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Optimizing Your Practice for Online Visibility - CAMFT Presentation
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Optimizing Your Practice for Online Visibility - CAMFT Presentation


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“Optimizing Your Practice For Online Visibility” - a class taught by Dana Lookadoo to the Sacramento Valley Chapter California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (SVC-CAMFT) at the …

“Optimizing Your Practice For Online Visibility” - a class taught by Dana Lookadoo to the Sacramento Valley Chapter California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (SVC-CAMFT) at the University of Phoenix in November 2010. Presentation covers local SEO and social media considerations for small businesses.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Optimize Your Practice for Online Visibility SAC-CAMFT Dana Lookadoo . @YoYoSEO . November 19, 2010
  • 2. Introduction Online visibility means people can find you online when they search. People use various forms of “search” to look for marriage & family therapy help. You’ll learn basics about optimizing your website and social profiles to be “visible” and be found. Poll:  Who has a website?  Social profiles?  Google Profile?  LinkedIn?  Twitter?  Facebook?
  • 3. Outcomes Understand people go to “search” to find information that meets their needs and questions. Understand search as a business process that may redefine your marketing efforts (and possibly your “messaging”). Engage online, when possible, given confidentiality and licensing requirements. Know the basics of website optimization. Know how and where to set up social profiles & list your business in directory listings.
  • 4. Agenda Defining Search How To Get Found In Search Social Media Overview Defining Online Visibility Social Profiles Marketing Channels Exercises  Website Content Worksheet  Online Visibility Worksheet  Review: Social Profile Information
  • 5. Defining Search What is Search? Local Results & Google Places Google, Bing & Yahoo! Search Results
  • 6. What is Search? Search Engines  Google  Yahoo!  Bing Links  Other Websites  Directory Listings  Social Profiles Word-of-Mouth Marketing  In-person, Email, Phone Referrals  Reviews, LinkedIn Recommendations, Facebook “Likes”
  • 7. What is Search? Search Engines  Google  Yahoo!  Bing Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Directories Search is anywhere there are search bars where people can look for information.
  • 8. Search Bars Facebook Search
  • 9. Search Bars Search Social Conversations
  • 10. Search Bars LinkedIn Search Why show up in search on LinkedIn? LinkedIn Profiles & Events also show up in Search Results such as Google.
  • 11. Facebook Search – Marriage Family Therapy
  • 12. Twitter Search – Marriage Family Therapy
  • 13. Twitter Search – Marriage Family Counseling
  • 14. Twitter Search – Marriage Family Therapist
  • 15. LinkedIn Search – Marriage Family Therapist
  • 16. Citysearch – Marriage Family Therapist
  • 17. Best of the Web – Marriage Family Therapist
  • 18. Yahoo! Search – Marriage Family Therapist Reviews Rank
  • 19. Bing Search – Marriage Family Therapist Local results above organic, 1st below paid
  • 20. Search ResultsPages of “results” displayed by search engines,when a person searches, are called…
  • 21. Search Results SnippetsEach listing in the search results is called a…3 non-paid (organic) snippets:
  • 22. SERPs – Universal ResultsSERPs, especially in Google, are a mixture ofsnippets from website pages that rank in additionto Local, News, Video, Images, and more.“Mixed SERPs” are known as:
  • 23. Google SERPSs – Marriage Family TherapistISP Location Paid Organic News Places
  • 24. Google Suggest – Marriage… Google “suggests” phrases based off how people search. # of resultsfor “marriage”
  • 25. Google Suggest– Marriage F… # of resultsfor “marriage f*”
  • 26. Google Suggest – Marriage Family C…
  • 27. How To Get Found In Search SEO, Search Snippets & Website Optimization Defining Keywords to Get Found Type & Number of Results Local Directories Keyword Research
  • 28. How to Get Found – Organic & Social Search Put target keyword phrases into your content, conversations, and digital assets:  Website (body copy, page titles, file names, meta tags)  Social Profiles  Directory Listings  Images (file names, ALT tags, captions)  Video (titles, description, file names, etc.) Get reviews in search and directory listings  Social signals can rank above well-optimized websites. Use keyword phrased in textual links within your website & incoming links to site.
