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Great Websites--WUN Madrid Conference

Great Websites--WUN Madrid Conference



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Wunpresentation#1 Wunpresentation#1 Presentation Transcript

  • YMCA World Urban Network Digital Engagement Inspiration Deck #1 “Great Websites” May, 2012
  • Reminder – Make WUN Madrid Great! Take our 10 Minute CEO Survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wunceoymca
  • “Customers don’t forgiveorganizations for bad websites”
  • “It takes 99% of us less than 4 seconds to determine if they want to stick around your website…” What’s it saying?
  • “Users spend most of their time on other websites…this meansthat users gear their expectations for your site by what they have learned to expect elsewhere.” Jakob Nielsen
  • The Higher Call of Great Websites
  • Top 10 Landing Page Features
  • The 100 PointWebsite Test
  • Website Criteria – 100 pt. Scale Criteria Importance Overall Impact 25 points Content 15 points Navigation 15 points User Experience 15 points Findability 15 points Sociabiility 15 points Total 100 points
  • Website Criteria – Overall Impact Overall Criteria Pts. Impact First Creates immediate wow, looks contemporary, /10 Impressions causes to sign up, engages for significant time Simplicity Uncluttered, readable, graphic/colourful, strong /5 calls to action, infographics/flowcharts, above the fold Uniqueness Distinctively branded, unique graphics, brand /5 consistency, look and feel diff. from competitors, Typography Dynamic Slider windows, Dynamic news feeds, Rollover /3 prompts, Real-time response and feedback Multimedia Varied and interesting use of animation, pictures, /2 video, music, mashups
  • Website Criteria - ContentContent Criteria Pts.Usefulness Helps users, up-to-date, interactive, provides real /3 value, customized, well-presented, breadth, has a point of viewTransparency Real people/employees, mission /3 statement/manifesto, policies and rulesCredentials Evidence of popularity, third party or customer /3 testimonials, Organizational authorityHuman/Fun Conversational language, Humour, Consistency /3 with audience, enthusiasm, Stories, leaves you wanting moreIncentives/Ne Dynamic stream of news, Campaigns, Offers, /3ws Competitions, External links, Opportunity for fame
  • Website Criteria - NavigationNavigation Criteria Pts.Search ability Internal search engines, menus, support, /3 mental model on what to expect when you clickLinks Graphic links, internal links, return to home /3 menu easy, links open in new windowsIntuitive Top options for clicking dependent on user /3 and place on site, priority of informationMenus Consistency of presence, descriptiveness /3Types of user New vs. returning user, Country and language /3reaction of user, Tiered user access
  • Website Criteria – User ExperienceUser Experience Criteria Pts.Usability Limited click to completion, no need to upload /3 new software, browser and monitor capability, Download speed, Cross platformKnowledge of Adaptive, flexible taxonomies, know history, /3users analytics inform experience, customizable environmentSecurity Safe for users to use, not flagged by filters, /3 password protectionTroubleshooting Strong Q&As, How-tos, Tracking orders/process, /3 Virtual live customer serviceEasy to Contact Availability of forms, contact us page, triage to /3 the right person in the organization
  • Website Criteria - FindabilityFindability Criteria Pts.Smart URL Short, intuitive, .com, Multiple vanity urls /3Metatags Own the best relevant words, each page /3and sufficiently tagged and namedKeywordsLinks Good level of working inbound and /3 outbound links, seamlessly linked micrositesPartners and Network of partners, community of /3Affiliates ambassadors, employee extensionsFunnel Social networks and content drive back to /3 website
