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Startup Revolution for Europe
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The YES position for the "Start-up Revolution" as an extreme necessity for Europe

The YES position for the "Start-up Revolution" as an extreme necessity for Europe

Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • Clever presentation; not so optimistic but realistic. Youth is the power of reinventing the future. It is not a question of age. So, whatever your age is, follow this presentation and keep in mind that it is for you. Then go ahead ..;
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  • 1. Turning Europe Young Again: The “Startup Revolution” Dimitris Tsigos President YES – European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs
  • 2. Youth of Europe
    • Unemployment
      • It’s not the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem
      • The recovery of the global economy has been proven fragile
    • The youth of Europe has to make a decision on their future
      • Shall we change things?
  • 3. If Europe was a person
    • Would probably be a very conservative person
    • Also, a rather old person
    • Old persons – usually – have lower dynamism, don’t like risk-taking, go the safe way
    • Do we really like this Old Europe?
  • 4. Who is gonna create the necessary economic dynamism? The Youth of Europe!
  • 5. How?
  • 6. Very simple. By starting-up! Startups are creating new jobs! “ Employment Boost: 83% of U.S. Startups Plan To Hire in 2011” http ://mashable.com/2011/04/22/startup-outlook/
  • 7. We all need to start-up!
    • We need to inspire CREATIVITY
      • In the educational system
      • In life-long learning
      • In the whole society
    • It’s not fancy only to consume any more, it’s even fancier to produce!
  • 8. Has the World realized the necessity to start-up?
  • 9.  
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  • 13. What about the StartupEurope initiative? We all look forward to it! Let’s do it!
  • 14. Are we really trying to start-up?
    • VC Spending per capita
      • US: $100
      • EU: $10
      • Euro-zone: $5
      • Israel: $250
    • Israel alone invests more in VC than Germany, France & UK together
  • 15. Can we really start-up in Europe?
    • According to EBAN – European Business Angels Network, the volume of early-stage investments in 2009 has been …
      • US: $18B
      • EU: 4B
        • While EU27 GDP has been considerably higher than the US GDP
    • Entrepreneurship can turn ‘Old Europe’ young again!
  • 16. Why to Start-up? “ The mission of a company is to maximize shareholders value” … as well as to get very high bonuses!
  • 17. Sorry, not any more. This model (thank God!) collapsed together with Lehman Brothers Not sure that everybody has realized this fact.
  • 18. So, what is it all about?
    • Entrepreneurship was supposed to be just about making money
    • Now it’s about materializing creativity!
      • It’s actually about happiness 
    • It’s about building a new kind of relationship with labor, based on the joy of creating!
  • 19. What’s the new key-word? Sustainability ! We need to push for the “ecosystem approach” in European start-ups
  • 20. Entrepreneurship & Education
    • There is a missing link in the European educational & research system
      • R&D – Startups
      • Failure stories in the subsidized R&D projects
    • We need to boost creativity in the educational system
      • Result orientation
      • Culture of failure!
  • 21. If you’re afraid of failing… … then you simply don’t try!
  • 22. Creating opportunities
    • Short-term
      • Access to capital
      • Special focus to increased availability of risk financing
        • Beware of the death valley!
    • Mid-term
      • Access to market
      • Materialize the “Single European Market” concept for enterprises
    • Long-term
      • Entrepreneurial culture
      • Promotion of new development models based on the regional competitive advantages & culture
        • The end of Fordism
  • 23. So, is there a crisis after all? Yes, but it’s not financial. The crisis is political. The solution can only be political!
  • 24. What about Europe? No, the end of the world is not coming.
  • 25. We must be optimistic!
    • Europe is far more sustainable both from the US and from China
      • No over-debt, no over-consumption
      • Reasonable conditions in the labor market
    • Mid-term we need to address the issue of political integration
  • 26. The time to get Europe truly united is coming!
  • 27. Thank you 