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Free rice powerpoint Free rice powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Yamaly Macias October 4, 2010
      • FreeRice has two goals:
      • 1.)Provide education to everyone for free.
      • 2.)Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
      • “ [We were] founded in October 2007 by  John Breen . In March 2009 Mr. Breen donated the site to the UN World Food Programme. In making the donation, Mr. Breen expressed his hopes that Freerice will be able to grow over the coming years, helping to feed and educate as many people as possible throughout the world.”
      • In addition to our English Vocabulary game, We all now offer Different subjects and including:
      • ART
      • Famous Paintings
      • Chemical Symbols (Basic)
      • Chemical Symbols (Full List)
      • ENGLISH
      • English Vocabulary
      • English Grammar
      • Identify Countries on the Map
      • World Capitals
      • French
      • German
      • Italian
      • Spanish
      • MATH
      • Basic Math (Pre-Algebra)
      • Multiplication Table
      • We are currently expanding our subjects and it is “our goal is to provide knowledge that is useful and interesting for you.”
      • “ Who pays for the donated rice?
      • The rice is paid for by the  sponsors  whose names you see on the bottom of your screen when you enter a correct answer. These sponsors support both learning (free education for everyone) and reducing hunger (free rice for the hungry).”
      • “ You can make a donation to the UN World Food Programme to help Freerice buy more rice to feed hungry people.”
      • Here are some examples of where Freerice rice has been distributed:
      • In  Bangladesh , to feed 27,000 refugees from Myanmar for two weeks.  Watch Freerice being distributed in Bangladesh.
      • In  Cambodia , to provide take-home rations of four kilograms of rice for two months to 13,500 pregnant and nursing women.
      • In  Uganda , to feed 66,000 school children for a week.
      • In  Nepal , to feed over 108,000 Bhutanese refugees for three days.
      • In  Bhutan , to feed 41,000 children for 8 days.
      • In  Myanmar , to feed 750,000 cyclone affected people for 3 days.
      • In what countries does the UN World Food Programme distribute the rice?
      • The UN World Food Programme  works around the globe  and Freerice donations are made with no restrictions. This freedom of use allows them to apply the donations to countries that need it most, often those that don't make the headlines in the news, yet where  chronic hunger  continues unchecked.
      • Often World Food Programme is able to purchase the rice in the very countries where the beneficiaries are located, cutting down on the transport time to reach the hungry and helping to stimulate local economies at the same time.
      • Link to Video of rice rations being distributed in Bangledash
  • Pssst! You’re about to help end world hunger!
  • Total donations by date Date Grains donated
      • Year 2007
      • Year 2008
      • Year 2009
      • Year 2010
      • 12 255 121 230
      • 43 942 622 700
      • 16 773 400 950
      • 9 494 372 620
      • January 2010
      • February 2010
      • March 2010
      • April 2010
      • May 2010
      • June 2010
      • July 2010
      • August 2010
      • September 2010
      • October 2010
      • 1 451 006 720
      • 1 281 469 630
      • 1 474 236 720
      • 1 257 599 650
      • 1 273 110 410
      • 690 488 090
      • 441 583 380
      • 624 077 460
      • 671 694 660
      • 329 105 900
      • Oct 01, 2010
      • Oct 02, 2010
      • 226 207 150
      • 102 898 750
    Total Grains of Rice 82 465 517 500
  • WFP has been able to provide one-month rations to around one million people and continues to scale up distributions every day.
      • News extract
      • Pakistan Flood Victims “Left With Nothing”
      • Published on 17 August 2010
      • Shabbir Ahmed (left) with his wife and brother as they prepare a meal on the banks of the canal where they took refuge in the beginning of August. Copyright:WFP/Amjad Jamal
      • “ We never knew this rain would make us homeless – we are literally left with nothing,” says Shabbir Ahmed, a father of nine forced to flee the worst floods anyone in Punjab can remember. WFP is providing food to thousands of families like his as they wait for the waters to recede.
      • As words adjust to your reading level to challenge you, you must be able to analyze and identify parts of words in order to be able to interpret the correct answer.
      • This also expands into learning different languages. You can find the languages under Subjects on the upper right hand corner of the website.
      • While you expand your mind with knowledge intended for daily life, you can also download banners and logos to advertise and spread awareness throughout your social networks, blogs, ect.
      • The Thinking Foundation wants “ to support high quality research on cognitive skills development, creativity, and critical reflection—at pre-school, K-12 and college levels in order to transform learning, literacy, teaching and leadership around the world for those with the greatest need.”
      • Bringing this website or a CD-rom version to K-12 classrooms would not only be a way to research if this would help glean the spark for learning vocabulary words and other subjects, but it would also be a way for the students to learn about the world around them and how they are, right then and there, making a difference.
      • You often hear the phrase “make a difference” but you rarely see your donation in action. With Freerice, you are able to see how much you are donating on the screen.
      • In addition, you can now register and create your own group so as to keep track of your donations and invite your friends for a friendly challenge.
      • Freerice’s most commonly asked questions
      • fr
      • World Hunger Programme Website
      • Add freerice to your facebook and spread awareness and possibilities for more donated rice!