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Complete wellness program dr shashikant
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Complete wellness program dr shashikant


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. COMPLETE WELLNESS PROGRAMInternational Therapeutic Exercise and Wellness FoundationNew Universal Unique, Complete Health, Prevention & Treatment of Disease
  • 2. WHY WE NEED THIS ?• Assessing the Needs of Program Participants• Making Decisions to Create and Support a Program• Implementation Tools, Program Staff, and Budgets• Planning, Developing and Increasing Program Awareness.• Evaluating Existing Health Programs & Improvising
  • 3. • 360 Degree Feedback – Science & Arts• Promoting Health awareness and Disease prevention at workplace and Community at large.• Different models of Workplace Wellness Designs and suit the best for small and medium enterprises.• Full Fledged Research based Health and workplace wellness programs for Large Companies .
  • 4. Covers the Following• Assessment of Physical Fitness• Exercise Prescription from experts in the field• Evaluation of fitness activities• Nutritional Wellness programs
  • 5. • Weight management Programs• Physician & Life style specialist Consultation Programs• Health Education & Health Promotion• Situational Need Assessment Tools
  • 6. • Strength Training Programs• Flexibility Training Programs• Cardio respiratory Endurance Exercise Programs• Core strengthening Exercise Programs
  • 7. • Performance Pyramid improvement• Human Performance improvement• Cultivating a Healthy Workforce• Promoting Wellness based on Primary Care & Holistic approach
  • 8. • Workplace Ergonomics Services• Preventive Health Screening and Diagnostic Tests• Health Cost Cutting Programs & Other programs for Employers
  • 9. • Preventing, Controlling and Curing Disease Services• All the techniques are totally Evidence based derived & Devised by Doctors and specialists in the field.• Disease Specific Complimentary & Alternative Medical Practices .
  • 10. Principles of our Wellness Programs• Increasing the Relaxation Response.• Reducing the Sympathetic Overtone.• Using up Stress Hormones in an Effective & healthy way.• Intelligent Integration of best of Modern Medical preventive practices & best of Alternative medical sciences like Yoga, nature cure,Biorhythm,Autosuggestions etc.• Health Advocacy
  • 11. Chose the best You want !• Corporate wellness Program• Employee Specific Wellness Program• Disease Specific Wellness Program• Stress Assessment, Stress management Program• Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance Wellness Program
  • 12. • Cost Effective Primary Health Services to save huge amount of company’s money and at the same time do complete justice to the Employee Program• Yoga based Wellness programs• Mind Body Techniques to Motivate and Improve Workforce• Sleep Wellness Programs
  • 13. How it is Complete Wellness? • Physical Wellness • Occupational Wellness • Intellectual Wellness • Emotional Wellness • Social Wellness • Spiritual Wellness• Environmental Wellness • Financial Wellness • Mental Wellness • Medical Wellness
  • 14. Coming soonMany More Programs from the team of Experts Indian Yoga Society ( IYS) International Therapeutic Exercise and Wellness Foundation
  • 15. For Further Details: Dr Shashikant S KumbarMBBS,MD Yoga and +919945596822 YouTube: drshashikantskFace book: drshashikant S Kumbar