Video Games in Our Life!


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AQA Project
Supervisor: Yannis Kotsanis

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Video Games in Our Life!

  1. 1. Video Games in Our Life!PAPATHANASSIS DIMITRISPANTAZIS PAVLOSTRAKAS ILIASPANTAZIS LAMBROSSupervisor: Yannis KotsanisMay 2013TheEvolutionofVideoGameControllers,
  2. 2. ContentsProject GoalsDefinitionsGame CategoriesGame HistoryGame ResearchConclusions
  3. 3.  Define terms about gaming (e.g. video-game, gamer,console, types of gamers, categories of games etc.) Study the history of video games and construction ofa history timeline Investigate interests and attitudes of our classmatesabout video gaming Conclude the impact of video games in students lifeProject Goals
  4. 4. Definitionsgaming“Gaming is the running of specialized applications known as electronic games,especially on machines...”WhatIs.comvideo game“any of various games that can be played by using an electronic control to movepoints of light or graphical symbols on the screen of a visual display unit”The Collins English Dictionarygamer“a person who plays computer games or participates in a role-playing game”The Collins English Dictionaryconsole (game)“an electronic device used in playing computer games on the screen of a television towhich it is connected”The Collins English Dictionaryonline game“a video game played over some form of computer network, using a personalcomputer, video game console or handheld game console”Wikipediacampaign game“a campaign is a continuing storyline or set of adventures, typically involving the samecharacters”Wikipedia
  5. 5. Types of GamersGamer Type Time Types ofgames Consoles Age CharacteristicsCasual limited easy various 10-20 for funHardcore significant time spent competitive games pc 20+ competitive,leaguesMidcorelimited(not as high as ahardcore creative,complex ,diverse nitendo, Wii U 10-20 fun,competitiveProhuge amounts of timespent competitive games pc 20+sponcored by majorcompanies,earn moneyNewbie limited or huge online games xbox,ps3,wii u 10-20 novice
  6. 6. Game Categories Action (e.g. Halo) Simulation (e.g. The Sims) Driving (e.g. Test Drive) Board/Puzzle/Card (e.g. Tetris, Monopoly) Role Playing (e.g. WoW: World of Warcraft, LoL: League of Legends) Adventure (e.g. Myst) Strategy (e.g. Civilization) Sports (e.g. FIFA) First Person Shooter Games (e.g. CoD: Call of Duty) Music/Dance (e.g. Guitar Hero)Source of Categories: CLASHE Project
  7. 7. Game HistorySource: ICHEG
  8. 8. Tic-Tac-ToeThe pencil-and-paper game,Tic-tac-toe (OXO) is one of thefirst known video games. It isthe most famous and historicalvideo game and, during its 1strelease, the only digital deviceyou could play it, was theEDSAC computer in Sandy Douglas, British professor
  9. 9. Tennis for TwoAnother historical game “Tennisfor two”, a two-playerelectronic tennis game, “hadseparate controllers connectedto an analog computer and anoscilloscope screen” and onlyif you visited the Laboratoryyou could play this Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, Upton, New York
  10. 10. Space WarsIn 1961, a group of MITstudents, start programmingancestor of arcade games“Space wars”. The game,where 2 players try to destroythe opposite spaceship, couldrun only in one computer of theMIT University called “PDP-1”.by Steven Russell
  11. 11. Computer SpaceNine years later, in 1971,“Computer Space" wasreleased, a one player game,where a player controls a“rocket ship”. “Computerspace” was the first coin-arcade-style game ever andwas placed in taverns, barsetc, but it never Nolan Bushnell & Ted Dabney
  12. 12. OdysseyThe home commercial consolewas “Odyssey” made by RalphBaer in 1972. In this consoleyou could play only 12 gamesbut the most known game was“Ping pong”. After the creationof his console, Baer becamefamous as “the father of videogames”.by Ralph Baer, German Engineer
  13. 13. Pac ManThe most popular game ever“Pac-Man” was developed byone of the most famousJapanese companies. Theinitial name was “Puck-Man”but the name was changed,because the Japanese fearedthat the Americans would alterthe name of the game intosomething more offensive…by NAMCO Company
  14. 14. TetrisIn 1985 a Russianmathematician called AlexeyPajitnov developed a greatgame named “Tetris” which isa simple puzzle game. Thename is derived from thegreek prefix “tetra”. It’s a verypopular game, even today,with million copies Alexey Pajitnov, Russian mathematician
  15. 15. Mortal KombatIn 1992 the first “MortalKombat” was released. In thisgame you fight with one of thegame characters and to winthe game you must kill him.Also “Mortal Kombat” isfamous from quotes, such as“finish him” and “fatality”.by Midway Games Company
