Story Telling in Brand Building


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Story Telling in Brand Building

  1. 1. Story Telling And Brand Building
  2. 2. Hi!! This is Louis the Seventh.
  3. 3. And you are more likely to remember this guy if I told his story like this.....
  4. 4. Once upon a time a mighty king lived in a far away kingdom with his lovely wife.... ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ and they lived happily ever after!
  5. 5. And if I throw in a few adjectives in the story like Hope, Love, Struggle, Pain, Children, Dragons, Revival, Happiness and Glory quite a few people would like the story or even want to be this guy!
  6. 6. You would easily forget the story if I did it like this...
  7. 7. Name : King Louis VII Country: Narnia Hobbies: Riding horses, sword fighting, slaying dragons and other macho stuff Interests: Lovely wife and Narnia residents Beliefs : Honesty, peace and justice
  8. 8. Why tell a story?
  9. 9. Races, Cultures, Kingdoms, Families, Parents and boyfriends, they all tell stories as a way of communicating. Story telling is a fundamental human expression.
  10. 10. Stories make a connection with other people. Lets them seek a resemblance and ultimately make them desire a association with their own life.
  11. 11. “People would remember “ ” if it means something to them. Something to remember him by. Something funny, inspirational or desirable.
  12. 12. Now imagine this guy to be your “Brand”
  13. 13. To be know as or is up to you!
  14. 14. Stories give a face to your brand. Make brands approachable Start a dialogue. Create Brand Connection.
  15. 15. A Compelling story has the ability to distinguish a brand from competitors by providing a picture of what you are and what you are selling.
  16. 16. In this age of technological equality and little product differentiation only a story unique to your Brand can set you apart.
  17. 17. Millions participate and watch the Olympics simply because of the story attached to the origins.
  18. 18. Thousands use Apple products coz’ they like the underdog story and the identity the brand lends.
  19. 19. Hundreds use CAT apparel coz’ they want to be perceived rugged and tougher than even the outdoor brands.
  20. 20. And a select few opt for Bugatti to display their opulence and taste for finer things in life
  21. 21. Story telling creates the Brand Image, Brand Identity, Brand Perception, sets tone of customer interaction and ultimately the Brand Equity.
  22. 22. Key Elements of a memorable story!!! History Character Values Journey Emotions The Humble Beginnings. The Strong Individual. Honest and Hardworking Up a steel hill *recession Passionate and caring. All the big brands have the same backbone. The 5 elements of the memorable story.
  23. 23. Ikea Coca-cola Dell Microsoft Apple GE Got their Story RIGHT!
  24. 24. So for the next Brand Strategy meet invite the story tellers. Pull in the Public Relations, Business Development, Sales and Advertising to spin a story* and let it roll. Preferably real but make sure it sticks!!
  25. 25. Remember, a good story lasts ages. Make it good.
  26. 26. Thank You!! By Yathiraj