4-3_4. hobas pipesystems modern technology and its advantages


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  • HÖCHST: Luft und Staubabsaugung ca 25 Jahre alt, Air & Dust Extraction 25 years old, Uli Walland als Sales Rep, ------------------------------------------- Leuner harze: Epichlorhydrin Produktion für Epoxyharze (400°) PFE Teflon based liner Epichlorhydrin Production to produce Epoxyresin (400°) PFE Teflon based liner
  • for agressive chemical applications
  • CCS = Carbon Capture System Semi Conductor LNG regazification Liquefied natural gas or LNG is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4) that has been converted temporarily to liquid form for ease of storage or transport.
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Bulgarien  blagodarja
  • 4-3_4. hobas pipesystems modern technology and its advantages

    1. 1. HOBAS GRP Systems –modern technology and itsbenefits
    2. 2. Reliable GRP Pipes worldwide •Over 5 decades experience •210 Mio EURO turnover •More than 1,000 employeesHBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    3. 3. EuropeHBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    4. 4. Not just “a” Pipe Supplier WIN   WINHBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    5. 5. GRP Pipe Systems CC-GRPCentrifugally Cast Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Pipe Systems HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    6. 6. GRP Pipe Systems FW-GRPFillament Wound Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Pipe Systems HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    7. 7. GRP Pipe Systems FW Product Lines O Pure GRP O GRP & Thermoplastic Liner HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    8. 8. GRP Pipe Systems NC-LineNon Circular Pipe Systems HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    9. 9. Production of Fittings Standard and special fittings HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    10. 10. Raw MaterialsO Body ResinO Several Liner Resin TypesO Thermoplast Liners PVC-C, PP, PE, PVDF, PTFEO Glass FibresO CaCO3O Sand HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    11. 11. Centrifugally Cast1. Outer Protective Layer2. Outer Reinforcing Layer3. Transition Layer4. Stiffness Layer5. Transition Layer6. Inner Reinforcing Layer7. Barrier Layer8. Inner Resin Layer HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    12. 12. Filament wound pipe1. Resin-rich external layer2. Core laminate3. Chemical protective • Resin rich internal layer • Thermoplastic liner HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    13. 13. Thermoplastics Linerso PVC – Polyvinyl chlorideo PVC-C – Chlorinated polyvinyl chlorideo PP – Polypropyleneo HDPE – High-density polyetheleneo PVDF – Polyvinkylidene fluorideo ECTFE – Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethlyeneo FEP – Fluorinated ethylene propyleneo PFA – Perfluoroalkoxyo MFA – Tetrafluoroethylene perfluoromethyl vinyl ether HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    14. 14. HOBAS Pipe TypesHBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    15. 15. Physical PropertiesHBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    16. 16. Product RangeO Diameter DN 25 – DN 4000O Pressure: PN 1 – PN 40O Stiffness: SN 2500 – SN 1000000O Temperature: up to130°C (depending on the selected resin and the media) HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    17. 17. ApplicationsO SewagesO Drinking waterO IrrigationO TanksO Bridges drainageO NC – lineO JackingO IndustryO MiningO EnergyO Sea water desalinationO… HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    18. 18. Installation
    19. 19. Quality MonitoringO Product qualityO Manufacturing processO System qualityO Worldwide raw material specificationsO ISO 9001O ISO 14001O ISO 18001 HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    20. 20. StandardsODIN 19565, DIN 16869, O AWWA C950, DIN 16965, DIN 16966 AWWA M45OEN 1796, EN 14364 O JIS A5350OISO 10468, ISO 10639 O AS 2566OBS 5480 O ON B5161OASTM D3262, ASTM O ISO 9001 D3570, ASTM D3754 O ISO 14001 O SCC HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    21. 21. Benefits O High SafetyCOMPREHENSIVE PIPE O Long operational lifetime DESIGN AND SAFETY O Well established static CONCEPT calculation and installation procedures O Predictable, Reliable to BuryHIGH STIFFNESS and O Wide Variant of Applications FLEXIBILITY O Static advantages due to flexibility O Leak-free Service TIGHT O Fast, Fool-Proof Assembly GASKET-SEALED O Curvature due to angular JOINTS deflection possible HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    22. 22. HIM- Sonderabfallverbrennungsanlage (SAV) www.hobas.com HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP
    23. 23. THE END Thank you!HBG_VLC_16052012_YWP