YSI Wastewater IQ SensorNet Capabilities Webinar September, 2013

YSI Wastewater IQ SensorNet Capabilities Webinar September, 2013



YSI IQ SensorNet wastewater continuous process monitoring and control instrumentation capabilities and updates. New item releases including orthophosphate.

YSI IQ SensorNet wastewater continuous process monitoring and control instrumentation capabilities and updates. New item releases including orthophosphate.



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YSI Wastewater IQ SensorNet Capabilities Webinar September, 2013 YSI Wastewater IQ SensorNet Capabilities Webinar September, 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • YSI IQ SensorNet Continuous Process Monitoring & Control Instrumentation September 19th, 2013 Presented by Laura St. Pierre
  • • Quick overview of IQ SensorNet • New IQ SensorNet Capabilities 2
  • IQ SensorNet Systems 182 Controller System 2020 XT Controller System • 1 - 4 parameters • Sensor network • 1 - 20 parameters 3
  • IQ SensorNet Sensors Optical UV: - Nitrate - Nitrite - COD, BOD TOC, TOC DOC - UVT - SAC Conductivity pH / ORP 4 Sludge Blanket Level DO Turbidity / Susp. Solids ISE: Ammonium - Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Potassium - TSS
  • IQ Sensors Detachable, universal sensor cable 5
  • FDO – Optical-based Dissolved Oxygen FDO with angled cap ith l d and smart sensor cap check. check 6
  • UltraClean System Maintenance FREE ultrasonic self-cleaning lt i lf l i Available on UV, UV/VIS, UV UV/VIS TSS and Turbidity p probes Air cleaning available for other probes h b 7
  • UltraClean – Ultra Sonic Cleaning TM without cleaning system (30 days) with cleaning system (30 days) A clean sensor ensures accurate measurements! Maintenance-free sensor lowers ownership and aintenanceoperational costs. 8
  • Individual Electrode Replacement Individual electrode replacement • Not often Lifetime > 18 months g y • Recognized automatically
  • IFL - Sludge blanket level Sensor Smart Sensor learns your p process. raw data  filter, alignment, low passing  result Smart signal processing for reliable sludge level measurements + advanced user settings. Smart filter removes readings from: • • 10 Passing debris, layer clouds Rising & f ll falling of sludge l f l d layer d due to passing rakes
  • IQ SensorNet Network cable All-in-one cable for power and communication • Fully protected against EMC • 1 year warranty, Extremely robust • Integrated lightning protection p p • Network cable provides power and communication 11
  • Typical Analog Installation
  • Typical Modbus Installation
  • IQ SensorNet Solution
  • IQ SensorNet Network Solution
  • Easily Add Measuring Locations
  • Modular System Provide: • Sensor connections d + 3rd party analog l • Power (AC & DC) • Communication Current Relays Modbus Profibus + more • Backup Controller 17 Stack mounting – max. 3 modules Smart i S installation… ll i Stack mounting – no cables
  • USB-Interface • Download logged data • Backup configuration files • System Update Electronic key function • Electronic-key-function 18
  • Remote Control via USB USB-RS232 adapter for p modem USB-LAN adapter for LAN connection (WLAN) Full access to network from a distance for data transfer and adjusting settings 19
  • MC2 Module with Ethernet and USB Functions as controller so 2020 can be a display and backup controller USB • Firmware updates • Electronic key • Can be used inside or outdoors • Two separate ports allow you to continue to communicate via Ethernet while updating the system via USB. Data transfer • LAN Ethernet Communication Technology: • Direct communication with PLC`s via Ethernet/IP protocol PLC s • Modbus TCP/IP (ODVA certified) • Remote-Control with PC Terminal Software via cellular-Router • View measuring d data with your Smart-Phone via Web h h b
  • New Parameters for UV/VIS probes •SAC, COD, (Total and Soluble) Measures broad spectrum: 254 wavelengths f for each measurement •BOD, DOC, TOC • •UVT – 254 •TSS •Nitrate 200 nm 720 nm
  • New UV Sensors NiCaVis 701 IQ NI NiCaVis 705 IQ NI Carbon parameters, UVT, 254, Nitrate and Nitrite
  • New UV Spectral Sensors NiCaVis® 70X IQ NI •resolution < 1 nm Requirement for differentiation of NO3and NO2-: •Measurement of 256 wavelength •Measuring range 200-390 nm wavelength [nm] 23
  • UV-VIS Scans 256 Wave Lengths 256 wave lengths compared to single wave length measurement. • Better correlation • Better turbidity correction • Better compensation for a changing wastewater process More information, more reliable data
  • Measuring Principle Algorithms based on correlations with reference measurements are stored in the sensor. Calculating concentration: 1. Recording spectral absorbance. 2. Calculation of concentrations according to algorithms. algorithms COD, TOC, BOD, NO3-N, TSS mg/l
  • Customer application • Environmental Operating Solutions, EOSi, sells MicroC as a supplemental carbon source for denitrification • Uses new UV sensor’s nitrite data to optimize denitrification and phosphorus removal • Poster available on our website 26
  • NEW! Phosphate Analyzer P 700 IQ Analyzer New Sensor for the IQ SENSOR NET Used with: MIQ/MC2 MIC/TC 2020 XT Vandomolybdate (yellow) method 27
  • P 700 IQ Orthophosphate (PO4-P) V Vanadate / M l bd d Molybdate -Method M h d (yellow-method) sample 3ih with PO43 yellow mixing coloration reagent g photometer =420 nm 420
  • NEW Ortho Phosphate Filter module Extendable rail Easy cleaning E l i and exchange of filter 29
  • P 700 IQ Two measurement ranges available in every unit: l bl A: 0.05 … 15.00 mg/l PO4-P B: 1 … 50 mg/l PO4-P Resolution A: 0.05 mg/l PO4-P B: 1 mg/l PO4 P PO4-P Accuracy A: ± 2 %, ± 0.05 mg/l B: B ± 2 %, ± 1 mg/l % /l Integrated pump Permeate pump integrated in housing Short tubes reduce risk of freezing Easy cleaning Wide temperature range -20°C … +40°C using Outdoor Option Outdoor option includes Climate Package 30
  • P 700 IQ Low reagent consumption Mode A: 2.5 l for 8 months 25 Mode B: 2.5 l for 4 months Reduced cost of ownership R d d t f hi Automatic Calibration User-defined interval Reduced maintenance 31
  • Applications P 700 IQ Primary Effluent  Aeration basins •Regulation of phosphate elimination •process optimization Effluent • process control process control P 700 IQ P 700 IQ
  • Dr. Rob and our Educational Offerings • Wastewater online instrumentation: how to use use, install and get the best data. • Obtain CEUs while you learn something! • Let us know if we can provide an educational id d ti l seminar for you! 33
  • Videos and other resources 34
  • Thank you for your attention! Visit us at: WEFTEC, booth 1443 and at ysi.com d i Register to win an IQ SensorNet Sign up for our wastewater eNewsletter Email us at: environmental@ysi.com Call us at: 800-897-4151, 937-767-7241 937 767 7241