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Green Roofs By Robert Sackey
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Green Roofs By Robert Sackey



Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • 1. Green Roofs Green Roofs Look Something Like This New York City By Robert Sackey
  • 2. What Are Green Roofs?
    • Green roofs, also known as vegetated roof covers, eco-roofs or nature roofs. water quality by filtering, absorbing or detaining rainfall. Green Roofs Are Great for These Things ,great for the environment.
  • 3. Ultimate Goal For Project
    • To see how green roofs effect buildings.
    • To see if it is right for the environment.
    • To see what is gained form using green roofs.
  • 4. The Problem of heat loss through the roofs.
    • The problem is heat loss through roofs.
    • Buildings, houses ,apartments have the same problems.
    • Building owners and renters have this problem also.
  • 5. History Of The Problem
    • Problem people had was that buildings, houses, and apartments was losing heat and they wanted to fix the problem so they invented green roofs.
    • People Used different methods like instillations and putting plastic over windows to prevent heat loss.
  • 6. Related Projects
    • I haven’t done any related projects.
  • 7. 3 Possible Solutions Green Roofs Rooftop Garden Edge Restraint Rooftop Garden Anchor Roof System Components
  • 8. Rooftop Garden Edge Restraint Solution 1
    • A rooftop garden edge restraint that supports green roof media while allowing water to drain cleanly under paver systems on pedestal / tabs where no internal drains are present and allows water to scupper while holding back media / aggregate while serving as an independent border.
  • 9. Roof Top Garden Anchor Solution 2
    • Rooftop anchors provide an efficient and economical way to secure blanket components. While conventional ties require the patience and manual dexterity of laborers, the innovation of the GRS Rooftop Anchor greatly improves effectiveness when installing rooftop mats.
  • 10. Roof System Components Solution 3
    • Filter fabric, moisture retention mats, root barriers, drainage components, inspection chambers, separation fabric, media, wind erosion blankets, plants, and bio-trays. Green Roof Solutions has all of your rooftop garden and green roof roof systems components.
  • 11. Planning And scheduling
    • To Research More about green roofs.
    • maybe talk to people about green roofs.
    • Then think about what they said and use those ideas to finish my PowerPoint.
  • 12. Expertise & Consulting Interviews
    • I haven’t spoken to anyone yet.
    • I don’t know who I am going to speak to.
  • 13. Questions for Consultants
    • IF Green Roofs Are Expensive?
    • What Makes Green Roofs so helpful to the environment.
  • 14. Design Process
    • This Problem is worth solving because it will be great for the environment.
    • No one will have to go through heat loss again.
    • It will be Great For Business.
    • Some Business owners already have green roofs.