Introduction to american literature lesson plan by yassine ait hammou, asma askaoui, el mostafa omarakly and mohamed ait lmadani

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  • 1. TEFL & ICT MA Program 2012-2013Introduction to American Literature Lesson Plan Professor: Mr. Ryan BurtDate : 02/02/2013 Level : Unit :**** -Intermediate Lesson : Fable -Post - intermediate (Animated Cartoon Short Film)Lesson type : Fable-based Activity Topic : The Grasshopper and The Ants(Listening / Speaking / Discussion)Objectives : Students will:- watch and listen for specific information.- be familiar with the main elements of the short story/animated video.- talk about and discuss the theme and the moral of the story.- work on a fable and make a presentation about it using IC.Instructional aids, materials, or tools needed :- Data show/Pc/TV -Speakers -Handouts - Blackboard /Whiteboard - Flipchart, Highlighters -Markers, PensReferences : -( Lesson outline Stages Content Techniques Timing Mode of work & 55 Materials mins « What is a fable? » - Teacher asks students if ∑ Warm up they have ever read or watched a fable. And what BB/WB 5 mins Individually are the titles of the fables they have watched or read. ∑ Pre-viewing: - Teacher lets students read the title of the fable and asks them to guess what the fable (Cartoon short BB/WB 5 mins ∑ Viewing film) is going to talk about. - Teacher writes down the guesses in a form of a Individually word web on the BB. ∑ While-Viewing: 10 - Teacher asks students to mins watch the fable and see if their guesses are true or false.
  • 2. TEFL & ICT MA Program 2012-2013Introduction to American Literature Lesson Plan Professor: Mr. Ryan Burt - Teacher asks students to be in groups, watch the fable again and identify the elements of the fable: Handouts, *Setting Flipcharts, In Groups *Plot Highlighter (each group *Conflict s, chooses a *Characters Markers, recorder and a *Theme Pens, reporter) 15 - Each group reporter/ mins presenter will hung the flipchart with the answers about the elements of the fable on the classroom walls and read the information for the whole class. ∑ Post viewing: - Teacher asks students to find out the moral of the story and write down few In Groups sentences, expressing it, (each group on the flipchart on the 5 mins chooses a wall. recorder and a reporter) - Each group reporter will read the moral the group came up with for the whole class. - Teacher opens a whole ∑ Discussion of class discussion about the the theme theme and the moral of 15 and the moral the story. mins Whole class of the short storyAssignment: As a follow up activity students in groups will be assigned to work on a fable online anddo a presentation about it using any ICT tools they like. The group with the best fable presentationwill be given a prize.Group members: - Yassine AIT HAMMOU - El Mostafa OMARAKLY - Asma ASKAOUI - Mohamed AIT LMADANI