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  1. 1. General Information WWW.freedidgital photos.netBy Sarah
  2. 2. • Depending on the Location & other things there are different temperatures but most of the deserts have round about the same , in summer deserts can get up to OVER 100 & Winter it can cool down 50 . But did you know that at night the desert can cool down to below 0,( it’s a TRUE fact.) As Every body would probably Know its very humid in the desert because of rain and heat. Nobody really knows how this is caused. • The desert is the hottest place on earth but as the climate starts to cool down in 10,000 more years or more, the desert will not be as hot. If we have a really hot summer (for example 2009) some deserts can get up to 100 degrees but that is very rare.1
  3. 3. The desert is extreme,extreme heat/humidity andsurprisingly cool. OR
  4. 4. The sea covers a lot of earth but the desert coversabout 30%-50% of our earth.In deserts, for example the Great Sandy Desert theanimals find it very hard to survive in hot conditions likethe wild dog & lizards. Did you know that the GobiDesert is cold for most of the year? Most animals arefound at dawn or dusk especially Snakes. They are foundmostly at dusk because they tend to kill prey when theydont expect it or are sleeping but its hard to kill if it is arabbit or something because they are in a burrow. Dawnis a bit different because animals are waking up and theyhave more of a chance of escaping.
  6. 6. There are not many animals in a desert and that isbecause of the food chain the animals are eatingother for survival, So many are becoming endangeredfor example the Grater Bilby. Some animals are alsobecoming endangered because of the wether andhumidity animals for example wild rabbits and somereptiles, although some animals have very intelligentskills of survival especially the Fox and SpottedHyena. Compared to the grasslands the desert isnearly close to being the same but that wont happenbecause of the animals, animals is a big thing fordesert and scientists are putting tracking devices onmost animals to check for how they hunt and whatthey hunt.
  7. 7. There are very few animals in a desert but some deserts haveanimals everywhere! Animals such as……*Honed Lizard• *Sidewinder Rattle Snake * Wild dogs• * Sonoran Toad *Goanna• *Texas Banded Gecko *Hawk• *Kangaroo Rat Spotted Hyena *Brown Snake• * Cotton Tailed Bunny * Corn snake• * Horned Rattle Snake * Tiger Snake• *Emu * Cobra Snake
  8. 8. Spiders live in the desert to, Spiders like……• *Black Widow *Black spider• *Camel Spider• *Goggled spiders• * Tow desert Camel spider• *Sonoran spider• *Tarantula• *Sun spider• * North Barstow Spider• *Desert Beetle spider
  9. 9. Unfortunately some plants are disappearing because of animal survival. Animals are eating plants for them to stay alive. Plants are important to the desert like…..• *Cactus• *Popcorn flower• *Fairy Duster• *Morman Tea Plant• *Morlqa• *Sturt Tea plant• *Native Buttercup• *Mulla Mulla• *Goast Gum• * Green Kangaroo paw plant *DESERT ROSE
  10. 10. Popcorn flowers have its name because of its leaves, they look like popcorn but have a yellow inside.Mulla Mulla is a Aboriginal name, most plants in the desert have aboriginal names for some reason.FREEDIDGITALPHOTOS.COM
  11. 11. • There are lots of deserts in the world there is almost a desert in every country or continent.1. Australia Peru2. Africa Russia3. Libya Iran4. China AND MORE you can name5. New Zealand nearly every country and it6. Chilli will have a desert.7. Argentina8. Mexico9. US m
  12. 12.
  13. 13. •THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING! CREDITS Images by & Thank-you to……. THE INTENET (Google)