New Enterprise in Latin America

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Finding opportunities in Latam

Finding opportunities in Latam

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  • 1. Enterprise in Emerging Markets.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 2. Overview An emerging market is a nation recording rapid industrial & social growth. There are many lists of emerging markets issued by different institutions both financial and educational. Among this lists, 8 nations are recognized as the top performers based on their GDP This nations are. Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Korea & Turkey. The most recognized list globally by financial and global institutions is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) list. The Latin American countries consistent in this lists are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru & Venezuela.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 3. Overview The way of doing business between North & Latin America has plenty of similitudes but as many as there may be, there are lots of differences that could potentially wreck a deal. Social differences rank at the top of this list. The different way of interaction in social circumstances. - Familiarity. - Fraternity. - Sense of family. (Roots, social context) - Different levels of trust. (Trusting a persona or an entity) - Different levels of engagement.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 4. Overview Business practices as well, are quite different between these two regions. What may seem like a regular and common practice in North America or in Latin America could potentially be misinterpreted by the other part. - Time frames. - Dependability. - Corporate culture. - Entrepreneurial Culture. - Business models.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 5. Entrepreunership Where? - In Latin America, it’s BIG! But where does it stay? How does it evolve? Technology - Green - Energy. How? - Entrepreneurial culture as part of a social & educational model. Grassroots solutions - Mentorship Future? - Resources allocation, financial stability, government support. Investment - Overseas solutions - Commercialization Source: WorldsatlasCONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 6. Enterprise Large corporations playing a major role in the region. Skills lab - HR heaven - Outsourcing - local operations. Fair trade and bilateral business relations. - Trade agreements - Environmental agreements - Political agreements - Productions - Supply chains Future. - Innovation - Strategic agreements - Tax solutions - Incorporated business practicesCONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 7. !echnology Current advances and industries. - Mining - Oil & Gas - Innovation - Internet Work. - Innovation - Social advantages - Streamlined communications - Funding Disadvantages. - Creativity issues - Local support - Local network & distribution - Business planning. Opportunities. - Investment - Local scoutings - Strategic networkingCONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 8. All Green, All G"od! Green & Sustainable projects. - Exemplary business models - Efficient practices - Innovation - Sustainable business models - Community & regional support - Strong financial backup - Investment opportunities Weakness. - Niche business models - Vicious circles - Policies.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 9. Financial Business & Investment models. - Local investment models - Industry variations - Local mentality - Local & Foreign investment. Market size & Industry analysis. - Local and global impact - Sustainability - Competition - Local policies - Niche & segmentation.CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 10. New Enterprise. Opportunities. - Entrepreneurs - New expansion projects - Financial Institution Getting to know your partner. -Negotiating - Adapting your business model - Making room for innovation - Setting up shop - Long live the king!CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright Yammed Consulting 2012
  • 11. Yam DYammed Consulting @YamD