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  • 1. ClimateThe temperature in the rain forest is mostlikely to be hot and damp. There is no dryseason in the rainforest. If there is a dryperiod it won’t last long.
  • 2. Interesting factsAn area of a rainforest size of a football field isbeing destroyed each second. Giant bambooplants can grow up to 9 inches a day.
  • 3. WorldwideThe amazon jungle is the worlds largesttropical rainforest the rainforest coversbasin amazon the worlds second longestriver
  • 4. PlantsBanana tree leafWild gingerCoconut treebamboo
  • 5. Banana tree leafThe banana leaf is a banana plate it isused for wrapping plates mats andemployed in cooking method
  • 6. Wild gingerWild ginger is a beautiful glossy greenheart shaped leaves wild ginger is asmall plant with paired heart shapedleaves between the two leaves you’llfind a single 3 parted deep purplebrown flower
  • 7. Coconut treeThey can grow up to 30 meters high Thecoconut grows in rainforests and othertropical of climates. The coconut fruit has ahard outside and white meat beneath with ahollow center in which there is coconut milk
  • 8. BambooBamboo is the fastest growingplant on this planet. growing at anamazing 47.6 inches in a 24 hourperiod. giant bamboo are thelargest members of the grassfamily
  • 9. AnimalsAfrican elephantsFrogsRed deersmonkeys
  • 10. African elephantsAfrican elephants are the largest landanimals on Earth. They are slightly largerthan their Asian An elephants trunk isactually a long nose used for smelling,breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also forgrabbing things
  • 11. FrogsThey lay their eggs in water. The eggs hatch intoa tadpole which lives Although frogs live on landtheir habitat must be near swamps, ponds or in adamp place. This is because they will die if theirskin dries out. The common pond frog is ready tobreed when it is only three years old. Frogs cansee forwards, sideways and upwards all at thesame time. They never close their eyes, evenwhen they sleep
  • 12. Red deer’sRed Deer are the largest wild animals inthe country. A mature stag stands aboutfour feet high at the shoulder, and weighsup to three hundred pound
  • 13. MonkeysMonkeys are one of the most recognizedanimals in the world. They are often long-tailed, medium-sized Most monkeys survive of adiet of fruit, leaves, nuts, berries, eggs, insectsand occasionally other smaller animals.
  • 14. Food Chainlions Hippos fish Shrimp Plankton
  • 15. TheEnd