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  • 1. TRIGONOMETRY MIDTERM UbD ( Understanding by Design ) Schedule of ActivitiesJanuary 3-13, 2012 - Lectures on the following: o Angles, Measurement of Angles o Trigonometric functions ,applications of trigonometric functions** Written assessment ( 2 Long tests ) = 20% of Midterm grade.January 16, 2012 - Discussion on what and how to make the final/group output.January 18, 2012 – Selection of possible structures/scenarios inside or outside of USLS campus.Janurary 30 – February 3 , 2012– Presentation of Final ProductsDay 1 – Presentation of Final Products of groups 1 – 4Day 2 – Presentation of Final Products of groups 5 – 8Day 3 – Presentation of Final Products of groups 9 -11BIG IDEA: TRIGONOMETRY....A USEFUL TOOLESSENTIAL QUESTION: What are the real-world applications of right triangles?TOPICS TO BE COVERED: o RIGHT TRIANGLE- BASED DEFINITION OF TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS o PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM o ANGLE OF ELEVATION o ANGLE OF DEPRESSIONEXPECTED FINAL PRODUCT : Power point presentation or video presentationEach group are expected to perform the following activities:1. Know and understand the following concepts : o RIGHT TRIANGLE- BASED DEFINITION OF TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS o PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM o ANGLE OF ELEVATION o ANGLE OF DEPRESSION2. Discuss with the group to come up with least 3 structures/scenarios anywhere in Bacolod City.3. Data gathering. Take snapshots, or video of the structures the group have chosen.4. Analyze the parts of the structures and determine the length, height, angle of elevation/depression in whichthe trigonometric functions can possibly be used.5. Reflect on environmental issues and suggest realistic and practical solutions relevant to thestructures/scenarios chosen.6. Create a power point presentation or video presentation. Power point presentation/video presentationshould discuss the following: o Short discussion of the topics stated above. o Structures/Scenarios chosen. o Computation of a specific part (height, length, or angle) o Importance of the structures in the environment/area/community. o Conclusion and Recommendations
  • 2. o Reflection (What values have you learned in making the FINAL PRODUCT ?)Criteria for Grading : 1. Written Tests – 20 % 2. Oral Presentation – 10 % 3. Content of the Presentation – 30% 4. Technical Aspect of Final Product – 10 % 5. Conclusion and Recommendations – 20% 6. Group Collaboration – 10 %