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  1. 1. MARINE t
  2. 2. What the weather’s like Well, the weather in the ocean is obviously wet, but the temperature differs depending on where you are in the world. There are 3 main depths of water different animals live in.
  3. 3. Locations WorldwideThe marine biome is wherever there’s marine wildlife in or around a mass of water. Almost ¾ of the world is made of water on the outer layer.
  4. 4. Sea Stars Sea stars are sea critters with several legs and a funny looking mouth in the middle of its body. They come in many different colours and patterns. If a leg is bitten off or falls off, it grows another leg or the rest of the leg back to normal size to replace it. This is called regeneration. Sea Stars live stuck to rocks and feed on molluscs and sea plants.
  5. 5. Walruses are large, wrinkly, brown animals thatspend most of their time on the land. On land they live in big groups, almost laying on top of each other, all huddled up. The length of a walrus ranges from 2.2-3.6m (7.7-12ft). Both male andfemale walruses have tusks that can measure up to 1m and up to 5.4kg in weight.
  6. 6. Prawns Prawns are quite small decapod crustaceansthat are related to krill and DELICIOUS to have as a side on a meal. Anyway, back to the facts. There are 540 existing species. Theycan weigh up to 540 grams and measure 330 millimetres in length.
  7. 7. Seaweed is a plant that lives at the bottom of the sea. It is used in many cooked masterpieces, my favourite one being sushi. Seaweed has many uses for many other things including medicines, fertilizer, etc.
  8. 8. Kelp Kelp grows along most rocky coastlines. The top of it clings on to the rocks and the rest of the plant dangles down into the depths of the water. Each leaf has a gas bladder to keep the kelp from sinking to the bottom of the ocean, but there’s not too much air in each leaf that it would all float up to the surface. Kelp can grow up to 18-90 ft. in length.
  9. 9. Algae,The Sun plankton, etc. Freedigitalphotos.nt Freedigitalphotos.n et etFood Web
  10. 10. Thanks ForWatching!
  11. 11. BIBLIOGRAPHY All my photos have come from and and my fonts and arrows have come from Microsoft word. My information’sfrom Google but I’ve changed the language around and put it in my own words.
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