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yogic diet

  1. 1. YOGA & DIET Dr.Shashikant
  2. 2. Energy The capacity to do work 1 CalorieIs the amount of heat energy necessary to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade
  3. 3. THE METABOLIC RATEMetabolic rate = Energy expenditure per unit time (Calories/hour)
  4. 4. VEGETARIANS By strict definition vegetarians do not eat meat or animal products in any shape or form.
  5. 5. Main types of vegetariansVEGANSExclude all foods of animal origin.LACTO VEGETARIANSDo not eat meat, poultry, fish and eggs but milk and milk based products are eaten.
  6. 6. Main types of vegetariansLACTO-OVO VEGETARINESDo not eat meat, poultry and fish, but milk, milk products and eggs are eaten.PESCO VEGETARIANSDo not eat meat and poultry, but fish, milk, milk products and eggs are eaten.
  7. 7. Main types of vegetariansFRUITARIANDo not eat any food of animal origin and some plant foods (pulses and cereals)DEMI or SEMI VEGETARIANSexclude red meat from their diet but still eat poultry
  8. 8. YOGIC DIET What we eat have an influence on what we are? All creatures in this universe intuitively know what type of food is best to them. Except ? According to yoga food is not only for physical fitness, but it also influences mental &spiritual health.
  9. 9. Yogic food Usually excludes all non vegetarian food and stimulants. Yoga makes us observe of what we eat & correct our dietary habits and brings awareness that helps to get rid of overeating, wrong eating etc.
  10. 10. Why need food ? Growth Energy Repair & Maintenance Immunity
  11. 11. Balanced diet Carbohydrates 40-50% Protein 15-20% Fat 3-5% Vegetables & Fruits 20-25% Fibre & celulose 5-7%
  12. 12. FOOD AS FUEL Carbohydrate 4 Cal/G Protein 4 Cal/G Fat 9 Cal/G
  13. 13. Yogic Food Types Satvic food (Healer Diet)Is juicy,sweet,bland,fresh,easily digestible and agreeable.Best quality of food available which increases vitality,vigor,high physical endurance and longevity. which promotes mental & physical balance & generates pious &positive thoughts .Eg:nuts,fruits,vegetables,pulses,wheat,cereals,milk & its poducts,dates,honey and jaggery. Rajasic food (Questionable Diet )Medium quality includes veg & non veg . Fried,overcoocked,oily,spicy,bitter,sour,pungent,dry,hot or cold.this type is needed for fighters,warriors & others needing animal strength.Eg:sweets,coockies,ghee,butter,cheese,fried vegetables,meat,eggs,fish etc.
  14. 14.  Tamasic food (Killer Diet)Lowest quality of food- unbalanced,unwholesome,stale,canned foods, packaged foods, beverages & fizzy drinks ,excessive fat &spices + tobacco and alcohol.This kind of food is toxic ,causes irritation and harm to our body as well as mind.Video Meet your meat !
  15. 15. 8 Natural Doctors Nutrition Exercise Water Sunlight Temperature Rest Air Trust in GOD
  16. 16. VEGETABLES
  17. 17. THANK YOU Now Begins theRevolution of yogic diet inside &outside YOU . GOD BLESS YOU
  18. 18. Join hand with us in creating a healthy and happy society with life of vegetarianism full of bliss, love & compassion .Contact for this Revolution GroupDr Shashikant S K (SVYASA )yogis2doctors@yahoo.co.in