Celebrate India – Jaisalmer Desert Festival with Yatra.com


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Jaisalmer is 800 km. from Delhi, an 18 hour over-night train journey. But hey! We weren’t the ones complaining because we had one hell of a gala en-route to Jaisalmer, although we sure did annoy a lot of fellow passengers during the night.

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Celebrate India – Jaisalmer Desert Festival with Yatra.com

  1. 1. Celebrate India – Jaisalmer Desert Festival with Yatra.comIf you have ever built sand castles on a beach as kids, I am sure you hated it when all that hardwork was undone by a careless wave. Probably, that’s why being inside the world’s biggest andstrongest sand castle that could withstand any rogue wave, made me a little sentimental andnostalgic. Now you must be wondering how come you have never heard of this castle? Well,honestly I am just messing with you because the place I am really talking about is the JaisalmerFort, Rajasthan. However, my comparison is not entirely baseless because the fort is made ofYellow Stone which from far gives it the look of a sand castle.However, how I came to be there is an entirely different story. In short my friends were offto Jaisalmer Desert Festival and l was stuck at office. So, very conveniently for the sake of familyan office trip was invented and for office a family function! Wicked I am!Jaisalmer is 800 km. from Delhi, an 18 hourover-night train journey. But hey! We weren’tthe ones complaining because we had onehell of a gala en-route to Jaisalmer, althoughwe sure did annoy a lot of fellow passengersduring the night.The first thing we did upon our arrival washire some bikes to help us get around thecity.Jaisalmer is a hot tourist destination butnot because there is much to do or see butbecause it is an awesome place to chill andrelax. However, it is not so during this threeday festival. We arrived on the first day anddecided to start with sight-seeing. Our first stop was The Jaisalmer Fort also known as ‘SonarKila’. The fort is magnificent, well preserved and its sheer size is wondrous to behold.Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise to find one quarter of the city’s population residingwithin its walls. It also houses 7 Jain temples from the 12 th century that are a must visit. All inall, this fort is a city unto itself.The next day early in the morning we visited the Gadisar Lake. It’s a quiet, serene and peacefulin the morning, surrounded by several temples and tombs of saints. There is also a culturalcenter on its shores where we enjoyed a puppet show. It does make for an excellent picnicspot.
  2. 2. Finally, we made our way to the location of the festival, the Sam Sand Dunes. It’s at a distanceof 42 km from the city and the only way to get there is by SUV or Camel safari. You can wellimagine which one we chose. It took a while but we finally got there, and there in the middle ofnowhere on the golden sands of Thar Desert, was where the magic was taking place.It’s a cultural extravaganza like no other. If this festival is not exotic enough for you than I guessyou should stop looking for exotic all together. I mean there was so much to do that the nexttwo days just disappeared in a blur and I found myself indulging in the very same things that Ionce considered touristy clichés. Like getting my photo clicked with the winner of the BestMoustache competition and with also an oversized Rajasthani turban over my head. That iswhere I got to see Rajasthani culture absolutely unadulterated. There were camel races, turbantying competitions, folk music & dance, handicraft displays, fire dancers and what not. To top itall, it was all happening under the moonlit sky near a hot burning bonfire. For those two dayswe truly did feel like Banjaras (Nomads) and having my friends there along with me to sharethose moments made the experience all the more special.In all what I can say is that it was totally worth the super duper scolding that I got when I gotback home and speaking in all honesty I would not mind doing it all over again sometime in thefuture.This is Joy taking your leave,Travel safe and Travel Happy,Until next timeCiao