  • Website Criteria - SociabilitySociability Criteria Pts.Blog Content Frequent, well-tagged, relevant, engaging posts, /3 Smart headlines, Strong user engagementSocial Top social network integrated apps, easy to /3Integration register through social profiles, activity linked to social network feedsCommunity Provides forums, crowdsourcing and /3 microcommunities for participation, community moderationEasy to link Compatible with all the key social networks, /3 automated actions/emails, widgetsParticipation Ability to participate, to give and receive, hear /3 and respond, real-time feedback, peer to peer capability, leaderboards
  • 50 Great Websites
  • #1- lululemon – Fitness with a CausePros - Visual, Point of view - Manifesto, Great Content, Ambassadors, Menus http://shop.lululemon.com/home.jsp
  • #2- Icebreaker – Visual Active StorytellerPros - Photographic, stories of founder/history, Authenticity - Trace back your garment http://ca.icebreaker.com/
  • #3 TakingItGlobal –Global Youth Leader CommunityPros – Great set of resources and community tools for youth http://www.tigweb.org
  • #4- Ashoka – Changemaking via Youth Pros - The power of microfunding, great team profiles http://www.changemakers.com/main
  • #5- Tourism Australia – Map-based Travel DiscoveryPros - Great location-tagged photography and experienceshttp://www.nothinglikeaustralia.com/ca/flash.htm#/entries
  • #6- Twitter Stories – Tales from 140 CharactersPros - Curated stories, emotional meaning, photographic impacthttp://stories.twitter.com/
  • #7 Moo.com – The Loveable CommodityPros - Friendly tone of voice, visual impact, helpful user-generated hints and tips http://us.moo.com/
  • #8- Outside 127 Hours – User-Generated Video InspirationPros - Powerful use of video, competitive entries, inspirational http://www.127definingmoments.com/
  • #9- The Responsibility Project – From insurance comes conversation…Pros - Issues discussion, intercativity and guides, bringing to life a commodity product http://responsibility-project.libertymutual.com/
  • #10- SHFT – Curating the Best Sustainable Stuff to Notice and Talk About Pros - Great visual impact, well-categorized by activity, recognition for authors http://www.shft.com/
  • #11- NASA – Making Space Watchable Pros - Key headlines, images and multimedia http://www.nasa.gov/
  • #12- Mint – Bringing to Life Personal FinancePros - Clarity, simplicity, aggregated member data, user experience https://www.mint.com/
  • #13 - Tribeca Film – Telling the Stories of the StorytellersPros - Simple navigation, visual display, most popular posts, filmmaker profiles http://www.tribecafilm.com/
  • #14- Freelancer – Crowdsourcing simply explained..Pros - How it works, latest dynamic statistics, menu/category system http://www.freelancer.com/
  • #15 - Sundance Festival –A lot of content colourfully displayed…Pros - Dynamic slider, extensive drop down menus, clean aesthetic http://www.sundance.org/festival/
  • #16- Open Ideo – Posing Challenges to the Creative WorldPros - Ranking of challenges and status, key statistics and activity, optimism http://www.openideo.com/
  • #17- Crowdrise – Real-Time Call to Actions Pros - Focus on projects, events, people – visual impact above the fold http://www.crowdrise.com/
  • #18- Historypin – Creating a new category of visual website Pros - Creative idea, well-explained in video, clean and simple http://www.historypin.com/
  • #19 Vibram – Provocative Technology Pros - Simple concept provoactively rendered http://www.youarethetechnology.com/
  • #20-- Life – Cultures and Eras in PicturesPros - Black and white and hitory appeal, social media integartion, featured http://life.time.com/
  • #21- The Johnny Cash Project –Multimedia Creative ProductionPros - Wonderfully simple crreative crowdsourcing idea http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/
  • #22 - The Tiziano Project – Kurdistan’s Tapestry of StoriesPros - Video collage, individual stories that tell a bigger story http://tizianoproject.org/
  • #23 – National Geographic – Nature as an Art GalleryPros - Visual impact, editor’s picks, social media integration http://www.nationalgeographic.com/
  • #24 – Dropbox – Simple Solution, Simply Explained Pros - Directed attention, simple education https://www.dropbox.com/
