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Thia gives one all the information needed to know what Y.E.T.- Young entrepreneurs is and what we do. To learn more about entrepreneurship and self development skills by becoming a FREE MEMBER!

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Orientaton For Yet

  1. 1. “We are YET to take over the world!” Y.E.T. GLOBAL YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS OF TOMORROW
  2. 2. Welcome  We greatly appreciate everyone attending today’s informational.  Ice Breaker:  Quickly stand and answer the below questions:  Name, School and/or Occupation  Name one thing you wish to gain from Y.E.T.  Briefly describe why you chose Y.E.T. or the reasoning for attending the Informational Again, we want to thank everyone for their attendance and we hope you enjoy today’s Informational!!!
  3. 3. What is Y.E.T.?  Mission:  Y.E.T. is an organization that is developed to make an impact on our community by getting the youth involved and giving them an opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, and self development skills. Y.E.T. is poised to be the catalyst of a new paradigm of a progressive forward thinking generation.
  4. 4. What is Y.E.T.? (Cont.)  Our Objectives  Top four Objectives  To aid in the development of the young minds of tomorrow.  To cultivate the tools and resources needed for individuals financial empowerment.  To be a resource for community service and charity organizations  Create a new generation of business owners and investors.
  5. 5. What is Y.E.T.? (Cont.)  History of Y.E.T.  In the summer of 2007, a group of students were eager to be successful. This group of students started a Fundraiser called “Breakfast on the Go”. Making flyers and purchasing the necessary products, the group was on their way out to a local corner parking lot with adult supervision and for the duration of two weeks they earned over $200.00. This success brought them to realize that they were capable of doing much more. They decided they wanted to teach the youth how to do what they had just done. With the help of their mentors they collaborated and came up with the brilliant idea of teaching people at there age if not older how to be entrepreneurs, and with this, the name Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (Y.E.T.) was developed!!! Throughout the year various members would sit and decide on different sales to have or reasons to raise money. Soon enough this group decided they wanted something on a larger scale and in 2009 Y.E.T. went Global. Since then the dedicated founders put in hard work to establish Y.E.T. Global . We are here today to inform you that in 2010 Y.E.T. Global is being launched everywhere!!!!
  6. 6. What Can I Do?  Y.E.T. Global is developed to include many events and activities that Y.E.T. Members can participate in. These Events/ Activities include entrepreneurship and educational fundamentals. Below are the outstanding Events and Activities Y.E.T. offers:  Y.E.T. Spot (Social Network)  Groups/Clubs ( Create your very own)  Tutoring Sessions  Shadowing Professions (Follow your dreams)  Y.E.T. Contest (Varies)  Volunteering (Get your hours)  BCP Workshops  Learning Entrepreneurship Skills  Developing your own business
  7. 7. Y.E.T. Opportunities  Y.E.T. Offers many opportunities for members to be their own boss. Below are the following:  Owning your own Wireless Store  General Y.E.T. Retailer  Y.E.T. Positions  Internships  More Opportunities experince them yourslef
  8. 8. Y.E.T Benefits  Enhancing your understanding of entrepreneurship fundamentals  Being apart of an online Community (Yet Spot)  Expanding your language of business  Being apart of a new generation of Business Owners and Investors  Networking and Communicating with people in your age group regarding the same aim  Participating in the Y.E.T. System which keeps members eager for success and at the same time enjoying it all along the way.  Starting your own business by receiving proper aid in the development from the Y.E.T. Team  Learning Leadership Characteristics  Self Development Skills are implemented in workshops  Many More Benefits, experience them your self by becoming a Y.E.T. Member
  9. 9. Get Involved  It’s quick and easy to become a Y.E.T. Member.  Simply do the following:  Become a Member online at www.yetglobal.com  OR sign up today!!!  Once a Y.E.T. Member, receive your own personal profile page on www.yetspot.ning.com The Y.E.T. Team welcomes everyone!!!
  10. 10. FAQ  What is Y.E.T., because I still don’t get it?  Y.E.T. is an organization that promises to teach the youth entrepreneurship fundamentals through our many activities.  Can I make money, how soon?  Yes, by participating in our entrepreneurship opportunities , you can make MONEY as soon as you get involved.  Does it cost to be a Y.E.T. Member?  No, there is no membership fees to become a member.  How do I sign up?  Simply visit www.yetglobal.com to become a FREE Y.E.T. Member.  What if I don’t want to be an entrepreneur?  There are different opportunities for those who wish to participate in an activity that does not fully involve entrepreneurship but does include educational fundamentals.  What is the age requirement?  There is no age limit to become a member, everyone is able to become a member. Y.E.T.’s main demographic is between 7-30 years of age but again there is no age limit.
  11. 11. Pictures
  12. 12. Let’s Get Hands On  It’s time to have fun!!!  Activity: Sale it  Instructions: You will be given some materials or a prop and the objective is to sale it the best way you can by being detailed and creative in the time that you have. The team that has the best ideas will win a PRIZE!!!  Let’s get started you only have TEN MINUTES to collaborate and get your ideas together.  There will be FIVE MINUTES given to present what you have!!!  The WINNING TEAM wins a prize!!!
  13. 13. Conclusion  We want to thank everyone for showing up today and being apart of the Y.E.T. Informational. We would love for you all to attend our Y.E.T. workshops. Any ideas you may have or concerns please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.  I will open the floor to receive more questions or allow anyone to sign up now.  Before you all leave we would appreciate it if everyone in attendance answered a quick questionnaire that way the Y.E.T. Team can improve in any way and learn more about the youth we serve.  We appreciate everyone and their participation today. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU OWN TOP!!!  REMEMBER: “We are YET to take over the world!”