YSI 5500D 5400 and 5200A aquaculture monitors and controllers


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Continuously monitor water quality in any aquaculture system with the YSI monitoring and control instruments.

Whether it is the need for a multiparameter solution or single measurement at one location, the YSI monitors are ideal.

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YSI 5500D 5400 and 5200A aquaculture monitors and controllers

  1. 1. AquacultureMonitoring & Control Products
  2. 2. Models 5200A, 5400 and 5500D 5400 Multichannel 5500D Multichannel (4) Galvanic DO with (4) optical DO with 8 ea 10 amp relays 8 ea 10 amp relays and 6 ea auxiliary and 6 ea auxiliary inputs 5200A Multiparameter; inputs  5400A-AC  5500D-01AC DO, pH, Cond, Salinity,  5400A-DC  5500D-01-DC pH, ORP with 4 ea 10  5500D-02AC amp relays  5500D-02-DC  5200A-AC  5500D-04-AC  5200A-DC  5500D-04-DC
  3. 3. 5200A/5400/5500D Standard Features• Extended temperature range backlit graphic display with easy to use menu driven operation• NEMA 4X, CE, ULC, ETL, IEC, RoHS, IP65, Made in USA• Communication - RS485 and RS232 standard with optional Ethernet module and wireless radios• E-mail and SMS alarming via PC connected to Ethernet or direct from instrument using optional Ethernet module• Non-volatile memory for; 2000 data records, 1250 event relay/alarm records, 1000 entries/change records, 500 GLP records• Flash based software allows for easy on site upgrades• User configurable control setting for all parameters including PID function
  4. 4. 5200A/5400/5500D Standard Features• Multiple timers for photo period management• Feed Smart™ feed management control software• Relays and software for dosing and control• Fully configurable auxiliary (Aux) inputs for additional sensors and process control; level, pressure, flow, CO2, etc• AC or DC power options; battery back-up function on all AC units• Multi-instrument, multi-location capability• Industry leading 2-year warranty
  5. 5. 5200A/5400/5500D Advantages• Measurement and control managed at instrument level providing redundancy and no risk of complete network/system failure.• Fully user configurable and scalable – fits any operation without custom programming and can be easily modified by the user as the needs change. Easy to add new sensors and change settings.• Tank side display for easy calibration
  6. 6. 5200A/5400/5500D Advantages• Multiparameter and multiple dissolved oxygen sensor options• Choice of electrochemical and optical dissolved oxygen sensors• Model 5500D accepts low maintenance optical dissolved oxygen sensors  Extremely stable; no regular calibrations are required  No electrodes to clean or regular membrane changes  More accurate – no flow required for accurate measurements
  7. 7. YSI Advanatges vs PLC Systems • PLCs have one central CPU so failure could be catastrophic and impact the entire monitoring system • PLCs are located in one location and sensors can be far from CPU. This makes calibration and system checks very difficult. • PLC software is custom for each system so initial development, changes and expansion require programming and expense. • PLCs are not specifically designed for water testing applications so sensor options are limited and may have questionable accuracy.
  8. 8. ™Feed Smart Conditional Feed TimerManages feed delivery: Up to 100 feedings per day User defines which days to feed Decrease feed amount by user defined % based on DO, pH and Temperature values Increases feed time on a daily basis by user defined FCR Simple one-step calibration process
  9. 9. Feed Smart™ Conditional Feed Timer Example Calculation Chart Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7Feed % of Biomass(user entered value) 4.00% 4.00% 4.00% 4.00% 4.00% 4.00% 4.00%Biomass(enter beginning value only) 2500.0 2566.7 2635.1 2705.4 2777.5 2851.6 2927.6Daily Feed Amount(system calculated) 100.0 102.7 105.4 108.2 111.1 114.1 117.1Cumulative Feed Amount(system calculated) 100.0 202.7 308.1 416.3 527.4 641.5 758.6FCR Factor x.x to 1.0(user entered value) 1.5Make FCR a decimal(system calculated) 0.67Increase in Biomass(system calculated) 66.7 68.4 70.3 72.1 74.1 76.0 78.1Cumulative Biomass Increase(system calculated) 66.7 135.1 205.4 277.5 351.6 427.6 505.7New Biomass(system calculated) 2566.7 2635.1 2705.4 2777.5 2851.6 2927.6 3005.7
