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Science essay


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Antibiotic Essay
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Science essay

  1. 1. Yazn Achtar Essay on Antibiotics Lets begin with the definition of antibiotics: "Antibiotics are chemical substance made from a mold that can kill bacteria and bacterial infections" (Miller, 2010) In 1920 Alexander Fleming invented Penicillin by having some bacteria on dishes and he left them dirty. After a while Fleming noticed that the bacteria had mold on it and then he realized that it killed the bacteria on the dish. He was surprised by that so he examined it. Fleming found what the mold was and it was Penicillium so Fleming took it apart and he found the bacteria killing chemicals which are known as Penicillin. ("Antibiotics", 2010). No one cared about what Fleming discovered until two chemists Howard Florey and Ernst Chain continued Flemings search and improved it, and made purified form of Penicillin and named it antibiotics. These three chemists got a noble prize in 1945. . ("Antibiotics", 2010). So what is penicillin? It is any of various antibiotics obtained from molds and uses in the treatment of infections and diseases". (Miller, 2010) The advantages of antibiotics are: that nowadays people and doctors are recommending antibiotics because they cure faster. Another advantage is: it can cure bacteria such as tuberculosis, impetigo, syphilis, and fungus. There are also Broad- Spectrum types of antibiotics which work equally well on infections. There are over a 100 types of antibiotics. If the right antibiotic is taken and approved from a doctor, it will cure the disease in the shortest period of time. (Raf, 2009) After I gave an idea about the advantages of antibiotics now I will reveal some ofthe disadvantages of antibiotics. The common and crucial side – effects of antibiotics are:
  2. 2. Yazn Achtar Essay on AntibioticsStomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, dizziness, and cramps. So I urge any patient that has anyof these side effects, they must see their advisers or doctors. If you take antibiotics repeatedly it is very harmful and may cause Cancer. Sometimes doctors dont know about the bug which caused the infection. So doctors prescribe Broad Spectrum antibiotics, which kill healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the body. That’s why its not good to take antibiotics fluently or by yourself. To take antibiotics you need a prescription from your doctor, and please follow the doctors advice. You have to know that when you take Broad Spectrum antibiotics there are some side-effects: they reduce the level of calcium, iron, magnesium and can also cause psoriasis.So I conclude that after considering all the advantages and disadvantages, we can clearly statethat the overuse of antibiotics drugs is harmful for us. Medicines are good for us as long they areused when only needed. (Raf, 2009) Antibiotics work in both ways: A) "With a bacterial antibiotic which kills the bacteria, it usually joins in with the arrangement of the bacterias cell wall or its cell contents. B) To stop bacteria from multiplying". (Nordqvist, 2009) Now I will give some of the famous antibiotics:Penicillin: treatment for bacteria.Bacitracin: it is used for skin and eye infections.Streptomycin: antibiotic produced by the same genes.
  3. 3. Yazn Achtar Essay on AntibioticsErythromycins: it is most effective against gram-positive bacteria. ("Types of Antibiotics’’,2007) All these antibiotics end with cillin because they are a compound of penicillin andanother chemical.Antibiotics: How do they affect society? Economically speaking the immediate profit of antibiotic is: linked with the use ofantibiotics within the manufacturing industries such as agriculture. This profit becomes higherwhen there is a reduce deaths of animals and plants which is due from infection and highergrowth rates come in. Short term profits: you will have good profit and you will not waste that much tools orpeople and according to the companies that produce the treatment they will achieve a hugeprofit. Long term profits: in the long term it is likely there will be decreasing profits as there ismore money spent on find a new generation of antibiotics which is suitable to kill the new typeof microbes which always renew and create new types. So I conclude that there will be a loss ofcrops and money and if they find better antibiotics microbes will adapt with them and thatscauses loss of cash. (Levy, 1995) Environmentally microbes are found everywhere in the environment. However, there aremany microbes which play a role in human affairs and in the environment.Microbes have an effect on animals, plants, and human health, so it is needed to use antibiotics tokill a bad bacterium which causes disease, death and stopping them of spreading around. (Levy,1995)
  4. 4. Yazn Achtar Essay on Antibiotics Politically and socially, the law which contributes to the growth of antibiotic resistance isthe difference between countries on prescription rights. In Canada antibiotics need to beprescribed by doctors. While in many third world nations any citizen may purchase antibioticswithout a prescription easily. Here begins the danger, it is only a time before those resistancemicrobes travel to other countries through immigration and travel. (Levy, 1995)Culturally there the understanding of taking antibiotics varies between countries and peopleIn the west antibiotics are used as a last resort to tackle infection and sickness its used sparinglyand in set courses according to the Drs advice.Where as in different countries it is sold as over the counter drug and is m0isused which is verybad to the population and will increase the strength of bugs by becoming super bug due tomutation and development of antibiotic resistant bugs.Ministries of health are aware of this misconceptions and are trying to spread more awarenessthroughout people in those countries ( Dr. Aumier, 2010)
  5. 5. Yazn Achtar Essay on AntibioticsBibliographyFact Monster. (2007). Types in Antibiotics. Retrieved on November 22, 2010 fromhttp://www.factmonster.com/ce6/sci/A0856636.htmlLevy, S.B. (1995). Eco System Health: Education. Retrieved on November 24, 2010 fromhttp://www.schulich.uwo.ca/ecosystemhealth/education/casestudies/antibioticecon.htmMedical Discoveries. (2010). Antibiotics. Retrieved November 24, 2010 fromhttp://www.discoveriesinmedicine.com/A-An/Antibiotics.htmlMiller, G.A. (2010, October 27) Antibiotics Word Net Search. Retrieved on November 15, 2010from http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=antibioticNordqvist, Christian. (2009, April 20). Medical News Today. Retrieved on November 22, 2010from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/10278.phpRaf, DX. ( 2009, February 15). Wisdia the wisdom encyclopedia. Retrieved on November 18,2010 fromhttp://www.wisdia.com/articles/advantages_disandvantages_of_medicines_antibiotics.aspxDr. Aumier . (2010). He is a medicinal pharmacist and has a PHD in alternative medicine.Retrieved on December 4, 2010.