  • 29. SEO Defined SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  The “art and science” of SEO involves:  Understanding your target audience (searcher persona);  Researching terms your audience “speak” - keywords they search for and use in conversation;  Researching your market and your competition;  Knowing the search results space - number and type (organic, local, news, video);  Planning website structure, design, code, and copy that’s “attractive” to people and “accessible” to search spiders;  Creating content that captures attention, meets audience needs - content people want to talk about, share and link to;  Optimizing titles, tags, text and links.
  • 30. On-Page SEO Optimizing content Title: Primary Keyword Phrase – Key Message for Page both on & off your website: LOGO (916) 555-1212 . About . Contact tagline: Marriage & Family Therapy serving Sacramento Area  Digital Assets: NAV Menu Licensed Therapist . Marriage & Family Resources . Location Body content (text) & <h1>Headline – Primary Message assets (images, videos, PDFs) Provide key message to primary Image w Sidebar target audience above the fold keyword-rich  Internal Links: in text. Summarize using your primary keywords - what you –file-name.jpg Call to Action Navigation, text linked to want them to understand about ALT tag other site pages in your your practice. Link to a page about marriage and family therapy Caption Download site (anchor text) in Sacramento, California. Tips for a Healthy Marriage  Titles, Tags, URLs: Write including at least one more instance of PDF (## K) keyword modifiers or related words. Answer (HTML code, meta tags, primary audience questions and needs. Subscribe to page names) Newsletter This copy is critical and will be used by various  Structure & properties & search engines, often as your practice Link to Map description. Accessibility: Spiders & Speech Footer: Links to key pages City & maybe County location, (916) 555-1212 Readers  External Links (not
  • 31. How HTML Elements & Keywords Show in Snippets  Results for “licensed marriage family therapist sacramento” Title Tag Meta Description URL:Domain Name+ Page Name  Title of each page is MOST IMPORTANT to have keywords.  Meta Description convinces searcher this is THE result they want to “click through” because page is relevant to their search.  URL: Page name or hierarchy displays. Keywords increase CTR (click through rate).
  • 32. Website Optimization: On-Page SEO Title Tag:Tells search engines page is about “Home.” <h1> Headline
  • 33. Website Optimization: On-Page SEO Title Tag:Tells search URL engines page is about “Serviced Provided.” <h1> Body copy: Headline 1st paragraph is most important to have targeted keywords. Bold & italicize words send signals . 3 paragraphs start out with “I” – doesn’t tell visitor what they’ll get. “I” is not their search term.
