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Leaflet dt&tr pt o v e engl

  1. 1. LOCATION OF THE ROJECT: It advocates for peace, justice, human NATIONAL YOUNG WOMEN’S rights and care of the environment, and CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF The program will take place in 3 schools: has been at the forefront of raising the ROMANIA - Tehnic College Petru Rares., Bucharest: status of women for over 150 years. The World YWCA develops women's ASOCIATIA NATIONALA - Traian High school in Deva; A TINERELOR FEMEI - The National College Nicolae Titulescu. leadership to find local solutions to the CRESTINE DIN ROMANIA global inequalities women face. PROJECT ACTIVITIES Program: CONTACT: Activities fall into 3 categories: NATIONAL YOUNG WOMEN’S “THE YOUTH RIGHTS OF THE 1.Courses / seminars during the school year CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIAN YOUNG WOMEN 2.The construction of a website that will be ROMANIA GIRLS AND TEENAGERS FOR AN presented to all project issues where they EUROPEAN LIFE” can access online free legal advice and psy- Address: Fabrica de chibrituri chological. Street,no 34 ap.2, sect 5 3.Organization of 1 contests (annual) eval- Bucharest, Romania. uation / testing to every school Tel/Fax +4021 335 24 26 PROGRAM: “THE YOUTH RIGHTS Mail: office.antfcr@ywca.ro OF THE ROMANIAN YOUNG Program2010@ywca.ro WOMEN GIRLS AND TEENAGERS FOR AN EUROPEAN LIFE” it is President: Andreea Diana Iancu sponsorized by The World YWCA. Tel: +40726405997; April 2010 – March 2011 The World YWCA is a global network of E-mail: andreea.iancu@ywca.ro women and young women leading social Program Coodinator & General and economic change in 125 countries. Secretary : Aurora Livia Popescu The World YWCA is a global network of Tel: +40724541110; 40723335823 women and young women leading social E-mail: aurora.popescu@ywca.ro and economic change in 125 countries.
  2. 2. PROJECT SUMMARY OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: impact on personal and professional life This project comes up into Romanian • To inform the young people • To gain new member. young women and girls help, professional about the Human rights THEME DABATED training about their rights. instruments under EU law. Council of Europe; Courses / seminars during the Statistics confirm that in Romania many school year that will address the fol- people, especially young women and • To inform young people about lowing topics: teenagers don’t have the basic skills their rights, and mainly about regarding their rights, and especially their the labor rights from Romania 1 The Human Rights instruments under labor rights from Romanian legislation and from UE and the special EU law. Council of Europe brief intro- and also in EU. Nowadays, they face a lot rights for youth; duction: Purpose, Members. Structure of difficulties or even abuses when trying 'legal tools; • To raise awareness regarding the to find a job. risk of working on the black 2. Ways to protect and promote human market rights in Romania ". Rights for young Through awareness raising sessions the people. NYWCAR programmer wants to impose a • To decrease the number of non formal education for young people; people who emigrate in order to 3. Career orientation: How to write a counseling techniques, informative find a job CV? How can answer to an interview? sessions about the labor rights, about How to follow finding results? • To decrease unemployment and professional reconversion, basic 4. Rights as an employee in Romania social abuses for women and information about the Human Rights and and the EU. . Rights under the social youth in our country; Labour under the EU instruments insurance payments and medical European and the Romanian Labor Code • To create a safe professional etc. environment for the young 5. Mobbing what it is ? How can you graduates and to make them protect against mobbing? The professional issue has a great impact trust themselves 6. Retraining "(with participation as upon the other aspects of life, so it is • To know the rights of young person invite engaged in the Employ- important for every body to know their women / young family. ment Agencies territorial.) rights and their alternative and how to achieve that. Domestic violence. Social
  3. 3. 7. The rights of young women / young family. Domestic violence. Social impact on personal and professional life.