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sienna r8

  1. 1. BY SIENNA
  2. 2. In the desert normally people would think that the animals that live there are snakes or camels. Actually there are plenty more than that. There are Flamingos, Ostriches, Meerkat, Roadrunners, Bilby, Goannas, Kangaroo Rats, Echidna, Fat Sand Rat, Red Kangaroo and much more.
  3. 3. Flamingos are one of the deserts mostrarest animals. They have long slimlegs. On an adult their legs are longerthan their bodys. They also havewebbed feet to help support them onmud. They sit down by lying their legsbackwards than sitting down. Theycan fly and even swim.
  4. 4. Red kangaroos are the world’slargest marsupials. The femalekangaroo has only one baby at atime. Also females are smaller,lighter and much faster than a malekangaroos. Male and femalekangaroos are very powerful.
  5. 5. The Desert’s weather most of the timeis very warm and sticky. Some desertssnow in winter instead of just dropping afew degrees. When the desert is hot andsticky that would mean, not many plantslive there.
  6. 6. The Sahara desert is the largest and hottestdesert in the world. Life in the Sahara is verydifficult due to its climate. The normaltemperature in the Sahara is 57.7 degreessometimes even higher. Although it is hot inthe day it is freezing cold at night.
  7. 7. Desert’s are every where. Great Sandy, GreatVictoria, Simpson, Gibson, Tanami are themajor Australian deserts, also there is Gobidesert in China, Thar in India, Namib in SWAfrica, Great Basin in USA and Sahara in northAfrica.
  8. 8. Major deserts• Thar• Sahana• Takla makan-gobi• Turkestan• Iranian• Arabian• Australia• Sahara• Kalahari• Namib• Patagonian• Atacama• North Africa
  9. 9. Did you know desertscover over about one fifthof the earth?
  10. 10. Did you know if a desertis dry normally it meansnot many plants live there?
  11. 11. Did you know the desertis the hottest biome onearth?
  12. 12. Plants are actually every where in the desert some of the plants are, brittle brush, Palo Verde, morman tea, ocotillo, native butter cup, popcorn flower, barrel cactus, pipe cactus and fairy duster.
  13. 13. These are the different stages of a plants life it willstart small when you plant it like you can see insummer then it will gradually grow in winter than inspring it will be at the growing stages that it hasstopped growing.
  14. 14. These are all different cacti that can be growing in the desert
  15. 15. Food chains are a continuing things.For example: a coyote eats a bob cat, abob cat eats, a javelin a javelin eats, abanned gill monster, a banned gillmonster eats, a armadillo, and aarmadillo eats a cactus wren.
  16. 16. owl snake rat sun flower bee
  17. 17. hawk Cactus bird Butter cupsSun
  18. 18.