  10. 10. Event Logging
  11. 11. Parameter Control Software• Set point option - Once High or Low limit is reached control relay is enabled until set- point is reached• DO has 2 levels of High and Low control• Temperature control has a user defined minimum cycle time to protect compressors• PID controller option (proportional- integral-derivative controller) for more accurate control• Dosing option allows for mixing time after High or Low set point relay is enabled
  12. 12. DO Control Range Low2 Range Low1 Range Low1 relay on relay on and Low2 relays off Range Low1 Range Low1 and Low2 Range Low2 relay on relays off relay on 6 Setpoint 5.8 5.6 5.4 DORange Low1 5.2Range Low2 5 Alarm 4.8 4.6 Tim e
  13. 13. AlarmsGeneral Alarm• Ability to configure single relay to control light or siren based on any alarm conditionAlarm Hold Off• When enabled, acts as a filter for false alarms• Holds alarm message (page and audible) until alarm condition is present for user determined length of time• Input in seconds, minutes or hours
  14. 14. AlarmsE-mail and SMS Alarmingtgrooms@ysi.comDate: Wed 04 Dec 2009 18:10:46Subject: AutoPoller Alarm MessageYSI5200A AlarmTilapia Tank #1DO Low Alarm: 4.5 mg/L
  15. 15. 5402 Serial to Ethernet Device• Installs in the master instrument• Connects master directly to Ethernet• Configure through instrument menu and must have a static IP address• Order as an accessory
  16. 16. Networking and Communication Options
  17. 17. Direct RS 232 Connection PC Running Alarm e-mail or SMS Local AquaManager Network with alarms 5200A/5400/5500D Ethernet from PC NetworkInstrument Alarm AlarmNo. 1 Internet Receipt Receipt RS-485 Network Fire wall Instrument No. 32 Remote 1. Data is collected at the instrument Connection 2. Master instrument connected directly to PC 3. PC is connected to Ethernet - alarms are sent via SMS or E-mail 4. Remote users access local PC via PC Anywhere
  18. 18. Connection with Spread Spectrum Radio Alarm e-mail or SMS PC Running Local AquaManager Network with alarms Ethernet from PC Radio Radio Alarm Alarm Internet Receipt Receipt 5200A/5400/5500D Fire wall 5200A/5400/5500DInstrument 5200A/5400/5500D No. 1 1. Data is collected at the instrument, all configured as masters 2. Instruments connected directly to a radio Remote 3. PC is connected to a radio to communicate with instrument’s Connection and is connected to Ethernet - alarms are sent via SMS or E-mail 4. Remote users access local PC via PC Anywhere
  19. 19. Ethernet Connection Alarm PC Running Receipt AquaManager Local Network 5200A/5400/5500D Ethernet Network Alarming from master deviceInstrumentNo. 1 Alarm e-mail RS-485 or SMS Network Instrument Internet No. 32 1. Data is collected at the instrument 2. Instruments are connected directly to Ethernet with internal serial to Ethernet device Fire wall 3. SMS or e-mail alarms are generated at the master node 4. Remote users connect to network with AquaManager or local PC Optional via PC Anywhere Remote Connection
  20. 20. Ethernet Connection PC Running Alarm Local Local Receipt AquaManager with Network alarming from PC Network Ethernet Ethernet 5200A/5400/5500D NetworkInstrumentNo. 1 Alarm e-mail or RS-485 SMS S Network Instrument Internet No. 32 1. Data is collected at the instrument 2. Instruments are connected directly to Ethernet with internal serial to Ethernet device Fire wall 3. SMS or e-mail alarms are generated at the local PC which is running AquaManager Optional 4. Remote users connect to network with AquaManager or local PC Remote via PC Anywhere Connection
  21. 21. AquaManager SoftwareData Management • Graphing • Data export • Manual data entry • Statistical analysisSystem Management • Explorer based network setup and support • Ethernet communication setup • E-mail and SMS setup • Alarming, set-point and control management
  22. 22. Graphing
  23. 23. Set-point and Control Management
  24. 24. System Management
  25. 25. Mapping Screen• Gives a quick visual of the entire operation• Images include animations• Easy for user to set up
  26. 26. AquaViewer Apple device App • iPhone • iPad • iPod Touch (generation #3 or higher) Set up screen #1 Set up screen #2 Network Viewer Instrument Viewer screen: screen: • Normal • Normal in green • Control in yellow • Control in yellow • Alarms in red • Alarms in red
  27. 27. QUESTIONS?YSI.com/aquaculture