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European Young Entrepreneurs


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Presentation of YES - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

Presentation of YES - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

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  • 1. YES European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Dimitris Tsigos President [email_address]
  • 2. About YES
    • Background
      • The European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs
      • Founded in 1988
      • 18 Countries
        • 12 EU Member States, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
      • 40.000 YE
      • 18-45 years old
  • 3. About YES
    • Objectives
      • Promote access-to-capital and improve access-to-market for European Young entrepreneurs
      • Develop entrepreneurial culture and improve education & training in entrepreneurship
      • Influence towards a more entrepreneurship-friendly legal framework across Europe
        • Bankruptcy law
      • To foster business cooperation and networking activities between young entrepreneurs
      • Establish links with entrepreneurial organizations in Europe and elsewhere
      • To maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Institutions of the European Union
  • 4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe
    • Young Entrepreneurs in Europe cannot be satisfied by the current entrepreneurial culture and activity
    • In comparison to the US & Canada, or even the BRIC countries, one could argue that European entrepreneurship is conservative and slow-moving
      • According to EBAN, angel investments in Europe are approx. 4 Bn € Vs 19 Bn € in the US
        • While EU27 GDP is ~ 20% higher than US
      • VC investments per capita
        • US: $100
        • EU: $10 (Eurozone: $5)
          • Israel alone invests more in VC than Germany, UK and France together
  • 5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe
    • The academic & research community in many European countries is less entrepreneurship-oriented than in the US & Canada
      • European leadership in R&D can result to leadership in entrepreneurship
      • There are some missing parts of the “entrepreneurial ecosystem”, mainly risk financing and entrepreneurial culture, together with barriers imposed by the legislation
  • 6. The Common Market
    • The common European market still remains an objective
      • Very few companies consider “Europe” as their domestic market
      • Cultural barriers proven harder to overcome than legal / regulatory
      • Many European startups find Distributors and VARs in countries like US, Canada & Australia easier than they do in Europe
  • 7. A Strategy for Improving Entrepreneurship in Europe
    • Short-term: Access to capital
      • Immediate results
      • Focus to angel investments & soft-loans
      • EU-funded schemes for leveraging angel investments
    • Mid-term: Access to markets
      • Efficient mediation services for supporting small, growing businesses to access customers all around Europe and in any other region
      • Support European startups to access the global market
      • Know how transfer from successful entrepreneurs
    • Long-term: Build entrepreneurial culture
      • Changes to the educational system towards creativity and self-confidence
      • The European society should accept entrepreneurship, especially startups, as a progressive activity
  • 8. The YES Action Plan [1/2]
    • Boost start-up entrepreneurship
      • We envision Europe as a start-up paradise
        • Quality of life and cultural heritage in Europe are ideal for creative startups
      • Combined efforts to overcome the access-to-capital barrier
        • Cooperation with EBAN – The European Business Angels Network and the European Investment Fund
        • Strategic cooperation with the “Entrepreneur Commons” movement
          • World-wide peer support group for entrepreneurs
  • 9. The YES Action Plan [2/2]
    • Materialize the common market
      • We support our members to consider “Europe” as their domestic market
        • It’s better to have a domestic market of 500M people!
      • Organize quarterly B2B match-making events
        • Connect customers and suppliers from different EU member States and other European Countries
        • Boost the creation of Distribution and VAR networks
      • We are working closely with Enterprise Europe Network