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  • 1. A rainforest is a wet, warm dense place. Rainforests getat least 100 inches (254 centimetres) of rain per year.There trees and plants in a rainforest generate heaps ofEarth’s oxygen. Rainforests cover only 6% of Earth’ssurface but hold more then half of the world’s plants andanimals species!
  • 2. There are lots of animals that inhabit rainforests.Some of them include elephants, butterflies, snakes,eagles, tigers, monkeys chimps, crocodiles, squirrels,bats, frogs, owls, jaguars, gorillas, lemurs, wolves,beetles, piranha and leopards.
  • 3. First, small plants and vines get eaten by small rodents ofanimals. Then that small animal gets eaten by anothercarnivore and then a big apex predator like a tiger eats thatanimal. Also, even though lions are called ‘The King of theJungle’ they don’t usually inhabit jungles.
  • 4. Just like there are heaps of animals in rainforests,there are also lots of plants. Some of them arebamboo, orchids, water lilies, the white trillium,cocoa trees and lots more. The white trillium floweris an amazing plants since chewing on the leavescures snake bite, chewing on the petals can easechildbirth and chewing on the sepals can help cure afever.
  • 5. Rainforests are located mostly between the Tropic ofCancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The largestrainforest in the world is the Amazon rainforest inSouth Africa. The biggest rainforest in Australia isthe Daintree in Queensland.
  • 6. Tigers are one of the biggest cat species thereare lots of tiger sub-species of tigers and theyare mostly known for their orange fur and blackstripes. No two tigers are the same so all tigersare unique.
  • 7. Tigers are meat eaters and great hunters they inhabitrainforests and sometimes grasslands and savannahs.Their favourite prey in deer or wild boar but grass,berries and fruit are also eaten.
  • 8. Tigers don’t have many babies at a time as otheranimals. The fathers don’t usually help take care ofthe cubs. Tiger cubs ‘play-fight’ to ready themselvesfor later life.
  • 9. Tigers are rainforests are disappearing every day!Please help!