Green Building in Practice: Project Management for Green Building / LEED Projects


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When green building projects fall short of their goals, either with regard to containing costs or achieving higher levels of performance, it usually comes down to how the process is managed. Knowing how to establish reasonable goals, milestones, roles and responsibilities, and how to manage resources are critical components to ensuring success. This discussion will focus on the ins and outs of successfully managing a green building project. We will discuss overall green building and LEED project management tips, potential pitfalls, best practices, and key tools to help keep your team stay on track to your sustainability and LEED certification-related goals.

Topic areas will include:

* Integrated design process
* Setting and communicating goals
* Critical path milestones
* Team learning
* Staying on top of current products and technologies
* Benchmarking
* Knowledge management and lessons learned
* Case studies

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