Effective Interviewing Skills Seminar
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Effective Interviewing Skills Seminar



I gave this presentation to a group of college students in 2003 when the valley is slowly recovering from the dotcom bust. I would add more online resources, but the basic process is still valid.

I gave this presentation to a group of college students in 2003 when the valley is slowly recovering from the dotcom bust. I would add more online resources, but the basic process is still valid.



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    Effective Interviewing Skills Seminar Effective Interviewing Skills Seminar Presentation Transcript

    • Effective Interviewing Techniques - in a competitive job market Yatman Lai EE/CE/SE/AM597 ITU Summer session 2003 (Updated 10/2013) 11/07/13 © 2003 1
    • How Competitive ? August 2013 Unemployment Rate 7.3% US 8.9% California © 2003 11/07/13 2
    • The Reality Only hire if Strategic - Critical skills Tactical - Customer commitments Otherwise Contract Outsource © 2003 11/07/13 3
    • Agenda Corporate Hiring Process Before the Interview – 4Rs During the Interview – 4Cs After the Interview Key success factors © 2003 11/07/13 4
    • The Corporate Hiring Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Initial resume screening by HR Hiring manager will select qualified candidates for interview Manager, team members, internal clients will form an interview team HR will schedule candidate for a series of interviews (one on one or team) Interview team will compare notes and send recommendation to the hiring manager Hiring manager will make the final decision © 2003 11/07/13 5
    • Why Job Interviews? For the employer Verify claims on resume Check the intangibles – communications skills, teamwork, initiatives, etc. Sell the candidate on the job For you Is the job as advertised ? Can I be successful? What is the organization culture? © 2003 11/07/13 6
    • Setting Realistic Goals Interview is not an event but a process Understand the difference between the elimination round vs the selection round and plan accordingly You are amongst many competitors © 2003 11/07/13 7
    • Before the Interview Develop a winning plan 11/07/13 © 2003 8
    • Developing a Game Plan What is the purpose of the interview? HR Screening Technical interview Final interview How many people will I be interviewing with? What kind of setting? In person, phone, videoconference © 2003 11/07/13 9
    • The 4 Rs Research Relate Rehearse Refine © 2003 11/07/13 10
    • 4 Rs - Research The industry The company The job requirements The interviewer (s) © 2003 11/07/13 11
    • © 2003 11/07/13 12
    • 4 Rs - Relate How my education, exposure and experience benefits the job, the company and the interviewer Create lists of questions you may have for a candidate if you were the interviewer (ask your mentor) Play the tough interviewer © 2003 11/07/13 13
    • Be prepared to answer (1)…. Why do you want to work here? What makes you think you’re qualified for this job? Why did you leave your last job? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your career and personal goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? © 2003 11/07/13 14
    • Be Prepared to answer (2)…. What did you like or dislike about your previous job? How would you characterize your work and management styles? Have you ever had to deal with a difficult boss or subordinate? What are your greatest personal and professional accomplishments? © 2003 11/07/13 15
    • 4 Rs - Rehearse Practice answering the questions you’ve created Write down your answers Check it against your resume Role play with another person Ask for feedback © 2003 11/07/13 16
    • 4 Rs - Refine Your answer must be concise and factual Link it to your resume (if they are not, rework your resume) Gather samples of work, project, paper etc. to support your answers © 2003 11/07/13 17
    • During the Interview Make the right impression 11/07/13 © 2003 18
    • The 4 Cs Connect – establish rapport Confirm – ask questions Convince – provide answers Close – wrap up & look forward © 2003 11/07/13 19
    • 4 Cs - Connect Be punctual but not too early Be friendly and professional to people in the area Be observant of the environment Offer a copy of your resume (especially if you have updated it recently) Open with a comment about company news Industry awards, new contracts, etc. © 2003 11/07/13 20
    • 4 Cs - Confirm The job you are interviewing for The role of the interviewer The expectation of the candidate in this person’s own words Major Responsibilities / Objectives Reporting and team structure Type of Projects Critical skills and traits Biggest challenge facing the new hire © 2003 11/07/13 21
    • 4 Cs - Convince How does your education, exposure and experience relate to the needs as expressed by the interviewer? Show diplomas, work products and stories When ask how you would tackle a hypothetical situation, tell them how you have handled a similar, not identical, situation in the past © 2003 11/07/13 22
    • 4 Cs - Close Ask if there are any additional topics to discuss? (10 minutes) if no Ask what kind of people are successful in this company / department ? Ask what is the next step? (5 minutes) Confirm any follow-up action items? – reports, references, etc. Thank you for their time and leave © 2003 11/07/13 23
    • After the interview How to Follow-up? 11/07/13 © 2003 24
    • Meaningful Follow-up Notify the person who arranged the interview Provide your impression of how things went Ask any questions you may have Send a brief follow-up note (ONLY to the key decision maker) reiterating the critical success factors for the position and remind the interviewer your qualifications to excel in the job, send any follow-up materials promised at this time © 2003 11/07/13 25
    • Key success factors Be prepared Be consistent Be communicative Be courteous © 2003 11/07/13 26
    • What is Luck? Preparation meets Opportunities 11/07/13 © 2003 27