to your website are the same. (Hint – it’s False)
  • 38. Acquisition• Inbound Traffic to Your website.• Most common Out-of-the-box metrics – Visitors – Unique Visitors
  • 39. Standard Visitors/Unique Visitors Metrics
  • 40. New vs. ReturningBetter, but what are we really learning?
  • 41. And Just a Pinch of Context
  • 42. New vs. ReturningVisitor Trends over Time
  • 43. Traffic Segmentation by Type
  • 44. Create Custom Audience Segments
  • 45. Social Media Custom Segment
  • 46. New vs. ReturningSegmentation by Traffic Type
  • 47. Add a Dash of Context
  • 48. Shazam!
  • 49. Engagement Metrics
  • 50. Un-segmented Metrics
  • 51. Segmentation is Key
  • 52. The Golden Unicorn: Custom ReportsLet’s put everything we have learned together to create some cool new custom reports.
  • 53. Standard Report vs. Custom Reports
  • 54. Creating a Custom Report
  • 55. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report Custom Report #1
  • 56. Content Efficiency Analysis Report Custom Report #2
  • 57. Bonus Tip: Track Your Website Search• Website Search gives you insight into what people are looking for and what they can’t seem to find.• Site Search Report gives you a list of the actual search terms people are using on your site.• This is the voice of your visitors
  • 58. Search = Free Insight!
  • 59. Thank You Erik Rubadeau Founder/Chief Strategist @erik_rubadeauContact Yeeboo Digital to learn more about how Web Analytics can improve your online revenue.