  • 34. HTML Code Shows in Search Snippet HOME PAGE: <html> <head> <title>Home</title> <meta name="description" content="Introduction to Kari Lloyd-Fisher, MFT ">keyword <meta name="keywords" content=" Sacramento, Kari Fisher, Carrie Fisher, Carries tag notused for Lloyd-Fisher, Loyd-Fisher, Kari Lloyd-Fisher, Counseling, Therapy, MFT, Marriage andranking Family Therapist, Therapist, couples, individuals, family, families, adults, teens, children, – don’t kids, adolescents. "> stuff SERVICES PAGE: <html> <head> <title>Services Provided</title> <meta name="description" content="marriage and family therapy for couples, individuals, families, children and teens, adolescents"> <meta name="keywords" content="therapy, counseling, couples, individuals, families, family, children, kids, teens, adolescents, treatment">
  • 35. Microformats –hCard (Advanced On-Page SEO) hCard is a type of HTML markup that sends “signals” about people, companies, and locations.  Tells search engines which blocks of code represent your contact information. Where to use?  Use hCard to “mark up” your “About” and “Contact” pages. Resources:   Example:  <p class="vcard"><span class="fn">Sean Slevin</span> can be reached directly at: <span class="ns_me no_print"><br/> <a class="org url" href="">Transitions Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling</a><br/><span class="adr"> <span class="street-address">250 East Market Street, Suite D</span><br/> <span class="locality">Harrisonburg</span>, <span class="region">Virginia</span> <span class="postal- code">22801</span> </span><br/></span><b class="tel">(540) 908- 2792</b>.<br/> Download <a href="" title="This is a vCard file that can be imported into your address book
  • 36. Defining Keywords to Get Found Know the number of search results and who ranks for target phrase. THEY are your competition!  Are there a few thousand or a few million results? What modifiers can you add to your target search terms to narrow competition and results?  “marriage family therapist folsom ca”  “christian marriage family therapist”  “marriage counselor yolo county” Know types of content SERPs show for your terms,
  • 37. “Marriage Family Therapist Folsom CA” Review s Places is now above Organi c
  • 38. “Marriage Family Therapist” w/o City Modifier Paid Organic News Places
  • 39. Google Places: Place Page Ranks w/o WebsiteWebsite Down!! Google Place page ranks #1 because of 11 reviews.
  • 40. Local Directories Google Places – puts your business in Google Maps   Help Guide: Yahoo! Local  Bing Local  Best of the Web (Directory)  Citysearch (Directory)  (Service to list across directories)  Therapist Locator (Niche Directory) 
  • 41. – How Is Your Business Listed?
  • 42. Research Keywords People Search & Say Google Suggest results  Phrases that appear as you search in Google AdWords Keyword Tool  WordTracker Free Keyword Tool  WordStream Free Keyword Tool  Listen to clients, making notes of words they use!
  • 43. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • 44. WordStream Keyword Tool
  • 45. Website Content Worksheet – Exercise Tips & best practices for applying keywords, writing copy and optimizing key aspects of your website pages.  Use one worksheet for every page of website.
  • 46. Social Media Overview Social Media Properties Engagement Opportunities Search & Social Web Search & Social Footprint Online Visibility Venn Diagram
  • 47. Social Media Properties Social Media is engaging on sites that enable discussions, sharing & voting.• Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)• Networking (LinkedIn)• Bookmarking (Delicious)• Video (YouTube, Vimeo)• Images (Flickr)• Reviews (Yelp)• Forums (Yahoo! Answers)• Music (• Blogging (WordPress, Blogger)• News (StumbleUpon, Digg)
  • 48. Social Media Engagement Opportunities Blogging (Blogger,  MicroBlogging WordPress)  Connect with other  Personal Journal, Interests, therapists Hobbies  Connect with local  Marketing & Promotion businesses  Thought Leadership  Offer promotions Forums & Discussion  Share relationship tips Boards  Become a thought leader  Share local news, becoming Birds-of-a-Feather Sharing part of community Meet others with same  Provide feedback interests  Establish your brand Answer questions, demonstrate expertise  Visibility Branding  Friendships
  • 49. The Search & Social Web Social media “signals” are growing in importance to search engines. Most social media profiles rank well in search engines. Social profiles can lead visitors back to your site. Social “presence” Image credit: Garret Pierson helps you be found!
  • 50. Search & Social Footprint Search: Your website’s search footprint increases by developing quality content and getting incoming links to your pages. Social Media: Your social footprint increases your exposure in the SERPs and other forms of search.  Friends on Twitter  Fans on Facebook  Connections in LinkedIn  Reviews in directory listings
  • 51. Search & Social Footprint People exposed to you, your practice and your website content will, if they like it, share it on Twitter, write a review on LinkedIn, bookmark it on Delicious, vote on it (thumbs up) in StumbleUpon. The key to building visibility through your search and social footprint is to offer something of value: QUALITY CONTENT Combining “search & social” means more results about you are indexed in search. You get more incoming links, more traffic, and more social media conversations & votes - resulting in higher visibility.
