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marine dec


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  • 1. Made By Declan
  • 2. Weather and Climate The coldest average is 12 degrees in the marine. The hottest average is about 28.5 degrees. When you start walking and you get closer to the equator and it gets warmer and when you walk to the poles it gets colder.
  • 3. Weather and climate The marine effects the mainlands climate a lot. The temperature of the water the wind is the same temperature of the water.
  • 4. Locations worldwide The marine is found all over the world this is were they are found Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest. Indian Ocean , Artic Sea, Atlantic. These are some of the oceans of the marine.
  • 5. Locations Worldwide
  • 6. Plants These are the plants of the marine here are the plants in the marine green algae, brown algae, red algae, coralline algae, seaweed, cor al, alga, algae platythalia quercifolia seagrass, astromania pelata
  • 7. Green AlgaeGreen algae is a slimy liquid and gooey slime. Slimelives on the rocks in the rock pool.
  • 8. Animals These are the animals that live In the marine fish, dolphin, whale, jellyfish, urchin, porpoi se, tropical fish, rock fish, sea turtle, humpback whale, moray eel, sea eel, blue ringed octopus, box jellyfish, crown of thorns, lion fish, puffer fish, sea urchin, stingray, stonefish, saltwater crocodile, sea snakes and the blob fish .
  • 9. Shark Sharks are fish but sharks are much longer than smaller fish. The bigger size they don’t live long. The shark has to move across their gills to breath under water. Sharks have been around for about 400 hundred million years. Sharks have one of the most strongest jaws over the whole planet. When one of the sharks teeth fall out the rows at the back are called the backup teeth so the tooth springs forward.
  • 10. Blue Ringed OctopusThe blue ringed octopus is a very dangerous but also verycool some of the things that make it these things are: The blue ringed octopus is one of the most poisonous animals. If a blue ringed octopus’ rings go really blue then you know there angry. One
  • 11. Bibliography www olets_g333-Sea_Bubbles_p42479.html