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Chapter 4 lesson 2 presentation
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Chapter 4 lesson 2 presentation


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  • 1. What happened to the Akkadian Empire?
    What Empires came after Akkad?
    What happened to Sumer?
  • 2. 1) Sack of babylon
    a. Babylon was powerful for hundreds of years
    b. Mershilis I of the Hittites sacked it
    c. The Babylonians rebuilt the city, but it was less powerful
  • 3. 2) Assyria
    a. Religion
    i. The Assyrians believed that their chief god Ashur wanted them to spread his order and influence to the entire world
    ii. Ashur was only worshipped in Assyria
    iii. So Assyria was good, everywhere else was bad and had to be attacked
  • 4. b. Military technology
    i. Siege towers
    ii. Horses
    iii. They built roads to
    get places faster
  • 5. To see the king, you had to make an appointment
    Then you had to walk through these:
  • 6. iii. Then you had to walk down a hallway full of pictures like this:
    iv. Then you got to meet the king
  • 7. d. Policy of Exile:
    i. Exile: forced removal from one’s own homeland
    ii. When the Assyrians conquered a country, they would sometimes send the people that lived there someplace else
  • 8. 3) Assyria starts expanding
    a. First: They attacked their neighbors the Mitanni
  • 9. b. King Tiglath-Pileser:
  • 10. i. Conquered Babylon
    ii. Conquered the Urartu
    iii. Beat up the Medes
    iv. Conquered Syria
    v. Conquered Phoenicia
  • 11. vi. Attacked Israel
    a. There were two Hebrew kingdoms at the time
    vii. Conquered them
    a. He exiled them to other parts of the Assyrian Empire
    viii. Conquered the Philistines
  • 12. x. Made Judah pay tribute
    1) Tribute: money paid to a conquering ruler for protection
  • 13. d. King Sennacherib:
    i. Went to war with Judah
    a. Attacked Jerusalem
    b. His army got sick
    and died
    ii. Babylon rebelled
    i. He destroyed Babylon
    iii. He was killed
  • 14. e. King Ashurbanipal
    i. Babylon rebelled again
    a. He defeated them
    ii. Conquest of Elam
    iii. Conquest of Egypt
  • 15.
  • 16. 4) The Medes returned
    a. The Medes attacked the Assyrian homeland
    b. The Babylonians came to help
    c. The Assyrian army was spread out all over
    i. To keep people from rebelling
    d. The Assyrians lost
  • 17. 5) What happened to the Assyrians?
    a. They were killed
    i. The Assyrian cities were destroyed
    ii. Only farming villages were left
    b. Assyria was never powerful again