  • #25 Vitro Design Museum –Content on a Different Menu Plane Pros - Unique menu system, supporting dynamic content http://www.design-museum.de/index.php
  • #26 – Lego – Toys with Announcement Value Pros - Colourful background, product display http://www.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspx
  • #27 – Boss Bottled – A Super Curated, Nocturnal, Manly Problem Solver Pros – Good use of data and design, global sitehttp://www.boss-fragrances.co.uk/mens-fragrances/boss-bottled-night/?lc=gb
  • #28 – AARP – Bringing the Everyday To Life Pros - Interesting content, fun and games for older people http://www.aarp.org/
  • #29 – AVAAZ – Wearing a Cause on a Digital Sleeeve Pros - Great global multilingual site, social proof http://www.avaaz.org/en/
  • #30 Ushahidi – Simple Crowdsourcing Pros - Clean layout, mobile enbalement http://ushahidi.com/
  • #31 – Brains on Fire –The Personal and Intimate AgencyPros - Personable/human tone, great About Us/Team area http://www.brainsonfire.com/
  • #32 TED – Inspirational 20 Minute Video BlissPros - Video, collage effect, common format, well tagged, socially integrated http://www.ted.com/
  • #33 – Kiva – Telling Stories and Providing Hope Around the World Pros - Inspring, stortytelling, simple layout, call to action http://www.kiva.org/
  • #34 – Quirky – If You Can Think It, You Can Do It Pros - Clean, colourful, economy of words http://www.quirky.com/
  • #35 Equinox – The Fitness Experience and Lifestyle Brand Pros - Balance of information and lifestyle, mutimedia elements http://www.equinox.com/
  • #36 GE Ecomagination – Imagining The FuturePros - Visuals, great content, infographics, loose distinctive web design http://www.ecomagination.com/
  • #37 – One – Multiple Channels, One Cause Pros - Dynmaic slider, typography, visuals, Facebook inegration http://www.one.org/us/
  • #38 Wonderopolis – Daily Educational InspirationPros - daily editorial calendar, simple focus, background imagery http://wonderopolis.org/
  • #39 – Freerice –A Reciprocal and Fun RelationshipPros - novel educational fundraising model, real-time feedback http://freerice.com/
  • #40 – Nike+ - Aesthetically Beautiful Fitness Pros - Aesthetically beautiful, customer experience driven, use of icons http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/
  • #41 – Nesta –Solving for a Different Kind of Future Pros - Words over pictures, compressed menu of information http://www.nesta.org.uk/
  • #42 Umbra – Design Well Designed Pros - Hero visuals and secondary menu http://www.umbra.com/
  • #43 The Nature Conservancy – Providing Greener HopePros - Calls to action, what they do, descriptive dynamic slider http://www.nature.org/
  • #44 NOLA’s Make It Right –The Continuing Hurricane Katrina Cause Pros - Results, icons, vdeos http://makeitrightnola.org/
  • #45 Crumpler – Fashion Icon Menus Pros - lead visual impact, full catalogue on front page http://www.crumpler.com/
  • #46 Threadless – Fun and Irreverent Design Challenges and T-ShirtsPros - simple 4 menu structure, personable/human, elegant voting processhttp://www.threadless.com/
  • #47 Trendwatching –Prescribing and Anointing What’s NextPros - creating new vernacular, deep content depth, colur schematic http://trendwatching.com/briefing/
  • #48 8Tracks – A Gallery of DIY DJsPros - Tagging, Front page mix portfolio, onc-click functionality http://8tracks.com/
  • #49 Pinterest – Curating Visual SplendourPros - object-centred focus, balance of presnted and user-generated reaction http://pinterest.com/
  • #50 Blurb – Putting Personalization Right Into Your Hands SimplyPros - Tagline, Big Visual, 1-2-3 Step process, Focused Call to Action, Valueadds– Apps, Extra, Ideas , Content Rich (50 menu opts) http://www.blurb.com/
  • #51 Life is Good – Shopping Optimism Pros - optimistic tone, visual categories, typography, storytelling http://www.lifeisgood.com/
  • Madrid is Coming! – July 21st, 2012 Take our 10 Minute CEO Survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/wunceoymca