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Tundra ellie

  1. 1. WWW.freeimages.uk
  2. 2. The Tundra is usually mild in summer and in the winter it is usually 30F. Sometimes in winter it can get up to 20F. And the average for July is 60F.WWW.freeimages.uk
  3. 3. In the Tundra there is usually snow, storms and it is very cold. Summer the temperature 40F -93F. One of the coldest places in the tundra is the North eastern Siberia.WWW.freeimages.uk
  4. 4. #Antarctica#North Pole#North Siberia#North Russia#Canada#Russia#Alaska#Northern AsiaWWW.freeimages.uk
  5. 5. The Tundra is located in Canada, the North Pole, North Siberia and the mountains. In the Alpine tundra the locations are northern AmericaWWW.freeimages.uk
  6. 6. Artic Moss Artic Willow Bearberry Caribou Moss Diamond – leaf Willow Labrador Tea Pasque Flower Tufted SaxifrageWWW.freeimages.uk
  7. 7. The Pasque flower comes in dark lavender to almost white. The Pasque flower grows close to the ground like most tundra plants. The stem of the Pasque flower can grow to 6-8 inches. The flower has up to 8 petals.Thd saxifrae tuftWWW.freeimages.uk
  8. 8. The tufted saxifrage grows about 8 inches.The plant grows small fruit on it and it alsogrows small seeds on it. Caribous, wolfs andbirds eat the tufted saxifrage.WWW.freeimages.uk
  9. 9. Polar bear Emperor penguinSeal Tundra swanSea lion Rock PtarmiganWalrus Harlequin duckCaribou JackalArtic fox Snow gooseArtic hare LemmingsSnowy owl Artic wolfMusk ox wolferineermineWWW.freeimages.uk
  10. 10. The Artic wolf spends most of it’s time in they artic. And the artic is manly cold, icicle and snowy. The artic wolf eats artic hares, birds, caribou, musk oxen lemmings, seals and sometimes fish. The artic wolf is smaller than the grey wolf the artic wolf has smaller ears and usually smaller legs.WWW.freedigetalphotos.net
  11. 11. The Tundra walrus spends most ofthere time on land. Walruses candive up 90 meters and they canstay under water for up to 30minuets. Some types of walruseshave tiny brown hairs on theirskin. The walruses tusk can grow to40cm. WWW.freedigetalphotos.net
  12. 12. WWW.freeimages.uk
  13. 13. WWW.freeimages.uk
  14. 14. #Tundra is considered as one of the deadliest habitat in the world. #The tundra is the coldest biome in the world. #The Tundra is split up into two separated pieces. The Tundra is the youngest biome.WWW.freeimages.uk
  15. 15. #The Tundra is colder than the artic. #The Tundra real name was Tunturia witch means a barren land. #The tundra has very low temperatures.WWW.freeimages.uk
  16. 16. www.freeimages.uk www.freedigetalphotos.net www.TheTundrabiome.com www.blueplanetbiomes.com www.Artictundrabiomes.com www.glowtxt.comWWW.freeimages.uk