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Celina R10

  1. 1. Celina’sRainforestSlide show
  2. 2. Weather• The climate in the day is about 30 degrees to 35 degrees. At night it can drop to 20 or 25.• In a rainforest it rains 1,500 to 2,500 mm of rain each year. It’s obvious it rains everyday.• There is no dry season in the rainforest.
  3. 3. Interesting Facts• An area of a rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed each second.• Giant bamboo can grow up to 9 inches a day. That is why pandas are so fat.• 2000 different species of animals are found in American rainforests.
  4. 4. More Interesting Facts• There were 10 million Indians living in the Amazonian rainforest now there are less then 200,000 .• Rainforests are so thick that it takes 10 minuets for rain to reach the forest floor.• 80% of flowers are found in Australian rainforests.
  5. 5. Locations WorldwideRainforests are found world wide they are inAustralia, Central America, Africa, SouthernAsia. Some of their names are TongassNational Forests (Petersburg), Hoh Rainforest(Washington), Amazonian (Brazil), Amazon(Brazil), Lacando(Mexico), Monteverde Forest(Costa Rica).
  6. 6. Plants of the Rainforest• The Blue Gum. Blue Gum looks like a normal Gum tree. Their leaves are like a blue sort of colour. They grow white flowers.• The Bromeliad. Bromeliad is a very big pink flower.• Banana Tree. A Banana Tree looks like a normal farm banana tree but in the rainforest. They grow bananas.
  7. 7. More Plants of the Rainforest• Cocoa Tree. A coca tree looks like a normal tree but grows cocoa’s.• Ferns. Fern look like little trees with no trunk.• Ginger. It looks like a big tree with flowers.
  8. 8. Animals of the Rainforest• Poison Dart Frogs are carnivores. They eat new born crickets, termites, spiders, wax worms and a hole lot more which they catch with the sticky end of their tongue. Their size is about 2.5 cm big about the size of a paper clip. The are a threatened species. The only thing that eats them is a snake called leimadophis epinephelua. They can live for 3 years.• Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are carnivores. They eat flies, moths, smaller frogs and crickets which they catch with the sticky end of their tongue. Some bats, snakes and birds eat red-eyed tree frogs. Red-eyed tree frogs can live for 5 years. Red-Eyed tree frogs are also called red-eyed leaf frog.
  9. 9. Animals of the Rainforest• Poison Arrow Frogs are carnivores. They eat ants, termites,z vcxsa vcxG small insects and small spiders which they catch with their sticky ends of their tongue. They are 2.5 cm big about the size of a paper clip. They are a threatened species. They can live for 3 to 5 years.• Toucans are omnivores which means they eat plants and animals. They eat tropical fruits, spiders, lizards, frogs and snakes. They can grow up to 63.5 cm but their beaks can grow up to 7.5 cm. They weigh up to 550g. They live for 20 years.
  10. 10. • Macaw is an omnivore eating both animals and plants. They eat nuts, fruits, seeds, flowers, stems and small animals. Macaw’s can live for 60 years. They can grow up to 30 or 100 cm. They can weigh up to 129 or 1695g. Macaw are the largest parrot in the parrot family• Spider Monkeys are omnivores. They eat both plants and animals. They eat fruit, leaves, seeds, flowers, nectar, insects and small birds eggs. They can live for 22 years. They can weigh 6kg. They are 66 to 75cm.
  11. 11. Food Chain EATSTiger Large Monitor Lizard EATS EATSDead Meat Carrion
  12. 12. I hope you liked my slide showand you learnt something.Rainforests are disappearing andsoon when we are older in schoolthey will be teaching about howrainforests WERE.