  • 52. Online Visibility
  • 53. Social Profiles Optimizing Your Profiles Google Profile Securing Profiles Getting Started Checklist & Worksheet
  • 54. Optimizing Your Profiles How do you want to be found? Your profile name will show up in search results. Aim for a consistent user lookadoo YoYoSEO name across networks. but I also use… Decide alternate user danalookadoo name if primary is not pixelbella available. Use a photo as your avatar, a cropped headshot is best. A graphic can work for business. Create large & small versions, 300x300 & 80x80 pixels. Most sites will scaled down larger file, but some require smaller image. Avatar must be square!
  • 55. Optimizing Your Profiles – Twitter Your bio & website URL help friends and followers know something about you. Bio text influences how you get listed in search engines.  Create a bio, approx. 160 characters in length. Use keyword-rich descriptions to summarize your strengths, career, interests.  Link to your site, blog or your LinkedIn profile.
  • 56. Google Profile
  • 57. Google Profile Your Google profile allows you to be found on Google while increasing visibility for your name & your practice.  Details you can add to your profile:  A short bio  Links to your practice website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile  Places youve lived  Where youve worked  Where you grew up  Schools youve attended  Photos from Flickr & Picasa TIPS:  The more information you add, the easier it will be for people to find you. (And the more Google will know about you…)  Set your full name to show publicly.
  • 58. Edit Google Profile
  • 59. Secure Social Profiles - options Go to each social media website to see if your user name is available. Only secure a few sites and leave others up to chance. Use KnowEm to check availability of your user name or vanity URL on 400 Social Media websites. Secure all for profiles for $99 or $249.
  • 60. Getting Started Checklist First Name & Last Name – Most sites require both. User Name – 6-15 characters. Consider alternate User Name? Avatar – Square headshot photo or logo preferred over picture of pet. Bio – Use words (keywords) for how you want to be found and show up in search results. Put most important phrases at front of bio. Website URL – Link to site/blog. Format: Website Name – Some sites will ask for name - linked anchor text. Password – 6-10 characters, secure, memorable with at least 2 #s. Birthday, Gender – Many ask for info. Are companies male/female? Address – Some ask for mailing address. Do not display publicly. Twitter Backgrounds - & Vanity URL – Customize your profile URL on LinkedIn & Facebook.
  • 61. Online Visibility Worksheet – ExerciseSocial ProfileInformation Create and optimize bio.  Keyword- rich  <= 160 char
  • 62. Online Visibility Worksheet – ChecklistSocial Profiles &DirectoriesChecklist Review select social networks, email services & directories. Determine priority for your practice. Google profile is essential to claim business listing in Google Places.
  • 63. Marketing Channels Overview of Marketing Channels for Online Visibility Integrated Marketing
  • 64. Marketing Channels for Getting Found Website development and optimization (on-site SEO) Sharing and building links to your website and/or online profiles (off-site SEO) Local SEO (NEW: Google Places) Pay-Per-Click Advertising Social Media Engagement Video Marketing Niche Directory Listings Ask for Reviews (when appropriate)
  • 65. Integrated Marketing Business Cards, Post Card Mailers, Phone Book Ads  Include your online profiles on all materials:  Website address, your domain URL  Twitter profile  LinkedIn personal or company page  Facebook URL
  • 66. Summary Search is more than Google. Know your audience and your target search terms. Optimize your website code and content. Claim your business listing in Google Places. List your practice in local and niche directories. Social media signals are growing stronger. Increase your search & social footprint. (Presence builds presence!)  Optimize your website content.  Optimize your social profiles.  Get listed in directories.  Engage in online conversations. It’s Word-of-Mouth SEO!
  • 67. Formula for Being Found in Search
  • 68. Dana Lookadoo Dana Lookadoo, SEO Consultant Yo! Yo! SEO Word-of-Mouth SEO . Optimize your online conversation . 831.901.5225 . Personal Profiles & Blog   