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  • 1. By
  • 2. The weather/climate in summer is usuallywarm and the maximum is 28
  • 3. The weather/climate inwinter in usually icy cold and the maximum 10 degrease.The artic is the smallestbut coldest ocean in the
  • 4. There are many places wereyou can find the marine such as Great Barrier Reef, Chimney Reef, Hatteras Island, Pink San Beach, CrocodileReef, Giants Causeway and much more.
  • 5. The Great Barrier Reef is known for its tropicalwaters and its coral reefmany people go there to go scuba diving at the crystal clean
  • 6. #Plankton. #Water Moss.#Moss. #Seaweed#Zoo Plankton. # Sea Anemone.#Phytoplankton. #Anemone.#Mangroves. #Balloon Flower#Water Moss. #Sponges.#Sea brain. #Mucles.
  • 7. Kelp is commonly know as medicine. Kelp is found along the coastline, kelp is also a type of brown algae. Kelp is a herb fromthe bottom of the sea. Kelp is also a type of brown seaweed, Northern Westernunited states and northern Europe have more than seven types of brown
  • 8. Algae is a part of the aquatic ecosystem. Algae grows nearly anywhere in the world. It provides shelter and food to the other organisms. In Australia there are 3,000 fresh water species. There isone major algae problem in Australia is the increasing blooms of green and blue algae that is toxic to the Crocodile swimming through marine life. algae
  • 9. #Dolphins #Parrot #Seal#Crabs fish #Sea Snake#Electric Eel#Whale #Sea Horse #Tern #Jelly Fish#Eel #shark #Sword#Sting Ray #lobster Fish
  • 10. Dolphins do not have noses so they breathe from there blow wholes on there backs, Dolphins are warm blooded so they make thereown heat. Dolphin have beeninteracting with humans since they were discovered.
  • 11. A Crabs favourite food is blue cheese. Crabs only have one setof claws and four pairs of legs. If apredator approaches is it will shed its legs and they will grow backlater. Hermit crabs find washed upshells on the beach and when they grow out of their them they leavethem behind and find another one.
  • 12. # Phytoplankton- Zooplankton-fish-seal- white shark. #Phytoplankton- Zooplankton- Crab-
  • 13.
  • 14. -There is one cup of sea saltper gallon of the ocean water.-the Marine covers more than99% of the world.-the population of the marinein 2000 is 1,274,923.
  • 15. -an octopus has three hearts andits blood is light blue.-Octopuses are completely deaf.-the blue ring octopus is merelythe size of a golf ball.-the blue ring octopus is the mostpoisonous animal on earth.
  • 16.