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0.2. recall. ideation
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0.2. recall. ideation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Chapter 0.2 Recall Ideation 19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 2. Recall, Ideation
    • Generation of ideas through different methods of brainstorming in-order to solve a problem
    • Satisfy human needs and wants. Helps to improve life and upgrade. Connect People.
    • Create things, finding different solutions to a single problem.
    • Is a cycle starting from Innovation, development and then actualization.
    • Starts out as a mindmap, brain storm then ideas to solve a problem.
    • Improve current products or make new products.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 3. Recall, Ideation
    • Ideas to be wild and crazy, build up one another’s idea and reach a common goal.
    • To ease or reduce problems when using the product. Involves critical thinking and many steps to come-up with the final product.
    • Sketching is a good way to think about ideas.
    • Ideation is unlimited.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 4. Recall, Ideation
    • War room technique,
      • Focus on task
      • Write, paste or draw
      • Generate wild & crazy ideas
    • Creative process – Generating, Developing & communicating new ideas.
    • Create and develop new ideas.
      • Observe people and see what are their needs
      • Use insights from empathy
      • Apply concept of idea creation while taking consideration of the environment.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 5. Recall, Ideation
    • Generate ideas and expand the brain
    • Making the standard of our life to a higher level & development of the individual, groups or countries.
    • To sustain a better future, it requires
    • innovation, interaction & inspiration.
    • Process of creating & generating
    • new ideas.
    • Creation of designs after brainstorming. Without a good ideation, further stage of development would not be carried out smoothly.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 6. Recall, Ideation
    • Process that could help in improving products that is already available in the market to offer more benefits to the users.
    • Creating ideas, everyone sit down and think together, they have to be open-minded.
    • Looking at the requirements of a problem and coming up with a short description of the general class of product that can satisfy the requirements.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 7. Recall, Ideation
    • Think out of the box, something that is crazy and out of the world that could benefit mankind.
    • Looking at the requirements of a
    • problem and coming out with
    • a short description that can
    • satisfy the requirements.
    • Process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas.
    19/10/2011 MM2720
  • 8. Recall, Ideation
    • Give good ideas that are relevant to given topic.
    • IDEA + Generation = Ideation
    • Stages of thought cycle from innovation – development – actualization.
    • Process where everyone comes together and think about solutions (ideas) to solve existing problems.
    • Creating new ideas and will be a hope for a better future.
    • Process of brainstorming and make the person think out of the box.
    • Process of having ideas -- sketch on
    • paper – using CAD to give shape
    • – modify an idea = potential idea.
    • Go through the process of
    • brainstorming and anthropology.
    19/10/2011 MM2720