  16. 16. Grand Theft Auto 4Grand Theft Auto 4 wasdeveloped by Rockstar on 29April 2008. During the firstday of its realise, more than3.5 million units were sold, andin 4 first months, the companyshipped over 10 million copies.The story follows a criminalnamed Nico Bellik in his trip toAmerica, where Nico becomesa gangster and comes acrossvarious Rockstar Company
  17. 17. Our Internet Poster!
  18. 18. Research issues 140 of our classmates of 2nd and 3rd grade of JuniorHigh School participated in this research. An initial pilot test was conducted with 25 studentsbefore the final version. Questionnaire included 18 questions (most of themwere of “Yes/No” type) We decided to deliver it printed (and not electronic),so as, at the same time, be present during itscompletion and secure its direct conduct.
  19. 19. Questions 1-390: 64%50: 36%YesNoDo you play video games?9: 18%41: 82%YesNoIf not would you like to start?32: 36%58: 64%Started byyourselfYou wereinspired by asibling of yoursHow did you start to play games?
  20. 20. 0 10 20 30 40less than 11-2 hours2-3 hours3-4 horsmore than 4 hoursHow many hours do you playQuestions 4-631: 32%65: 68%OnlineCampaignDo you prefer online or campaign?125:89%15: 11%Ye…Do you find them interesting?
  21. 21. Questions 7-8125: 89%15: 11%YesnoDo your friends play games?81: 58%59: 42% YesNoDo you discuss with your friends about games?
  22. 22. Questions 9-1126: 29%64: 71%yesnoHave you made new friends from games?11: 42%15: 58% yesNoIf you have have you met them;34: 53%30: 47%Is it becauseyou don’t meetstrangersit didnthappenIf not…
  23. 23. Questions 12-130 10 20 30iPhoneiPadXboxWiiDsplaystationIf you bought a console which would you buy?0 20 40 60 80PcWiiXboxiPhoneDsplaystationiPadWhich consoles do you prefer?
  24. 24. Questions 14-160 10 20 30 40 50 60simssubway surferswrcpvzparking maniafruit ninjapacmanmario bros2kminecraftsaints rowunchartedfifaassasigns creedgod of warGtaproWowlolcodFAVORITE GAMES?0 20 40 60 80saints rowread dead2kprogod of warwowgtaassasigns…fifalolcodWhich games have u have finished?0 20 40 60 802kminecraftfifagtaassasigns…prowowlolcodWhich games you think are popular?
  25. 25. Questions 17-1876: 54%64: 46%yesnoDo you believe that games give you skills?32: 23%108: 77%yesnoDo you believe games make you violent?
  26. 26. Digital Games UsageSource: CLASHE ProjectDemographic Data: 189 junior high school students:50,3% Female and 49,7% Male participants
  27. 27. Results of our research The percentage of children playing games (64%) is notparticularly high! Most children prefer playing alone (68%) and not incooperation with others on the internet (32%) Over 2 hours per day spend only 30% of children The most popular games, for boys are “War” games (CoD) &”Fantasy” games (LoL/WoW), while for girls aredownloadable applet games (e.g. Fruit Ninja, Subway). Most children believe that by playing games they improvetheir skills (54%) and they do not become more violent (77%) The conclusions of our research do not contradict with otherprofessional researches (e.g. research of CLASHE project)
  28. 28. Conclusions Video games are particularly popular both between our classmates aswell as to the whole world. Despite the fact that not all children play videogames (25-35%), it seems that boys are more attracted to them. The evolution of video games is rapid in terms of devices and software.30 years after the launch of the first commercial video games, theirfeatures have been extremely impressive. The most attractive characteristics of games are graphics and action.These are capable of resulting in million of sales for a very good game(even in the 1st day of its realease!). And many children (54%) agree thata good video game helps them develop new skills. The features of the most popular games are violence and “war”characteristics (at least for ages of 12-15 years old). But only to a smallscale (23%), may this affect them in violence (as children say). There are many other topics in which we could work, such as: advantages-disadvantages of games, addiction, educational games, integration ineducation, relations with real jobs (e.g. pilots, economists, archeologists).
  29. 29. DIGITAL SOURCES- Video Game: Wikipedia- The first site of video game PONG-Story- History of Video Games: Wikipedia- A History of Video Game Consoles: Time- Computer and Video Game History: Inventors- The Video Game Revolution: PBS- Video Game History Timeline: The Strong Play Partners- The 25 Greatest Breakthroughs in Video Game History: IGN- Top Categories at Games Universe: CD Universe- The Benefits of Video Games: ABC News- The Impact of Video Games on Children: Palo Alto Medical Foundationk- The Effect of Violent Video Games on Teens: Medical News Today- Continuous Learning Anywhere: Clashe LLP Project(accessed 15/05/2013)We would like to thank Mr. Panos Papoutsis, Project Manager of European Project “CLASH”,for his input in our research and for the translations of some texts.