1-4_Presentation bav conference may 2012


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1-4_Presentation bav conference may 2012

  1. 1. PREPARATION OF WATER INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS ENVIRONMENT OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME Evgenia Koeva Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate Managing Authority of OPE Ministry of Environment and Water
  2. 2. PROGRAMME OBJECTIVESSTRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: – Improvement, preservation and recovery of the natural environment and development of environmental infrastructure SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: – Protection and improvement of water resources – Improvement of waste management and soil protection – Preservation of biodiversity and nature protection
  3. 3. PRIORITY AXESPRIORITY AXIS 1: Improvement and development of water and wastewater infrastructure in settlements with over 2000 PE and in settlements below 2000 PE within urban agglomeration areasBudget: 1 284 000 000 EURBeneficiaries: municipal administrations and river basin management directorates
  4. 4. PRIORITY AXESPRIORITY AXIS 2: Improvement and development of waste treatment infrastructureBudget: 367 million EURBeneficiaries: municipal administrations, associations of municipalities
  5. 5. PRIORITY AXESPRIORITY AXIS 3: Preservation and recovery of biodiversityBudget: 103 million EURBeneficiaries: municipalities, NATURA 2000 management administrations, non- governmental organisations
  6. 6. PRIORITY AXIS 1: EUROPEAN LEGISLATIONCompliance with Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban wastewater treatment
  7. 7. PRIORITY AXIS 1: ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES Construction/reconstruction of WWTP Construction of collectors to WWTP Construction of main collectors and pump stations for wastewater collection Construction of sewerage networks Reconstruction/rehabilitation of sewerage networks Construction/reconstruction of water supply networks that are located in the routes of the sewers
  8. 8. PRIORITY AXIS 1: FINANCING- Direct award procedures and beneficiaries- Prioritisation of agglomerations with a focus on agglomerations above 10 000 PE in the 2007-2013 programming period
  9. 9. PRIORITY AXIS 1: STAGES OF PROJECT PREPARATION (1)- Preparation of invitations for application that outline eligible beneficiaries and activities, required documentation, specific conditions for application- Organisation of consultations with the direct project beneficiaries- Review of feasibility studies by the MA and provision of comments- Revision of project documentation by the project beneficiaries
  10. 10. PRIORITY AXIS 1: STAGES OF PROJECT PREPARATION (2)- Review of complete project documentation (feasibility studies, preliminary designs for WWTP, preliminary and detailed designs for sewerage and water supply networks, cost benefit analyses) by the MA and provision of comments- Revision of documentation and submission of project proposals for evaluation- Evaluation of the submitted proposals- Contract award upon completion of the evaluation
  11. 11. PRIORITY AXIS 1: MOST COMMON MISTAKES- Incorrect estimation of the number of PE- Incorrect estimation of water consumption per capita- The feasibility study does not examine the entire collecting and treatment system
  12. 12. PRIORITY AXIS 1: DIRECT AWARD PROCEDURES- 2010: two direct award procedures for construction and technical assistance+construction (for agglomerations above 10 000 PE)- 2011: one direct award procedure for construction (for agglomerations between 2 000 and 10 000 PE)
  13. 13. OPE IN SUPPORT OF THE WATER SECTOR REFORM (1) Recent amendments to the Water Act:- Public ownership of water infrastructure assets- Management of water infrastructure by water associations established for each of the 28 designated areas in the country
  14. 14. OPE IN SUPPORT OF THE WATER SECTOR REFORM (2)In 2012 the MA of OPE launched a direct grant award procedure aimed at supporting the water sector reform and the sustainable management of water infrastructure in the country.
  15. 15. OPE IN SUPPORT OF THE WATER SECTOR REFORM (3) Planned activities of the procedure:- Development of a strategy for the water sector- Capacity building of water companies (operators) and water associations- Development of a single information system for water services- Development of legislative acts and other documents that regulate water infrastructure management and performance of water associations
  16. 16. OPE IN SUPPORT OF THE WATER SECTOR REFORM (4)- Beneficiary: Water Infrastructure Directorate at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works- Budget: 8 400 000 EUR
  17. 17. Cohesion Policy for Environment Directorate MANAGING AUTHORITY OF OPEwww.ope.moew.government.bg